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    Cold Justice

    Same here. Makes perfect sense. But the one glitch would be the fact that Laurie was with them on that trip and she may have noticed a dead body in the trailer. They also didn't appear to ask Kristina or her husband about that trailer either. I know I would still head to that town and look for it, maybe in a junk yard or near where they visited. Unless someone has first-hand knowledge of the trailer being completely gone, I would not trust a word out of Kristina's or Hubby's mouth about it.
  2. Galloway Cave

    Christine Brown: She Wanted a Family, Not Just the Man

    I have often wondered if maybe David Preston Jessop might be on the spectrum too (genetics and all). Might explain some behavior that has Robyn's VS panties all in a wad. She's willing to accept Day-un's behavior but not her ex-husband's.
  3. Galloway Cave

    10:09 Kody's Secret Plan

    Yeah, let's move to Flag within a month because they bought empty land. Oh, and rented at least $12,000/month worth of homes. The Kody's Ginormous Ply House story line is just too ridiculous. Anyone who has watched this show for any length of time know that the wives won't do it. But I guess Kodouche will do anything to keep the gravy train rolling... No Aspyn, they aren't trying to fill a void, they are running from financial doom. Plus Robyn said so.
  4. Galloway Cave

    Christine Brown: She Wanted a Family, Not Just the Man

    Sister Wives Blog! Later resurrected as Cynical Jinx's blog. I remember those comments too. There were also Jessop friends and family members who talked about David Preston Jessops. That is where we got our first description of him being a quiet guy, doesn't like social media and was NOT how Robyn was describing him. I haven't visited Jinx's blog lately. Need to take a peek. I follow her on Twitter and see comments there.
  5. Galloway Cave

    Kody Brown: Part-Time Father, Full-Time Asshat

    Janelle looks the same, except her hair is now more platinum. You can really see some of the kids in Kody, like Gwyn, and the older boys minus Hunter.
  6. Galloway Cave

    S10:08 Aspyn's Royal Wedding

    STORY LINE! Producers could see a big, fat, juicy story line where Meri thinks about kids again and Kody crushes her "dream". Meri and Kody had 15+ years to have another child, and Meri did have a miscarriage just before the show started. I thought the pain Meri was displaying was having to play through a scenario that was painful for her, but she knew it was needed for the show. Same with the Divorce Episodes.
  7. Galloway Cave


    I was a little stunned by the BSOJ stating a visiting nurse reported the home was OK to live in. Just the feces/urine smell alone should be a clue that the place isn't sanitary enough for someone to live in.
  8. Galloway Cave


    Well, at least with this episode we didn't get the token Fame Whore, who's multitude of surgeries can't be corrected. I almost was able to watch the silly flyfishing segment (I flyfish), but Nekkid Paul was too much. The woman who had the janked boobs and belly looked like she could use another surgery on the loose skin on her sides.
  9. Galloway Cave

    Season 10 Spoilers, Speculation and Social Media

    I thought someone posted somewhere on this forum that the rents/mortgage are around $3500 for each house. A $1400 rent on a place in Flag is for a two bedroom condo.
  10. Excellent post. Shows how warped the whole mess is. Also, you could take over for PrinciplesRUs.
  11. Galloway Cave

    Season 10 Spoilers, Speculation and Social Media

    Kody/Robyn/Christine $300k CASH (100% sale price) Kody/Janelle/Meri $180k CASH (100% sale price) Mortgage lots- Kody/Janelle and Kody/Robyn If you notice, the lots that they now own outright have all the wives on them, plus Kody. So if they don't sell the LV homes for the amounts they are wanting, and if they have equity loans on those houses to buy these lots (my assumption- where else did they come up with a shit-ton of cash?), then they can sell the other mortgaged lots to pay off the equity lines. Meri and Christine are now mortgaged to the hilt with other homes. If they end up in any weird financial shenanigans, they and their properties won't be impacted. Thinking about foreclosure, trying to sell the lots or bankruptcy.
  12. Galloway Cave

    S10:08 Aspyn's Royal Wedding

    She did. It was very obvious in the dancing scenes. Black box partway shoved into the back of her dress. You would think that TV crews would find a way to attach/camouflage those things by now.
  13. Galloway Cave

    S10:08 Aspyn's Royal Wedding

    I think someone on the board, way back, determined it is a necklace from Her Closet. Not sure of the exact design, but it was matched up with a piece online.
  14. Galloway Cave

    S10:08 Aspyn's Royal Wedding

    When she popped up with that comment during the "Adult" sit-down, I had to wonder where the Brown Fambly $$ Committee was at during those negotiations. So Christine just gets to make an offer on a house, on her own, without any discussion from the other four? Like @bichonblitz said, she is now paying a mort on both the LV house and the Flag house, plus paid into property. Her financial status HAS to be precarious and a possible drain on the fambly resources. Also, did the BF$$C make any restrictions on renting the Flag house, like they have to be under a certain dollar amount so they don't run through every last dime they have somehow grifted out of thin air (ROBYN)? Been thinking about how they bought the Flag properties (two are owned out-right, the other two are mortgaged). I wonder if they structured the purchase that way so if the houses in LV don't net the money they were hoping for, they can try to sell two of the Flag properties to pay back any equity loan they took out to buy those properties. They will still own two properties and Kodouche has talked about sub-dividing anyway. Only problem with THAT scenario is the properties had been listed for a long time to begin with and now, who would really want to buy the lots adjacent to the Brown Fambly Circus? They must know now that their name is not golden in the real estate business. Welcome @speakingofpolygamy! Hope you can continue posting and enlightening the folks here.
  15. Galloway Cave

    Season 10 Live Chat Thread

    OMG Kody's dance face!