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  1. Camera One

    S04.E20: Lily

    Emma flashback: She tries to open up but outside forces always tear her back down. It's so sad but it explains her WALLS™. Emma may have made the right initial decision in the flashback and got burned so then she ultimately made a mistake of putting up WALLS, so let's hope she's willing to make the same mistake again and be willing to put down her WALLS. Regina flashback: She's her own worst enemy and sabotages her own happiness. It's so sad since it's avoidable if only Regina saw the gem that she is. Regina makes the wrong decision in the flashback but she might make the right one in the present-day.
  2. Camera One


    I was surprised by my recent binge of the series that the show still maintained its quality to the end. There were a few dips at various points, but to me, the show always eventually recovered. I don't think that has been the case with any of the series I've watched over the years, as most have a jump-the-shark moment (even the series I look back on most fondly). Yes, that was really sloppy. They did a better job with that in later flashback episodes. Though I actually didn't notice when I first watched it. I thought there was a nice message behind it and had some amusing moments, but it wasn't a favorite. I just rewatched the Season 3 finale and then the pilot after. I didn't find it as jarring as I thought I would. There was still quite a bit of animosity in both. I think siblings can revert to their familiarity pretty quickly. That bothers me too. I had the same problem with the Wendy Malik character though she did grow on me. I liked her singing on the show.
  3. Camera One

    S04.E21: Mother

    Do you think Cora truly wanted Regina to be happy? Or did she just want Regina to have an heir? At this point, what was Cora's goal anyway? We already saw her inexplicably not pursue power herself, but to have Regina pursue power. Later on, we found out she wanted supreme magical power and immortality, to become The Dark One. Had she already coveted that role by the flashbacks in this episode? I don't know which episode makes me cry more - "Mother" or "Sisters". Though that discussion would be better had in the All-Seasons thread.
  4. Camera One

    S04.E20: Lily

    Well, as A&E often says, Rumple is not an easy person to love, as if that means it's a special accomplishment when someone does get the privilege of loving him. That is what annoyed me most about Lily - her whininess. She disregarded how Emma was in a much worse situation and selfishly ruined it and through it all, it was "me, me, me". But really, she was meant to be a Regina parallel all along, first appearing in 4A to explain why Emma was so desperate to have Regina's friendship since she didn't want to make the same mistake as she did with Lily. I'm not sure A&E succeeded when I also thought Young Emma should have dropped the Loser Lily like a hot fire-breathing potato. The Apprentice was just wildly out of line in this episode.
  5. Camera One

    OUAT vs. Other Fairy Tales: Compare & Contrast

    I went into a children's bookstore today while I was waiting for someone. Like any good "Once" viewer, I went immediately to the section on fairy tales. Two books prominently displayed were "Not One Damsel in Distress: Heroic Girls From World Folklore". Those stories looked interesting. There weren't well-known characters but it would have been wonderful fodder for "Once" if the Writers actually cared about fairy tales/folktales. The other book was called "Power to the Princess: 15 Favorite Fairytales Retold with Girl Power". I was curious about this one so I flipped through. One chapter was called "Belle the Brave". I looked at the ending and she still married the Beast, so it couldn't have been that different. Then I looked at "Sleeping Beauty"... Aurora was cursed by the "Cloud Fairy" when she wasn't invited, and at the end of the story, the "Cloud Fairy" was the one who lifted the Sleeping Curse she put on Aurora. The "Cloud Fairy" said this, "I am so sorry. I felt so left out and I just wanted someone to know what that feels like. But you've shown me that we don't have to hide what makes us different. We can help each other - all we have to do is ask" and then Aurora gives her a hug. Isn't that a total ripoff of the horrible "Maleficent" movie? I will type out the last sentence of the story since it's inspirational. "Aurora and Jewel (the Cloud Fairy's real name)... were pioneers in creating a place where everyone was encouraged to be themselves and help others to be their best selves. And in this kingdom, united by compassion, where everyone made space for one another and celebrated differences, they really did live happily ever after." LOL. I didn't have time to look at "Snow White" but I shudder at how that one turned out.
  6. Camera One

    S04.E19: Sympathy For The De Vil

    Exactly. I think you are all undermining and failing to appreciate A&E's ability to write a complex story with grey characters. The whole point of this arc is "heroes and villains", whereby we see that these labels are unfair. Snowing cruelly separated a mother from her daughter and Emma pushed a defenseless woman to her death. Full stop. If Emma had jazzed hands the opposite direction, she could have frozen Cruella and separated Henry away from her. If Snowing hadn't been prejudiced against "villains", they could have embraced their child whether or not she became a female version of Chucky. Snowing and Emma are absolutely worse than "villains" like Regina and Rumple, who represent us, the people. Another clever irony in this arc is that Cruella de Vil is often accused of animal cruelty. But on this show, Cruella has a special kinship with animals and the characters most guilty of animal cruelty in 4B, due to their despicable treatment of a newborn baby dragon, are Snowing. The Queens of Darkness represent diversity and embrace of nature with an Animal Whisperer teaming up with a Half Dragon and a Half Fish allying with someone seen by society to be ugly (the "Crocodile").
  7. Camera One

