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  1. Mannahatta

    Unpopular Opinions

    Speaking of impressive Steve Martin performances.... In "All of Me" (1984), his character, a lawyer, spent most of the movie with his right side inhabited by the soul of Lily Tomlin's character, a self-centered, recently deceased millionaire. And he pulled it off! He was great in it and received a couple of prestigious awards for his performance. But I always thought he should have at least been nominated for an Academy award. Comedic performances - especially when it's physical comedy - seem to be generally overlooked by the Academy. Guess they're afraid of not looking classy. Lol
  2. Mannahatta

    Pet Peeves: The Holy Trinity and Beyond

    Thanks for posting this, Auntjess. If this house isn't an object lesson on why one shouldn't blindly follow decorating trends of the moment - I don't know what is! Lol
  3. And let's not forget the driving force behind all these "housewives": narcissism.
  4. Mannahatta

    Season 8: Speculation and Spoilers Discussion

    This is somewhat off-topic - but for those of you who are interested in knowing more about George R.R. Martin - he's going to be on tonight's episode of Finding Your Roots on PBS (8PM EST). I just starting watching Game of Thrones so I'm only up to Season 4, but I'm obsessed with it. While I'm obviously not ready to start speculating on Season 8, I am looking forward to finding out more about the writer of the original novels. All I know about him is from Wikipedia, and so far I just find it endlessly amusing that he was born and raised in Bayonne, NJ of all places. I mean I can understand JK Rowling having Edinburgh to inspire her. But Bayonne? The man has my undying respect.
  5. Mannahatta

    My Lottery Dream Home

    Good Lawd! David's got tattoo fever and he's got it bad: multiple Mickey Mouse tattoos, tribal tattoos, just about everything but the kitchen sink. His skin is starting to look cluttered. Debraran, I'm wondering if you had any more background on his not-drama-free life. The little I could find online seemed pretty rosy. I'm intrigued. At least it might explain why his choice of "tatts" come across like a cry for help. Lol
  6. Mannahatta

    Escape at Dannemora in the Media

    Here are the links. Among other tidbits, Tilly says she's writing a book. Someone should let her know that there's a Son of Sam law in NYS that prevents criminals from profiting from their crimes. Tilly's probably envisioning her book becoming a best-seller, to be made into a movie with a still slim Charlize Theron playing her. Lol https://nypost.com/2018/12/22/joyce-mitchell-rips-ben-stiller-over-escape-at-dannemora/ https://nypost.com/2018/12/24/ben-stiller-fires-back-after-shawskank-calls-him-a-liar/
  7. Mannahatta

    Get A Room With Carson And Thom

    Still love Thom and Carson, but all the blue paint in that historic Bronxville house- on the stairs, the trim, the fireplace, the radiator, the wall sconces - almost made me want to cry. And what was that humongous, 5 foot, streaky brown vase thing next to the fireplace? It didn't seem to serve any purpose except take up space. It all reminded me of being young during the 1970's, moving into that first affordable apartment, and wondering what the previous tenant was thinking. Except this was no tenement apartment where the previous tenants were stoners. I can't believe that with $100,000 to spend that this was the one time they ran over budget! I thought the $12,000 re-do in Edgewater was much more chic. I also liked the couple and enjoyed the husband's low key sense of humor.
  8. Mannahatta

    General True Crime Shows

    Currently there is no nationwide governmental database that accurately compiles the number of people who annually get shot by the police in the United States. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2015/mar/04/police-killed-people-fbi-data-justifiable-homicides But there are groups who are trying to figure out the data from various sources. This link above will take you to an interesting analysis of this data. https://takingnote.blogs.nytimes.com/2015/09/04/the-real-story-of-race-and-police-killings/?action=click&module=RelatedCoverage&pgtype=Article&region=Footer The general conclusion is that racial disparities are evident. African Americans are shot in disproportionate numbers by police officers. One could also argue that even if the police officer doing the shooting is African American: the quickness to shoot a black person can still be the result of a systemic racism in which black people are viewed as being more dangerous. In fact, racial profiling can even start in preschool: https://www.nytimes.com/2016/10/09/opinion/racial-profiling-in-preschool.html?action=click&pgtype=Homepage&version=Moth-Visible&moduleDetail=inside-nyt-region-1&module=inside-nyt-region&region=inside-nyt-region&WT.nav=inside-nyt-region So sadly, one's skin color does matter - even though it's 2018. As for the news media - I can think of quite a few stories where the person shot by a police officer was white. Now that everyone has a video in their phones, and cameras are on so many building: police shootings are probably bigger news than ever. That's not to say that a police officer's job is easy. I sure couldn't do it. In fact, I just heard a segment on NPR the other day about how a lot of police departments are having difficulty finding qualified applicants. People just aren't choosing it as a career option the way they used to. So there are a lot of issues at play here. But the first step to solving a problem is admitting it exists.
  9. Mannahatta

    S01.E04: Part 4

    Tilly reminds me of a few women I've met over the course of my life. Sure, she comes across as pathetic at first, enough to elicit sympathy. But scratch the surface and underneath all that self-pity there's a self-centered sociopath, with no true sense of right and wrong. I don't feel sorry for her one bit.
  10. Mannahatta

