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  1. gingerella

    S09.E05: The Proof Hurts

    That's because Teddi never ever lies and is not a lying liar...Except this time, when she lied and showed she's a lying liar...but other than this time, never ever told a lie...
  2. gingerella

    S17.E02: The Future Is Here

    I feel you girl! This is awful, at least for me. Last week I thought it was possibly the worst season ever with almost no talent at all. I was in a 4H Sewing Club (not at my request thankyouverymuch) when I was about 7, and my pieces were sewn better than most of what I saw last night. It feels like we're was watching middle schoolers in some sort of 'couture' HomeEc sewing challenge. It was horrendous. And the crying, my god! Kovid hon, just go home, you aren't cut out for a competition like this. And then the continued crying, it really worked my last nerve because even the loser's going home became all about Kovid and his crying. Jesus H Christ, get a grip on yourself! I think Bravo needs to provide sedatives, edibles or wine for viewers to get through this season. I'm not warming up to Karlie at all either, nor the new judge. Nina is always reliable, but I need more substance from the male judge besides proclamations of exasperation and hand waves to the door. Give me specific critiques, that's why I watch the show. Christian I'm liking a lot, but I always liked him and I think he's a great addition, if we can't have Tim. ETA: Sebastian's outfit was stunning, as was his handbag, so there's that, a small ray of sunshine amidst a shitstorm of, well, shit.
  3. gingerella

    S38.E05: It's Like the Worst Cocktail Party Ever

    I pretty much loathe all these players this season, nobody seems rootable. Reem is a screeching harpy who is just unbearable. Keith...Keith is that special kind of dumb that you have to be born with, you just can't learn that type of stupid. Then there's Wardog, who can literally do nothing - can't excel in challenges, can't catch fish or get food, can't make a shelter, he's so fucking lazy, I can't understand why he even applied to this show. And for the record, he's a law student? After seeing his lazy ways here I would never ever hire him for any legal work, not even to draw up papers on who gets my dog when I die. He's awful. Wendy is batshit crazy, to the point I can't even feel empathy for her Tourette's, she's so obnoxious I am able to loathe her without any reservation or "yeah but she's..." She's just awful, period end of story. That redhead is a piece of work, I can't stand these young players who are barely off their mother's teat and they act all self-righteous about how the older players are useless but they can't do shit either. And then there's Kelly Wentworth, who's name I remember but who's season I've long forgotten. She's just a C U Next Tuesday. That comment about David acting like a female? I wanted to reach into my TV and punch her ass in the eye, that was a disgusting comment and showed who this creature really is. I guess the only two people I felt I could root for were Joe and Aubrey, but Aubrey lost me when she fell for their bullshit and didn't play her idol, she really disappointed me, I thought she was a better player than that. So yeah, I guess, Go Joe...?!?
  4. gingerella

    Getting To Genoa You : Y&R Daily Chat

    Why are these dumb bitches sitting on their vapid asses whining about a gas leak when their hands are bound IN FRONT OF THEM?!? They can easily jump up and jump to the fucking door and OPEN IT and get the fuck out. What the hell is wrong with these dumbass writers?!? Jesus, it’s just not that hard to write scenes that make some damn sense.
  5. gingerella

    S05.E11 Reevaluation Realness

    I appreciate your distinction, I can’t keep track of who is Gen this or that nowadays! Thank you. As for the Air BnB, IMO and with this particular teen, a 2-4 week crash pad is essentially a Spring Break situation. If she can’t get her ass out of bed, keep her one room clean and tidy, make healthy meals, clean the bathroom, etc., then she isn’t ready to live on her own. Her Whitney BS reply was “I don’t know WHY I can’t do those thighs here but I just can’t!”, and it was all said with the petulance of a bratty 6 year old who can’t get what they want. The more I think about it, the more I think I want another season to see how Jazz handles college, because I think she’ll get more pushback from her peers in college and they won’t roll over and play the chorus to her dog and pony show. Also, less Jeanette. Alas, I still want more grandparents!
  6. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
  7. @valleycliffe, for the love of god, can you PLEASE post a link to that soap central site so we can read what today's shite platter was for our friends to the North and decide if we want to skip tomorrow's shitty leftovers? Thanks pal!
  8. gingerella

    S05.E12: Up in the Air . . .

