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  1. auntiemel


    Man, that was some serious territory marking there at the end! Two alpha females fighting over the same cub. 🙂
  2. auntiemel

    S03.E12: Songbird Road, Part Two

    Yeah. FYI, Rebecca? If you're wondering why your kids' faces fall every time they find out you're the one taking them to something instead of their dad? THIS IS FUCKING WHY!
  3. auntiemel

    S01.E12: Heartbreak

    I took it to be more that he didn't agree with the step and thought it was unnecessary and kind of dumb, versus that he'd never had experience with it.
  4. auntiemel

    Homepage Missing Shows

    Death in Paradise is still missing. It's not on my homepage and when I search for it, nothing comes up. The thread still exists, but the only way I can access it is searching it out in my notifications from when someone liked my post.
  5. auntiemel


    Oh, man. This week was so joyless and painful. I appreciated it as a character study for all three of the comics, but it brought me zero pleasure to watch.
  6. auntiemel

    Death In Paradise

    Agreed. Hopefully, the goofy niece will grow on me eventually, but she'll never be a true replacement in my heart!
  7. auntiemel

    S15.E12: Girlfriend in a Coma

    I teared up at the end of the coma story. Not because the love story was so touching, but because I was touched at her taking control of her own health and life-and-death decision, and him supporting her at great personal cost as opposed to bullying her into changing her mind because of his own needs. Take notes, A Million Little Things!
  8. auntiemel

    S15.E11: The Winner Takes It All

    Yes, it infuriates me, too.
  9. auntiemel

    S02.E14: Faces

    Maybe they paid her under the table.
  10. auntiemel

    S01.E05: Nobody Beats the Biebs

    Just binge watching this now on Hulu, and I don't really have anything to add to the really insightful things that have already been posted here except that, "I'm going to make sure you die homeless," is going to be my new go-to dramatic-exit insult in professional rivalry situations!
  11. auntiemel

    Death In Paradise

    Watching the premier right now. Hey, Mr. Barrow! What's up? Anyway, I just had to come here and post that - I know as an American, I'm not the intended audience. Also that Britain doesn't have our fraught racial history. But I gotta say, especially for a show that has taken some criticism for its reinforcement of the colonial "white savior" paradigm, putting in a line where a white guy in authority asks a black guy to sit in the back of the bus - using that exact phrase - was high levels of cringeworthy. I actually said, "Holy shit!" out loud to myself in my apartment. I get there was a context. But, still. The words sounded weird coming out of his mouth.
  12. auntiemel

    S06.E04: Four Movements

    EUGENE! :D Wow, that gave me a thrill!
  13. auntiemel

    S10.E02: Sister Wives Secrets

    Sounds like love to me! :D
  14. auntiemel

    S03.E11: Songbird Road, Part One

    OMG, yes!!! And also the endless conversations where they try to convince you to reconnect with them, and you have to just constantly re-explain and re-justify your decisions. It's freaking exhausting. Good lord! There have been many times that I wished I had just told someone that fill-in-the-blank-family-member was dead from the jump. It would have been so much easier!
  15. auntiemel

    Hollywood Darlings

    Christine announced on her podcast that there won't be. At least for the time being. She said that it definitely wasn't an issue of the network not liking the show. They loved it. It was purely a money thing.