    S04.E19: Sympathy For The De Vil

    The Writers confirmed that Snow and Charming made the decision and were culpable/guilty. But I guess The Apprentice wasn't culpable since he was forced by Isaac.
  8. Camera One

    Whiskey Cavalier

    The wedding and the locale looked so beautiful that I wanted to like it, but I was mostly bored and doing something else through much of the episode. The only part which made me laugh was when Frankie said things were going to get ugly and Will said not as ugly as her bridesmaid ensemble. Other than that, I personally can't feel much spark or romantic chemistry between the leads which is required for clever banter to work.
  9. Disney's streaming service would be a perfect fit for a "Once" spinoff or a similar mash-up type show. Currently expected on the new service includes: - A Star Wars Rogue One prequel TV series, starring Diego Luna. - Several live-action Marvel series - A possible What If-themed Marvel series that would imagine what the Marvel Cinematic Universe would look like if different events took place. According to a Slashfilm report, the series would be overseen by MCU head Kevin Feige and would be an animated anthology show. An episode example would reportedly feature how the Marvel timeline would unfold if Loki found Thor's hammer. - A live-action Lady and the Tramp remake. - A Sword in the Stone remake.
  10. Adam Horowitz @AdamHorowitzLA If this whole acquisition thing had happened just a few years sooner we coulda had Hoffa on #OUAT. Oh well. #DisneyFox
  11. Camera One

    S01.E15: Switches and Stones

    I was actually beginning to like Charity in this episode and starting to see some value to her character (especially with the estranged sister), and then this "twist", which I don't think I like. The body switch had its moments. Though you'd think Mel would have given Jada the heads-up right away. I do appreciate that Mel didn't keep the secret for multiple weeks and it was out in the open so quickly.
  12. Camera One

    S01.E14: Touched By A Demon

    This episode was kind of a mess and each of the sisters' subplots didn't mesh together in any coherent way. I also liked the concept of Mel speeding up time to make the potion or to make the ring age. Though add too many powers and you will start to wonder why they are ever in danger. The 90s TV show could have been more fun. That protagonist looked like Buffy.
  13. Camera One


    That's an interesting idea. I've always liked the concept of The Blue Fairy being good but doing what she needed to (eg. trying to get Baelfire to send her father down a portal with the bean) to rid the realms of what she considered to be evil, so I sort of still want that to be Original Blue. Maybe Blue defeated her "evil" twin sister. We saw a double dose of Regina/The Evil Queen in Season 6, so a double dose of Blue Fairy/Black Fairy couldn't have been any worse. But then, we couldn't have Regina come to her big realizations and loving herself with The Evil Queen getting a happy ending with Wish Robin.
  14. Camera One


    Maleficent was a fairy so that would have made the most sense. But I suppose the Black Fairy's wand was first mentioned at the end of 3A, and by that time, as you said, Blue and Rumple would have called it Maleficent's wand. Blue said at one point she had no idea how The Black Fairy became dark (I think she even said it in Season 6, which suggests the Writers hadn't even planned their story out enough for them to know Blue would have known).
  15. Camera One


    Yes. But I'm thinking that it might be very difficult for A&E to create a brand new villain for the final season which is not based on an existing villain that they hadn't used yet. Maybe it would have been easier if they used a Disney villain like a human version of Scar (for example). But there would be more meaningful to have a fairy who went dark in terms of the mythology of the show. They could have come up with a better backstory for how the Dark Curse was created in the first place. Maybe the Black Fairy's original Dark Curse was much worse, creating a world where her enemies would be eternally tortured. Maybe we find out that Blue decided to give up a lot of the Fairies' powers to de-toxify The Dark Curse and that was one of the reasons why the fairies were so useless. Another question would be where The Black Fairy was all this time and why she was awaken. Because of the Season 5 finale, The Land of Untold Stories would be the easiest place she came from. The Black Fairy could also have recruited some of the remaining villains we hadn't seen yet to cause minor problems of the week. Or maybe in Season 6, the main characters decide to build a permanent portal between Storybrooke and The Enchanted Forest and unbeknownst to them, The Black Fairy was summoning an army there. Could The Black Fairy have been Rumple's mentor instead of his mother? There's also the perennial suggestion to have Mary Poppins as a villain and Rumple's mother. That could have worked as well, if she cast the first Dark Curse to go to The World Without Magic to brainwash children. In any case, I think Gideon should definitely be excised from Season 6. He added nothing.