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  1. andromeda331

    Home Improvement

    That could have worked. It would have been interesting to see Jill and Tim with just one kid at home adjusting to that and two kids in college. Or one in college and the other still in Costa Rica. It would have been nice to see Mark get more storylines make new friends, maybe finally get a girlfriend or two or new hobbies. Or do more in filming. To see Al and Trudy as newlyweds. There was a lot they could have done. It was really stupid on the network's part. You have a show with good ratings even in its 8th season and after one of the most popular actors left why would you like that go? Its not like they couldn't cough up the money. If Seinfield could do it then so could they.
  2. andromeda331

    Home Improvement

    No problem.
  3. andromeda331

    Steel Magnolias (1989)

    LOL! So true.
  4. andromeda331

    Steel Magnolias (1989)

    She really was a little snot and obviously didn't really care about how her mother. She expected her to be happy for her, congratulate her and was mad when her mother had the nerve to be upset and horrified because she knows her daughter is going to die. It could be in nine months or less. Shelby got lucky she lasted as long as she did after the birth. She's not sympathetic or caring at all towards her mother and how she feels. She just gets mad that she's not congratulated. I love how Sally Field plays it. It was exactly how you'd expect a mother to react to learn her daughter telling her that. Nope its all about Shelby and what she wants.
  5. andromeda331

    The Closer

    The writers or producers or who ever had been wanting to bring Sosie Bacon on for awhile. But Kyra and Kevin kept turning them down. They didn't want to mess up with her school and stuff. One finally convinced them by saying that it would be like an after school or summer job just for a couple weeks when she wasn't in school and they agreed. I really didn't expect to like Charlie and expected to be annoyed by her but I was really surprised at how much I liked her. She had problems and I liked the way each episode helped with that. The first one when she's listening to James who was schizophrenia (sp?) talking about what he needed to do to keep taking his medicine and not listen to his friends. How his dad used to be so proud of him. That really seemed to register with her. The one with the teen boy who was shot. I liked Brenda decided in the second episode not to give up on Charlie just yet after listening to the mother of the murder victim regretting that she gave up on her son. Charlie not wanting to leave because she was doing so well. They really did a good job with her and her story. Sosie did an awesome job. I wish we saw her again too.
  6. andromeda331

    Leaving Neverland

    I remember that too. It was absolutely sickening the way everyone flocked to defend Polanski and blame the poor victim. Hell, people loved it. It was like a badge of honor. What was done to that poor girl was disgusting and horrible. Badgering, threats, trying to force her to take back what she said about the "poor man". Every single one had no problem defending a rapist and blaming the victim. And the really sad thing is That hasn't changed. From Hollywood to everywhere in the country. It still happens. People practically trip over themselves to defend the poor boy or man who was accused while the victim is treated like the criminal. They are always blamed no matter what happened. The whole "what was she wearing, why was she there, how much did she drink, she took it the wrong way, she was a slut, she just wants to ruin him" bullshit that's been going on since the beginning of time. And despite it being 2019 that still hasn't changed. You can still find that happening in every state in the country. There are hundreds of cases every single year. The man rarely goes to jail. Why are so many people flocking to defend the abusers? Why is it still okay to molest, abuse or rape anyone? Or don't want his life to be ruined over "one mistake"? Why is that still seen as a mistake and not a crime? Why is that okay? Why doesn't any of the blame get put on the abuser? Why doesn't anyone ask how could he rape woman? How could he molest and rape children? why is it okay to ruin the life of the victim but not the abuser? Its disgusting at how many people are defending MJ. Its disgusting the children who were abused are being blamed. But its still as common everywhere.
  7. andromeda331

    Favorite Commercials

    I love that one and the one with the mechanic with his "If brakes don't stop it something else will."
  8. andromeda331

    Commercials That Annoy, Irritate or Outright Enrage

    Love the song. Hate the commercial.
  9. That's such bullshit. How dare you say they were "thrilled" to be molested. No child, no person is thrilled to be molested, assaulted and/or raped. To say something so disgusting about children and the abuse they endured. That their married, have kids and careers? That's all great they have that in spite of what MJ did to them. It doesn't mean what happened to them wasn't a crime nor should be shrugged off. How dare you say that it was James or Wade responsibility (once again CHILDREN!) to satisfy MJ's sexual needs? What the hell is wrong with you that you think that? That's disgusting! That's sickening!
  10. andromeda331

