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  1. possibilities

    Better Things

    Sam has always spoiled her kids and let them be entitled brats, though. Max was manipulating her mother and her mother just gave in. That's pretty much always how it goes, which is why Max is such a raving out of control mess.
  2. possibilities

    S04.E15: I Need to Find My Frenemy

    ... and he was acting like he was a small child, not an adult. I mean, even if she WAS his mom, his degree of dependency would be too much. The show has always tried to subvert rom com cliches. The dwelling on which dude to choose, when clearly she doesn't actually have a preference and wasn't even looking for anyone until they all came after her, to me suggests that choosing any of them would be just more of her usual distractability. Yes, she thought she might be ready for love, but she had previously decided the healthy thing for her was to end her relationships with these guys, so why would she suddenly need to commit to one of them just because they wanted her to? I've been bored with this plot for a long time now. I also think the show is much less fun without the music. It's become whiny, and plodding, and unoriginal. I can watch any show on TV to see people in bland love triangles and other interpersonal angst. Adding a 4th to make it a quadrangle doesn't really add anything.
  3. possibilities

    Good Trouble

    Thanks, ShortyMac. I totally forgot about that.
  4. possibilities

    Better Things

    You don't have to hate him. I can hate him for you.
  5. possibilities

    S05.E15: #JustakidfromCompton

    Yeah, it's the first time Jr really seemed like a chip off Dre's block.
  6. possibilities

    S04.E12 Blizzard

    I can't remember when/why Sandra and Jerry broke up in the first place. I hate to say it, but I kind of think he doesn't deserve her at this point.
  7. possibilities

    S05.E12: Up in the Air . . .

    They didn't really show us a lot of what Jazz was doing, but I know there are camps that are just regular camps with all the same fun activities of other day camps, but which are geared towards putting kids in situations with other kids who won't bully or harass them or make them feel like they don't fit in, and where messages are geared towards everybody being okay the way they are and just being relaxed and not on guard about being "different". Some friends of mine ran a summer camp for many years, for children of LGBT parents, so the kids had other kids to be with who had similar families. I also have a friend with a disability who, when she was a kid, went to a camp for kids with the same disability as her. Often kids who have unusual situations lack peers who can relate to them from a place of true understanding, and it can be extremely powerful and supportive for them to have time together in a community where they are for the first time actually the norm and not the one who's "different." They didn't tell us a lot about what Jazz's event was geared for, but if it was along those lines, it makes sense to me as something that could be very valuable.
  8. possibilities

    You're The Worst

    I think Gretchen's inability to do anything for the wedding is much more worrying than their financial situation.
  9. possibilities

    Single Parents

    The writers seem to be out of gas. Two episodes in a row focused on Will as sex object (or not)? Boring. Rory was rude. He did look better in the beret than Miggy did, though. This was the first time I was not able to just accept the overly adult portrayal of the kids, Rory and Sophie, specifically.
  10. possibilities

    S05.E15: #JustakidfromCompton

    When Dre showed up at the school obviously preparing to throw money at them, I thought he was going to make a big donation to endow a scholarship for other kids. That way, he could give back. I was so disappointed when he went in there and just acted like an ass, as usual. The privileged kids don't turn down nepotism opportunities, or hires based on networking, and they aren't ashamed of that form of help. It's just accepted that they deserve to be there. But then the notion comes along that people who get other forms of help and don't have wealth or insider connections somehow should be embarrassed about it, or aren't deserving. The whole thought process is nuts.
  11. I found that scene disappointing. She's been training to hold her breath, and when she holds her breath her powers are stronger. I wanted her to shatter the water bubble, not near-drown until dad rescued her.
  12. possibilities

    Miracle Workers

    That's true for almost every show. I love that Earth was built for $4000.
  13. possibilities

    Good Trouble

    I definitely thought she was going to be fired. I think I want to see more of the judge's son. He clearly wanted to cause trouble, but he also might have had a point when he told Callie about the charges being dropped. He's a troll, and a brat, but maybe also one with an actual mission. That would be more interesting to me than just having him be an entitled spoiled brat, which he probably also is. I love the dude who runs/owns Spekulate. I really hope they know what they are doing, because there is a lot of potential for them to go wrong here, but if they handle his character well, it could be great for representation. So far, I've been giddy after every one of his scenes, so that's a good start. I thought Stef was a detective, which I thought was still part of being a cop. I was also confused by the ex-cop comment. Maybe this is something new, and they left that breadcrumb to spark curiosity and are planning to reveal more later. They do jump around on the timeline a lot with this show, and like to tease us (which I hate, but am resigned to because that seems to be the fashion in TV these days). That scene where Malika talks about being angry all the time, and Callie asks her who supports her, and then Jamal's mother says they can't afford, essentially, to be human and must be perfect/martyrs... brutal but honest. It's not fair, it's wrong a thousand ways, it's not sustainable, it's not enough, but it's not a contrivance, either. I loved that Mariana didn't back down about the racism issue, and I loved how they explained her co-worker's reluctance to identify herself as a WOC on the spreadsheet, and also I love that Raj is leveraging his relative (though still vulnerable) position as a POC but also a male, to be an ally. Sumi is too much for me. Knock it off. I am irritated by the show's triangles. I really don't experience that as something that happens in real life, nor as something at all interesting to explore as a what if. But other than that, I really like this show and I really hope it lasts a while. There's a lot going on and most of it is really thoughtful and not just the same as every other show. ETA: one thing I did hate was the way they made it seem like Lena and Stef might be headed for divorce, when Stef said "I'm out". That was manipulative BS and out of character. It was also "tell, not show" in an annoying way. Watching the two of them navigate the campaign and other life changes would be interesting. having them just show up and say it's rough isn't really good drama. It's thin, and a waste of good characters and story.
  14. possibilities

    I'm Sorry

    I still like the show, but I do agree that sometimes it got a little repetitive this season. They used to actually show more of the awkward parenting moments, and I liked that. So I guess I'd want more of the kid, not less, though I still wouldn't want the kid to be around all the time.
  15. possibilities

    A Place For Questions & Educational Links

    From what I've heard, the bottom surgery issues are more difficult for FTM.