    but, But, BUT, there's still money to be made! God forbid Jeanette and Jazz leave money on the table and just go back to living their lives away from a camera crew. I think another season will definitely happen, and they might follow her to college. I pity the college if that happens. Anyway, I just don't see them walking away from this gracefully if they think they can squeeze more money from TLC. And from their IG accounts, people are screaming for more. I could have sworn that earlier in this season Jeanette said something like, "well, in a couple of months you can move out and into the college dorms..." Did anyone else hear that too? That would have led me to believe this was ending last June, but IIRC, Jazz's bday is in October so if it ends in October, maybe she graduated in December and would be eligible for a Jan. 2019 enrollment into college? Overall, this episode solidified the self-involved narrative of Jazz and Jeanette. The 'camp' wasn't a 'camp', it was an 'event', made for TV. I felt really icky having those children filmed for this show because most were way too young to understand and give informed consent to be on this show in this way (and shame on their parents for that), and the one kid who was dealing with anxiety and anger - my heart went out to him, but he shouldn't have been filmed either. If Jazz and her mother really cared about these kids they could have talked about the event in the show narrative, and filmed it up to the arrival of kids, and then shot from a distance so the personal interaction wasn't filmed. That's my opinion of course, but it felt invasive to watch and I was disgusted that anyone would allow that to happen. I LOVED Grandma Jackie's assessment of Jazz lacking street smarts and also being a spoiled brat, and I really loved how she took control of the bday shopping and made it clear that only items that were appropriate to her current bedroom would be allowed. It was interesting that when Grandpa Jack stopped Jeanette and told her point blank that SHE is the reason Jazz is so fucking spoiled and bratty, that Jeanette just looked at him and blinked like she couldn't mentally register what her own father was telling her. "You've been overly permissive and created a little monster, this is your doing!" That's what he was saying and I didn't hear her acknowledge it in any way. Just silence and blinking. I cannot understand HOW Jeanette is the way she is given her parents. Maybe having a transgender toddler changes you fundamentally? For several seasons, up until last season really, she was so scared that Jazz would kill herself, that she gave in to everything. If they'd gone for regular counseling, like the needed, maybe Jeanette would have gotten the advice and support of a trained counselor on how to parent Jazz and still enforce rules and consequences. Alas, it was not to be... I also liked the comment from Ari about how Jazz doesn't understand how the world and life works yet, something like that. Word, sister, W.O.R.D.! Overall, it felt like TLC is hedging their bets by ending the season in a way that feels like a series finale, but then leaving the door open for more seasons. I honestly think, judging from the responses on the family's IG accounts, that there is clamor for following Jazz through college, in which case sucks to be us, but hey, we'll all be together for a couple/few more seasons here! Glass half full and all that...! Lastly, I looked at Ahmir's IG feed because every week he's pimped the show the night before/day of, but he didn't do that this week, maybe because he wasn't really in the show anymore at this point. But then I read is IG posts and some of his "ask me" Q&A in his highlights and man, dude is either playing to be relevant, or he's really confused. He tells people point blank that he's not trans, then says 'maybe I am', then "I like girls, maybe I'm a girl!", then posts something about a gay male couple. So weird.
  9. gingerella

    Jazz and the Jennings Family in the Media

    To be honest, I would be shocked it they didn’t do another 1-2 years, because I think Jazz and Jeanette are sort of addicted to the fame of a D List reality celeb. What I would like to see is a season from maybe grandparents and siblings perspective and not from Jazz’s, that might be interesting. I loved Grandma Jackie’s comments tonight about Jazz, and I wonder what Jazz thinks about them...
  10. gingerella

    Small Talk: Slaves To Gab

    All Hail Brethren, Winter is Here...it is known. Soon we shall gather to share a barrel of mead whilst the bloodshed begins...fun times! @DirewolfPup, if you head over to 'Castle Black', you shall see preparations are already underway with @Llywela, @Pallas, @Anothermi, et al...you have mail there, as well as a grand recap from @WhiteStumbler! Go in haste my friend, ye shant regret it.
  11. gingerella

    Jazz and the Jennings Family in the Media

    Wow, color me shocked! Every Jennings family member is pimping on their respective IG accounts asking followers if they want a Season 6 of the show, and if so, to post on IG and basically bombard TLC. It smells like another season isn't a sure thing and they're trying to pimp hard...or perhaps they've been told to do it as part of their S06 contract? Anyway, I was really surprised to see the boys, Ari and Greg all pimpin' a S06 because they all seem so over the whole thing. Unless of course they've been comandeered into doing it from Jazz and Jeanette...
  12. gingerella

    Jazz and the Jennings Family in the Media

    That’s actually a great idea! We should all start bombarding TLCs IG account with comments that they pay the remaining amount because honestly? The whole $25k is nothing for payment to Noelle for all that she’s contributed to that show. She legitimized so many issues with her sane, rational comments, this is the least TLC could do in exchange!
  13. gingerella

    Jazz and the Jennings Family in the Media

    She said on her GFM that she gets paid nothing to be on the show, which really sucks. So the Jennings are raking it in but the friends of Jazz make diddly squat? That seems unfair and it I were them I'd have refused to be on the show without any payment. Without non Jennings family members, it would be a pretty lame show, well, lamer than it's turned into.
  14. gingerella

    S10:08 Aspyn's Royal Wedding

    yes but...the sister wives loathe each other so that wouldn't work...
  15. gingerella

    S05.E12: Up in the Air . . .

    Clearly Jazz has not drawn up a business plan or she might realize that a '1-day day camp' isn't a camp at all, it's just a publicity stunt to support a show that's circling the toilet, desperate for new relevancy...but hey, what do I know, right?!? 😉