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  1. daisycat

    S04.E07: The Side Effect

    This! I thought I was the only one noticing these. They crack me up. How many episodes do we get this season? And who do I have to do nasty things to to get 2 seasons a year?
  2. daisycat

    S04.E07: The Side Effect

    So did "Legends of Tomorrow", although she wasn't really much other than a side character in one episode.
  3. daisycat

    S04.E07: The Side Effect

    And I loved loved loved that Eliot and Quentin (the white male "protagonists"!) were entirely absent from the episode. A nice little nuance there.
  4. daisycat

    S04.E07: The Side Effect

    THAT, people? THAT is how you do a show. Wow. Good gawd this show is the tits. Any guesses who Penny is seeing in the elevator? I literally threw a towel at the TV I was so... ARRRRRRGHHHH!! Want next week NOW!!! Am I the only one who swears every year to binge the show, but breaks down the second there's a new episode?
  5. daisycat

    S04.E02: Lost, Found, Fucked

    Hale is fucking chilling as the Monster. Seriously though. Give the man a bag of Emmys already.
  6. daisycat


    Wheeeeeee!! Old(ish) news, but the teaser trailer makes me do a happy dance... https://www.radiotimes.com/news/2018-07-26/idris-elba-to-return-for-four-more-episodes-of-luther/
  7. daisycat

    S02.E21: Chapter Thirty-Four: Judgment Night

    Well, fuck. I miss this guy, the lovable curmudgeon: Did I just date myself?
  8. daisycat

    S02.E18: Chapter Thirty-One: A Night To Remember

    Yessssss! I loved that episode so much.
  9. daisycat

    S03.E13: Will You Play With Me?

    I wonder if the Fairy Queen made her (gradually) into the new Fairy Queen, since she fought for the fairies’ rights as sovereign Fillorian citizens. I feel like it had to be big; something like getting her toes back would be mentioned. ETA: I dearly wish this show gave us two 13-episode series; this waiting will be unimaginably cruel.
  10. daisycat

    S03.E13: Will You Play With Me?

    I'm not sure I can add anything even remotely more coherent than that. I wanted to throw my cat at my computer at the end (because he happened to be what I was holding at the time).
  11. daisycat

    S03.E11: Twenty-Three

    I loved loved loved this. I'm in the middle of re-reading the books, so this was a "cheer out loud" moment for me.
  12. daisycat

    S03.E05: A Life in the Day

    I'm currently binging the first two seasons, and realized why the way Eliot was holding Quentin after Arielle's death seemed familiar - it was the same way Eliot held Quentin after Alice's death in "Divine Elimination". Oh, heartbreak. Oh, Eliot. I'd forgotten about one of my favorite moments between the two of them: when Quentin et al went back to Brakebills for the first time after Eliot and Fen's wedding. Quentin goes to say goodbye and that sad/beautiful hug between the two of them, and the laugh they share when Eliot suggests a little ass grab wouldn't be amiss...
  13. daisycat

    S03.E11: Twenty-Three

    Also? I forgot how much I love Marina. She's so deliciously awful but still likeable. I can't wait to see what she gets into next season (or maybe over the next 2 episodes). Please, please, please make her a regular next season! And show? How about more episodes in a season? Maybe 18?
  14. daisycat

    S03.E11: Twenty-Three

    And finally... FINALLY we get some sort of answer about how they're traveling to and from Fillory - they referenced a "portal tree"! I still don't know when that happened, but maybe they realized that any reference ended up on the cutting room floor so they left at least a reference in. And oh sadness... only 2 more episodes left. What an amazing season this has been. I actually *liked* 23Alice, where I've pretty much despised original recipe Alice from the get-go. Eliot and Margo were heartbreaking: "I screwed it up I screwed it up I screwed it up... WHERE'S MY BAMBI!??" BeastQuentin was terrifying, sad, and funny. I've never been a huge fan of original recipe Penny, but I like 23Penny. I wonder if the cut-away from Penny taking a bite of the cupcake in the Underworld Library was the ending of that Penny's arc in the show. Poor Kady - that kid's been through some stuff, and now she loses her Penny too, and will have to watch 23Penny try to win Julia over? I never really saw the appeal of normal Penny (way too brittle for my taste, and mean just for the sake of being mean - remember how he stole Quentin's unread final Fillory manuscript back in S1 and threw it out for no reason, just because it bored him?), but this new one just oozed charm and earnestness. Can I just say how much I love Julia now? Which is saying something because... along with Alice she was my most disliked character. But her redemption arc has been so organic - it seems that now, every time she does something good, her powers grow; and every time her powers grow, she wants to do more good. It's beautiful and so unlike S1 and S2 Julia. This season has been so original and consistently well done. It's going to kill me to wait a whole 'nother year.
  15. daisycat

    S03.E10: The Art of the Deal

    So, regarding the travel to and fro Fillory, would it be because of Josh’s magic weed that lets you see into other realms? So they’re not THERE there, but just holograms? i just picked that up from the “Previously...” on “Art of the Deal”. If so, they should maybe reference it in the eps, e.g. “Who’s got the weed?” or something. I mean, it’s a thought. I’d been wondering about that all season. ETA: Nope. Never mind. They’re actually there (paying attention now!). Damn. I really, really want that to be explained! As you were...