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  1. thewhiteowl

    S16. E14. Once Upon a Tim

    McGee's computer password he used as a teen is linked to the murder of a defense contractor.
  2. thewhiteowl

    S03. E15. Security Fraud

    Bull works with a legendary lawyer who asks for help bringing a suit against the US government.
  3. thewhiteowl

    S05. E14. Something Better

    A group of American missionaries is taken hostage abroad. Stevie takes over Russell's social media. Henry helps his niece prepare for deployment.
  4. thewhiteowl

    S16. E13. She

    This was unusual for me as it actually held my attention for the hour. I say this as no fan of Ellie or Ziva but despite the glaring plot holes, it was good. Ellie has gone rogue before so not surprised there but she learned nothing which was a surprise. I found it pretty easy to believe Ziva could sneak around unnoticed because no one is looking for her. Although the mighty Ellie may think that she is so smart she could find her without endangering anyone. Hope not. I liked it.
  5. thewhiteowl

    S16. E13. She

    After a malnourished and confused child is found NCIS reopens a missing persons case that Ziva kept notes on long after they stopped investigating.
  6. thewhiteowl

    S03. E14. Leave It All Behind

    Bull aims to raise reasonable doubt when his friend Nathan is tried for his wife's murder.
  7. Weller and Jane's romantic getaway is cut short when the team must stop Burke from blowing up a building and crashing a plane.
  8. Patterson and Rich search for the elusive Book of Secrets so they can trade it for Jane's cure.
  9. thewhiteowl

    S03. E13. Prior Bad Acts

    Bull's renewed relationship with Diana is threatened by the return of his ex-wife. Benny's father passes away.
  10. thewhiteowl

    S05. E13. Proxy War

    Oops! I just used the blurb from TVDB and it wasn't clear. Apologies.
  11. thewhiteowl

    S05. E13. Proxy War

    When Syrian children are killed by an American made bomb, Elizabeth must figure out what went wrong. Russell argues with a homeless man.
  12. thewhiteowl

    S05. E10. Family Separation pt. 1

    The show has a different political relationship with Mexico than the real world. Please keep your comments to the show and not the real world. This also applies to your opinion. Thanks.
  13. thewhiteowl

    NCIS: New Orleans

    @Trey I got it in California. It was alright.
  14. thewhiteowl

    S03. E12. Split Hairs

    Bull defends NYC's chief medical examiner, whose reputation for brutal honesty may not help her case.
  15. Ahh, damn. I hate this story. It's too reminiscent of the "fetus in the fireplace" story that killed Y& R for me. Endless talk of baby death is not entertaining to me. Just depressing. SC is bringing it and AN is heartbreaking. That's all. Another round of Batie may end me.