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  1. suebee12

    While You Were Out

    That is the mustache I was referring to...I think he was growing it out for the "Burt Reynold's 70's" look Trading Spaces and these shows were just shown out of order. Hopefully he isn't growing another one!!!
  2. suebee12

    While You Were Out

    Wow, call me surprised! I didn't hate the room the Las Vegas Flippers did....well, I did hate the one gold chandelier but everything else was really nice! I also like the room that Sabrina and Carter did. One thing I wondered about was when this episode was filmed...it looked like Carter was starting to grow a mustache..maybe the one he sported last week on Trading Spaces?
  3. suebee12

    Home Town

    Yes, they are! Jim is Erin's first cousin and Mallorie is Erin's best friend.... https://www.laurelmercantile.com/pages/our-story
  4. suebee12

    Buddy vs. Duff

    .....and Buddy DID NOT do her...his sous chef did. And no way would I have picked a piece of fried dough over a scrumptious waffle cone!!!!
  5. suebee12

    Family Food Showdown

    I actually enjoyed tonight's episode. The Harris family made food I would have loved to have eaten. They were also quite likeable!! I also enjoyed the judges! The Voltaggio Brothers were fun as was the female judge(can't remember her name...sorry). I liked that they had judges who know food...and they had some good comments. Not sure that this show will succeed but at least I enjoyed this episode. ***Did anyone else notice that Guy Fieri was one of the producers?
  6. suebee12

    Flip or Flop Nashville

    As far as I can tell by reading about Page and Deron, they were never married...they dated for 5 years or so but I can't find anything about them being married. (She has twin girls who just graduated college in 2018 but that was before P and D dated.) Still it seems to be a great relationship they have now! I really enjoy this show because they don't freak out when something fails...they fix it and go on! One thing I am glad about with some of their flips is that we don't have "smell-o-vision". The last house they flipped must have really smelled to high heaven...there was enough fur in that house to make several coats with and I am guessing that the animals left a lot of their odor behind!(and wasn't one of their houses taken over by raccoons? )
  7. suebee12

    S16.E15: Finale

    Kelsey is from Dothan, AL....Sara is the one from Paducah, KY
  8. suebee12

    Home Town

    Loved the house tonight! Was this house shown before? The stairs and all of the railings looked really familiar. The one thing I am enjoying about the show this season is the fact that they are letting us "see" Helen but not really "see" her. She isn't being exploited, just shown because they love her! And how cute was the hard hat that Ben designed!! I have noticed that she has been shown in each of the episodes but not close ups so she is being kept "secret"...I like that.
  9. suebee12

    Windy City Rehab

    Me, too. And you know why? Because she is usually the cause of the problems. The other thing I noticed was that they tore down the garage. Granted, it wasn't attached but wouldn't someone want to have their cars out of the weather? Either hot or cold?
  10. suebee12

    Windy City Rehab

    I was actually wondering how and why they were doing this! At the very beginning, Donavan mentioned the "renter" which means the person was paying money to live there. I had the feeling that they decided that when they started reno, they would drive the person out. I also found it a bit strange that when the renter moved Alison grinned broadly and said...now we own the whole house. Didn't they already own it but just had to rid themselves of the renter? You can't buy half a house can you? This. I have always wondered how people felt when they watched the show to see their houses commented on. Some of the things said are quite harsh and have to be disturbing to folks who have allowed HGTV to use their homes as "dummies" so that there are 3 homes to view. It is one thing to tour a house and mention the wallpaper, paint color or bizarre decorations to your realtor but these things are said on television for all to hear. Another reason to never let your home be used in this fashion...they couldn't pay me enough!
  11. suebee12

    Home Town

    I forgot to mention in my original post that I got a bit "homesick" when I saw the sink they put in the kitchen! That was the sink that I washed dishes in when I was a kid...well, not the same one but one just like it! Looking back, I now realize that we didn't have much counter space but we made do. My mother worked in a bakery when I was really little and she still did lots of baking as I was growing up...somehow, not having loads of counter space didn't seem to bother her. Boy, have times changed!!
  12. suebee12

    Spring Baking Championship

    Am I the only one who was excited to see Clinton Kelly is going to be the host? I have loved him since What Not To Wear and have missed him since The Chew bit the dust...can't wait to see him again!!!!!!!
  13. suebee12

    Home Town

    The thing I loved the most about this renovation? They actually left the screened porch a screened porch! I am betting that the new owners requested it(especially since they grew up in Laurel and knew about mosquitoes and other flying bugs!) And I liked the bold, brightly colored wallpaper! It only worked because the room was fairly large and could take that big print! The blue walls made it pop! I'm going to mention that I watched the pilot that was shot in Starkville and have posted about it in the Genre Talk section under Flipping shows.
  14. suebee12

    House Flipping Shows

    Did anyone else catch the flip show from Starkville, MS(where I live) called Hammer to the Manor? It was on a couple nights ago and I was so glad I caught it! Missed it the first time and have been looking for it ever since!! The flippers are a brother and sister team who grew up in Starkville and who own businesses here that are about vintage items. https://www.starkville.org/mississippis-college-town-to-be-featured-on-hgtv-pilot-of-hammertothemanor/ I did enjoy the show and liked how they kept the house as vintage as they could! It is a small bungalow located quite near downtown. The zoning in Starkville is a bit weird(at least to me) so that you can have houses right next to businesses or bright new homes next to what could be considered "dumps". I did notice while watching that there seemed to be construction being done on the house next door and when I drove by, I saw I was correct. Don't know if the brother and sister are working on that house but it is being upgraded slowly. I'm not sure if I like the "wine cave" they designed but it was interesting to see how the idea evolved. If you haven't seen this pilot, look out for it. They haven't been picked up but from their Facebook postings, it seems they still have hope! Here are a couple photos from Google of the Before and After. The before was taken in 2013 and the after shot right after they finished in 2018. BTW, this was a Hoarder house, as you can tell from the before. Again, this was an episode that I am glad I didn't have "smellovision"! Hope these links work! Before: https://www.google.com/maps/@33.4611065,-88.8117928,3a,75y,234.21h,69.89t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sPv9UFVE19gBr5O_AmD2SHw!2e0!7i13312!8i6656 After: https://www.google.com/maps/@33.4612093,-88.8119247,3a,75y,206.25h,77.1t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1s1LJ3Gey1MczjsHwcNhOJMg!2e0!5s20180601T000000!7i13312!8i6656 Oh, the one thing I noted when I drove by is that while the table on the front porch was still there, the front swing was no longer there......
  15. suebee12

    S01.E13: The Blues

    The thing I liked in this episode was the interaction between Bloom and Iggy. I thought that the scenes with Bloom were heart-breaking. She knew she was lying but couldn't help herself....til she was pushed and Iggy pushed her...in his gentle way, but he did push her. I thought Janet Montgomery(had to look up her name) was outstanding. She showed her pain with her eyes...and how often do you see snot running from a nose in crying scenes? It was realistic and it made me hurt. No pretty crying in these scenes...her pain seemed real. I love Iggy no matter who he is inter-acting with. He saw Vijay's pain and again, he was there. I know that lots of the storyline is ridiculous but I am hooked so am glad that the show has been renewed. Hopefully they will follow up on Bloom's story because there seems to be much more to explore. And good thing about this episode? No wife!!!!!!