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  1. BoogieBurns

    Good Girls

    This was very late at night the day before Trash day. This dumpster will go to the landfill first thing in the morning. Then the research their child recited about dumps applies. It's going to be very hard to find the body. I also don't know how easy it is to just get to a landfill.
  2. BoogieBurns

    Good Girls

    Beth picked up Annie from work at the grocery store and beat down the stop sign leaving the store. I think this was her hoping Leslie will get hit the next time he gets unlucky leaving work (presuming he leaves the same way). Then she took the stop sign for herself to keep her kids safe. That's what I thought until I got here and no one else thought that. Why else would she pick up her sister from work other than a plot point? Doesn't Annie have a car? Unrelated, kinda, Mae is wearing a wig and she does not have the head for a wig. It's really distracting because I think she is her character from Arrested Development's 4th season where she also wore a bad wig. Maybe she has pink hair or something under there but I don't get the need for the wig.
  3. BoogieBurns

    S03.E14: The Graduates

    My graduating class was 500 people, and the ceremony was held in the same amphitheater as the Beyonce concert the week before. My family was 17 people. 1,000 is CRAZY low.
  4. BoogieBurns

    Good Girls

    In season one, Beth thought she killed him for assaulting her sister. Just a lil reminder that she can be violent when defending her pack.
  5. BoogieBurns

    Good Girls

    Well, I love Ruby, like Annie, and I want Beth and Rio hookup. I stick with my reasoning from last season, the actors playing them are hot. Nuff said.
  6. BoogieBurns

    S06.E08: He Said, She Said

    This is addressed upthread.
  7. Ken is the reason this show was adapted for American audiences. His parents loved the Korean show so much they asked why there isn't one in America. He's not going anywhere. Also, I like him.
  8. Here's a great example of his autotuned hits: Gets really autotuned amount a minute in.
  9. Exactly why so many were shocked to learn he was the Monster!
  10. Go with, "I'm in love with a stripper" I think that one has PLENTY of auto tune.
  11. This was the moment when I realized why my coworkers were confused on who Bee could be. I'm the resident black person at work. I know her voice from birth. I would not be shocked to learn my mother played her music during her entire pregnancy with me, and her mom with her! Gladys runs through my veins
  12. BoogieBurns

    S01.E08: Semi Finals: Double Unmasking

    He did Poison. Very hip hop!
  13. BoogieBurns

    S01.E08: Semi Finals: Double Unmasking

    Since this was pointed out early in the season I have been listening for it and now I legitimately LOVE how he pronounces it and have followed his example. It's more fun to say the G twice!
  14. BoogieBurns

    S06.E07: The Honeypot

    Holt's index finger super slow drumroll was my biggest laugh of the night. I rewound to watch it about 9 times. I only want to drumroll like that from now on.
  15. BoogieBurns

    S03.E13: Our Little Island Girl

    I adore both Beth's mom and Rebecca. Beth's mom is the "bad cop" parent who lost the "good cop" far too young. I see so much humanity in both of these women, and so much strength. It's refreshing to me, although familiar. I have many strong willed aunts married to gentle kind soul uncles and I just thought the Clarke's made sense to me. On the other hand, growing up, my father was strict and my mother was gentle (they still are, I just can't get grounded anymore) but had either of them passed when I was young, I would have remembered the good times almost exclusively. Sometimes the parent who is left behind to raise the kids is seen as the lesser parent, or the bad guy. I don't think it has much to do with their actual parenting but rather the timing when the other parent left their kids lives forever. But seriously, I love me some Phylicia Rashad and I will always wish she and Ms Debbie Allen were my aunties. They'd fit right in.