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  1. debbie311

    All Episodes Talk: Orange is the New Yuck!

    I've been thinking the same thing, on more than one day.
  2. debbie311

    "The View": Week Of 3/11/2019

    I suspect that Whoopi is savvy enough to realize that insurance premiums aren't banked for use when you need them. I think she was just expressing frustration with the system, that her doctor recommended a machine that would enable her to avoid surgery, but the insurance company was not willing to pay for it. I'd feel the same way - here I've been paying for years and many years I didn't even use the insurance, i.e. rarely went to the doctor, and now here I need this and you want to deny me. I know how insurance works, but I would be pissed and would be even more pissed if it was happening to someone that I loved and cared about. Maybe it's not exactly logical, but I completely get what she is saying.
  3. debbie311

    "The View": Week Of 3/11/2019

    Yes! Thank you! I sort of equate this to commentators on news channels saying that only people in NY or DC care about (for example) the Mueller investigation. As in, if you live anywhere else, you are like, who cares? "These people are busy working hard and raising families, they don't have time to pay attention to the news." Infuriates me. Regarding MM saying "I visited you too!" today, I realized that MM is extremely insecure. We all know she is thin-skinned, but she is desperate to be liked and accepted. Unfortunately she is her own worst enemy.
  4. debbie311

    When Calls The Heart

    I disagree with all of this. Donating money to a university in the hopes your child will be accepted is one thing - this is quite another. If I were to donate money, many students at the school would benefit from the new library I donated, for example. The only person who benefitted from this scheme is the guy who ran it. And sometimes people donate just because they want their name on the building, not necessarily to get their kid in. What Loughlin and Huffman did was so much worse. The out and out lied, faked test scores. I don't know how they expected their kids to be able to stay in school once they got there. I think it is despicable and I am so glad that Hallmark is DONE with her. Her career is over.
  5. debbie311

    "The View": Week Of 3/11/2019

    I watch them too, or I used to anyway. Cheesy, but a diversion, always with a happy ending. I cannot imagine that Hallmark Channel will keep her now. Even if she doesn't end up going to jail, I think she's done now.
  6. debbie311

    S09.E05: The Abbie Gown

    The whole pop-up bridal shop was just weird. I've no doubt that TLC comes up with these plots, but it's hard for me to imagine someone going to all the trouble of building one. And it appears that Miss Renee only brought four dresses. Four? Who in their right mind would choose their wedding gown with a choice of only four to pick from? And with the wedding only 25 days away, I guess Abbie was buying the dress off the rack, there would be no time for ordering. Most likely the dress had already been chosen and purchased beforehand and they just went through the motions of the pop-up to fill up air time. I DVR'd it and fast-forwarded through the stupid flour thing. It's the only way I can watch this show, it is so boring.
  7. debbie311

    House Hunters International

    Bellingham to Patagonia. It was your choice to involve your kids in so many activities that you didn't have family time. You had to move to a foreign country so that you could spend more time with your kids? Wonder what the back story is here. What sort of job does she have that she can work so remotely? He has apparently burned out on his job so he will now be the house husband, although I got the feeling that she would be the bread winner and still be the parent in charge. He came across as a flake to me.
  8. debbie311

    All Episodes Talk: Orange is the New Yuck!

    During the "hard news" report at the 8 o'clock hour, the last story they covered was the Northern California floods happening right now, showing pictures of cars and buildings under water and people standing on roofs waiting for rescue. There's been at least one death so far. Anyway, immediately after, they go to Hoda who says, ok we're done with the news, now for some fun stuff. I mean, no token "thoughts and prayers" or "oh that's terrible." NO COMMENT whatsoever. I was like, WHAT?! How much of a ditz can she be?! What an airhead! I used to like her but she is so annoying now. I don't think she is very bright.
  9. debbie311

    S23.E08: Week 8: Hometown Dates

    This episode was the first one I have seen this season. I had lost interest, but the hometown dates are always fun and cringe-worthy and this one didn't disappoint me. Knowing nothing at all about the girls, I expected Cassie the one to be eliminated last night. She just seems so young and immature. She's a speech pathologist?! I never would have guessed. Her family was all very attractive. Their house - I wonder if it was a beach house or their primary residence. It looked really small for that size family. Hannah's mother. I kept thinking of Robin Williams in Mrs. Doubtfire. I was pretty impressed with the dads. But as has already been mentioned here, it's BEFORE the girl goes on The Bachelor that you want to have the talk about needing to know someone longer/not be with someone who is also in love with three other girls at the same time.
  10. debbie311

    "The View": Week Of 2/23/2019

    I think MM is there for one reason only, her desire to spread the Republican message. She's a loudmouth bully and I think the closer we get to the election the worse (and louder) she will become. Since when does she have the right to decide which topics are worth talking about? I am positive that they have a meeting before the show and discuss what the topics will be, that would be her time to interject her opinion, NOT when someone else is discussing something that she thinks is a waste of time. It's happening on a daily basis now. I don't know why Joy is allowing her to get away with it. Whoopi must have a very serious case of pneumonia, or maybe there are other complications.
  11. debbie311

    House Hunters International

    Yet another couple where one made the "extreme sacrifice" to follow their partner and therefore hold it over their head when choosing a place to live. She left her good job, friends, family, etc., etc., etc. for him and for that reason she had to have a dog. Wah wah wah. A dog they didn't have yet but that would dictate where they lived. Personally I would not want someone to come with me to another country if they were going to continue to throw it in my face and insist on their way because of it. I see that getting old really fast. And the dog they got was just a little large for that small apartment they ended up with. I had to laugh at the last scene where the guy is sitting at the computer with noise canceling headphones on and she is in the background trying to control the large, frisky dog.
  12. It really creeped me out. So unhealthy. Adults dressing exactly alike, down to the make-up. Adult women CHOOSING to sleep together in the same bed. My DVR cut off the end, I am assuming they all went on honeymoon together? One of the twin guys said they (he and his twin) are always together. Never even go to the grocery store alone. How can they think that is normal? Don't they EVER need alone time? And planning to be pregnant at the same time. Good luck with that.
  13. debbie311

    House Hunters: Buying in the USA

    She does look like her, you're right! Her hair though. She looked like she had just gotten out of the shower and had not run a comb through it.
  14. debbie311

    "The View": Week Of 2/11/2019

    Re Sunny - she wears make-up to bed?? I missed that one. And why? So many reasons not to. For all my life I have been told it is a big no-no. Plus, wouldn't it get all over the pillow? And it's dark (I would assume) so who cares? Even if they "do it" with the lights on, can't she get up and wash her face afterward? 😉 I can imagine what it must look like in the morning, with mascara smeared all over, etc. Maybe she sleeps on her back and doesn't move?
  15. debbie311

    "The View": Week Of 2/11/2019

    Wow, I just noticed that! Thanks for pointing it out to me!