    Steel Magnolias (1989)

    Thank you. I can understand that. However hard it will be to hear what the problem is. Its will also be a nice to finally know what's going on. With my first problem which is a lot smaller compared to MS, a stomach problem which took five years to find a diagnosis. It was hard to find out there's so much I can't eat and have to be put on a specific diet. But it was also such a relief to have an answer, to know what it was, what was causing it and what to do. With this current problem I'm back at having so many problems, so many different symptoms, flare ups, pain, etc. We've ruled out so many things which is great. But its still harder not to know. I'm glad you finally got a diagnosis. I'm sorry you had to go through all that. Shelby was very selfish. She should have looked at what her health problems were and decided no. And that she still has and could have a good life. She had family and friends that loved her. Even if her marriage with Jackson eventually tanked maybe she'd find someone better. I agree too that she had really great hair.
  11. andromeda331

    Season 8 Discussion

    Well said!
  12. andromeda331

    Sex And The City

    I agree. Miranda seemed annoyed by Steve more often then times when she seemed to like him.
  13. andromeda331

    Steel Magnolias (1989)

    Every woman maybe different and have a different answer. I have always wanted children. To be a Mom. I love kids. But I also currently have medical problems that have pretty made it unlikely to ever happen. I don't have diabetes and currently don't have a diagnosis. I can't take care of myself. There's no way with all my medical problems I could carry a baby now. If by some miracle it happened then my dad or my brother and sister-in-law would be stuck raising the baby. Not me. Depending on how my medical problems resolve its self stay like this, worse, a little better or even a complete recovery still doesn't mean my body could handle a pregnancy after everything and I'll probably be over forty by that point. Adopt will be out because who would give their baby to a woman in her forties who already had two big medical problems the second and most recent that left her in need of a caretaker? It has been hard to accept. But I still agree with you. To have a baby now that would wreck my health even worse, that could put into question whether he or she could ever be born, and force my father who is my caretaker to take care of me and a baby? Or force my brother and sister-in-law to do that? That would be wrong and unfair to everyone especially the baby. I think Shelby was very selfish to have a baby and screw the consequences. I'm sorry but sometimes you do have to weigh the consequences and realize what's best is not to have child. Its hard, yes, its unfair yes. Especially when you see people all around you having kids with no problems. But you know what? Sometimes you have to make that decision. Its not fair to bring Jack Jr into a world knowing he's pregnancy and birth is what killed his mother, making her parents and brothers go through losing her, and having to accept how much or how little they get to see Jack Jr. depending on what Jackson decides, and its wrong to use a baby to try and save your marriage. Her mother gave up a kidney. What if she has kidney problems down the road? She was so selfish. I have a love-hate for the movie for the same thing. I love the friendships and being there for each other. M'Lynn, Ousier all of them were so good together. I liked Drum. But I hate Shelby.
  14. andromeda331

    Leaving Neverland

    Great comment. What a horrible thing to say. Well, they must have enjoyed it? Oh, so its okay Barbra for adults to have sex with children? Nothing wrong with a man in his thirties having sex with a seven year old? Because hey they probably enjoyed it? What is wrong with you? That's vile, horrible and disgusting. There is absolutely nothing okay with what Michael did. How dare you reduce child abuse like that.
  15. andromeda331

    Home Improvement

    Not exactly. Tim and Patricia were interested in doing another season the problem was that the network offered Tim a raise to I think 50 million but only offered Patricia half of that. Which is ridiculous she was on the show since the beginning and yet offered her only half? Both Patricia and Tim were ticked off by it. Had they offered her the same they would have gone on for another season. But the network refused to budge and Patricia and Tim refused to back down so the show ended. The other problem was Zachary Ty Bryan was leaving after eight seasons. They might have tried to see if he'd be interest in doing half or even just a few episode. Enough to show him at college and/or coming home for visits. Its easier to explain why he wouldn't be in every episode. If he said no then season 9 would have had only Mark at home. JTT definitely wasn't coming back and wouldn't have since he and Allen hadn't made up yet. They probably would have just graduated him. The show was working on stuff for season nine with Jeff and Carrie, Marty and I think they were going to marry Lucille and Art to replace Brad and Randy and plans for Jill and her patients. Which would have been different. I'm not sure the show would have lasted beyond 9 seasons with just one kid at home. It would have been different but who knows maybe they could have made it work.