    Pet Peeves: The Holy Trinity and Beyond

    The funny thing is that a lot of the people on these shows don't seem to realize that the reason they may like a style is because it's trendy. They act as if they came up with these choices on their own, as in "I like dark wood floors! It's just something I instinctively like because I have taste!" Nothing wrong with liking a trend but they don't even seem cognizant that this is a trend. And of course they have to act act completely flummoxed that the previous owners had different tastes or needs - like the need to for separate rooms. I have to laugh when I hear the potential buyers and realtor marvel at how a house was "chopped up" - with rooms. That's another thing - if something isn't on trend then it has to be spoken of in a disparaging tone. Wood floors aren't dark enough? Guess that means you're living in "a bowling alley". Lol
  11. Mannahatta

    Get A Room With Carson And Thom

    I was told about the place by a co-worker who was always impeccably dressed. She must have taken pity on me. LOL I don't recall how long the wait was for the appointment, but I seem to remember that the appointment was for an hour, and in that hour I bought 6 bras at around $65 a pop. Mind you, up till then I had buying all my bras at discount stores like TJMaxx. So I really went bra-crazy while I was there - the fit was that good. Also, they sold some British brands I had never tried before, and they were perfect for me. I also later ordered some from them over the phone and they mailed them to me. So I'm thinking that after an initial appointment for a fitting they must generate a lot of sales through the mail. They also sell other items like shapewear, hosiery, etc. I can see how those items could be in ongoing demand especially for women working in the many nearby theaters. Plus, they have more than a few famous clients. Those customers are probably like the casino equivalent of a high-roller. Yeah, in general I don't know how a lot of these businesses make it, mainly because the commercial rents in NYC are astronomical. Even though the store wasn't on street level, the rent couldn't be cheap. Unless, maybe they were lucky enough to sign a long-term lease when they first started out. But even then things were expensive.
  12. Mannahatta

    Get A Room With Carson And Thom

    I was especially interested in this episode because, after decades of only buying bras on sale, I had decided a few years ago to treat myself and shop at Bratenders. I haven't been back lately because having to make an appointment and then brave the hustle and bustle of the Theater District during rush hours, are both major deterrents for me. That said, it's a great store. Once you're there you're the only customer in the store. You tell the saleswoman what you want, she brings you into a roomy, comfortable dressing room (with curtained windows), and keeps bringing in items for you to try on. The saleswoman I had was as nice as could be, and was fantastic at figuring out the right size and brands for me. She didn't even measure me - she just eye balled me. What a pro! Of course, it turned out I was wearing the wrong size. Alas, I had to pay full price there, but now at least I know the size and brands to buy. It was definitely worth the trip. Anyway, while it needed some decluttering - I kind of liked the quirkiness of the store's original layout. It reminded me of a lot of Mom and Pop stores from bygone eras. Also, they didn't show the dressing room but it had a very nice, homey feel to it. Now, as they said, it looks like a department store. Apparently the owner likes it, and it was a good deal for the cost. But the end result seemed too sterile and small to me. I would have preferred if they had not divided the room up to hide the inventory. And while browsing through the display items wasn't necessary for me - it was nice to have that as a ready option. Sometimes you just want to go exploring without having to ask. It also would have been fitting to see some sort of subtle homage to the Theater District since the bulk of their clients are involved in the performing arts. I guess I'm just kind of tired of the slick sameness of so many stores. But, who knows. To me the original store looked better in real life, so maybe the final product looks better too. Now as for that cute little baby who is currently sleeping in a fancy closet - I hope they have some sort of good air ventilation system in there. Or else that poor baby is going to be breathing in stale air. Not to mention diaper changing time......Also, where did the TV in the living room go? It had a prominent place on the wall, but I didn't see it after the redo. I wish they would film the before-and-after shots of the rooms at a more leisurely pace and give us more camera angles. As it is, I keep having to rewind and freeze the shots, and I'm still not getting all my nosy questions answered! Lol
  13. Mannahatta

    General True Crime Shows

    So true....Something was very off about that pastor. Only a narcissist would take down a poster of a missing person so they could "remember to pray for her" later on. Buddy, that's not why that poster was placed there. He must have thought his prayers were extra, extra special.
  14. I wasn't raised in, nor have I ever followed, any particular religion. But even I was offended by Luann's post. As humor it doesn't work for me, because I suspect that deep down inside Luann really expects people to worship and adore her. To me that post is the equivalent of a visual Freudian slip and a not so subtle one at that. Lol
  15. Mannahatta

    Get A Room With Carson And Thom

    I too felt sad for those poor chairs. But the fact is that most antiques have been steadily losing their value over the past decade or two. Beautiful wood pieces are now disparagingly referred to as "brown furniture" because TPTB tell us that the goal now is to make your home look like a high-end hotel. So there's a surplus of gorgeous, well-made pieces that don't fit into the new "life-style" design trends. Personally, I can't see painting over high quality wood. But design trends are inevitable as long as people want their homes to look "fresh" and "different". I wonder if Carson ever wishes he could re-style and re-dress the home owners the way he used to on Queer Eye? Or better yet, have Kyan Douglas show up. That wife's face reminded me of the Situation from Jersey Shore. Nothing the right make-up couldn't fix.....I'll show myself out now. ;-)