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  1. TomGirl

    S06.E15: Sparkling Banter and a Failing Steel Town

    I loved this episode, especially the ending with everyone ending up at Marjorie’s house and Marjorie telling Victor’s picture, “Don’t worry, I’ll never end up alone.” Romance is great, but sisterhood is powerful too.
  2. TomGirl

    Will & Grace

    Best exchange of the episode: Jack: “And you need to be skinny because...?” Grace: “I’m a woman who’s alive.”
  3. TomGirl

    Kids Baking Championship

    As a native Minnesotan, I’m very proud of my girls, Paige and Meadow. They are both adorable, talented and Minnesota Nice. But - Madison for the win!!
  4. TomGirl

    S05.E06: Operation Complication

    I don’t think it’s likely that Raymond is into girls...
  5. TomGirl

    S23.E05: Week 5: Thailand

    I know the editing is meant to fool us, but at this point I can’t imagine anyone other than Cassie for F1. His body language with her is totally different from all the others. When he’s kissing most of them, his arms hang limp at his sides. Occasionally he does some face touching. But Cassie is the only one he seems to have any real physical attraction to.
  6. TomGirl

    S05.E05: It's a Girl

    I agree with every bit of this. I just love this family.
  7. TomGirl

    Kids Baking Championship

    I just LOVE the kids this season! They are my favorite bunch of all time. I love how they are confident without being arrogant, how they help and support each other, and though some are more dramatic than others, I don’t find any of them annoyingly OTT, even Davis, who has totally grown on me. And Madison is just the cutest thing ever. Sorry to lose Misha tonight, but he went out with equanimity and class.
  8. TomGirl

    S23.E04: Week 4: Singapore

    Hannah B’s fakety fake pageant smile makes her look downright scary. Somewhere between demented and maniacal.
  9. TomGirl

    S23.E03: Week 3

    More lookalikes (to me, anyway) Katherine = Camille Grammer Nicole = Shiri Appleby
  10. TomGirl

    S23.E03: Week 3

    Becca kept a lot of black contestants for a long time, and then seemed to dump almost all of them at once. I wondered at the time if TPTB had encouraged this (the keeping part) to help their own image. I kept thinking that either Caitlyn or Hannah themselves should have said this to Colton. He was obviously torn, and if one of them had just said something encouraging like, “Trust your judgment” or “You’ll make the right decision” his relief probably would have made him feel a lot more positive to her. And why all the dramatics anyway, it’s only week 3, keep anyone you want!
  11. TomGirl

    Kids Baking Championship

    I hope Davis survives this experience. He seems terrified of losing!
  12. TomGirl

    S23.E02: Week 2

    Effing brilliant, Gracie!
  13. TomGirl

    S01.E08: This Young Woman Fought Like Hell

    I believe it was 8. Well, it felt like ten. At least!
  14. TomGirl

    S05.E02: Scared and Unprepared

    Love your typo, Princess!
  15. TomGirl

    S05.E02: Scared and Unprepared

    She said, “I have a (f***ing) dick!” I don’t disagree with this, but Griffen was being a bit of a prick, too, telling Sander that he (Griffen) has “matured”, implying that Sander hasn’t. And who among us hasn’t experienced the sting of losing a good friend who has no time for us once a boyfriend or girlfriend enters the picture? Imagine that impact on a twin sibling.