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  1. auntiemel

    The Good Fight

    That's fair. I take it as satire, but I can definitely see how someone could take it more seriously,
  2. auntiemel

    10:09 Kody's Secret Plan

    Ugh, I just can't with Kody during the "A Single Woman" conversation with Christine. Yes, she's being illogical. But sometimes emotions are like that. They sneak up on you and get triggered by something, and even as you're telling yourself it doesn't make sense, they tear you apart. So, Kody, you're frustrated that you have this conversation all the time? That means people you ostensibly care about are in pain, yet all you care about is them bothering you with it. Take a hint - the next time one of them is angry about something like this, just say, "I'm so sorry, babe. That must really hurt. I can't fully understand it, because I don't have to go through it, but I hate that you do," and then give her a hug. It's called freaking empathy! You are supposed to love these women, you might want to try it out. Also, side benefit, it will bring the conversation to a close much more quickly than you trying to argue with her and convince her she shouldn't be feeling what she's feeling. That's pretty much never a winning strategy!
  3. auntiemel

    The Good Fight

    I tend to disagree, in that I don't think they are twisting characters to fit an agenda. To me, that would be propaganda. Like all those Kirk Cameron-esque movies - they start with a "message" and create shell characters and a shell plot to get that message across. In this case, I think it's the opposite. It's not the message driving the characters, it's the characters expressing what their authentic opinions would be if they were a real person, in this real situation. Diane is a long-standing character. She was created and established long before the current political climate, and there is ample canon evidence that she would likely feel and react precisely the way she does in the show if dropped into it. Also, I take issue with the phrasing "this show should horrify us all." It implies that's the only correct reaction, and everyone who doesn't feel that way is somehow wrong or morally less-than because they are not "rightly" horrified. I don't think that's a good jumping off point for productive discussion. The way the show has presented characters reacting to the current political climate horrifies you. That's valid. It doesn't horrify me, it strikes me as organic to the characters. That's also valid. Discussion comes with both of us talking about why we feel that way, not telling the other person they should or shouldn't, in my opinion. But, honestly, if you're really going to stop watching, that's probably the best choice. Life is too short to knowingly subject ourselves to entertainment (or anything, really) that we know is going to do us more emotional harm than good!
  4. auntiemel

    Turn Up Charlie

    I watched the pilot. Let me preface this by saying I love Idris Elba. Like...LOVE Idris Elba. I did not like this show. I thought the bratty daughter was too precocious by half, the dialogue sounded very "grad student film project," and the acting was community theater level broad. I'll definitely struggle through the season, because it's only 8 episodes and they're short. And, like I said, I f'love Idris Elba. But, to me? This was not a good show.
  5. auntiemel

    S04.E01 Chucky Rhoades's Greatest Game

    I was just going to respond with this!
  6. auntiemel

    S04.E01 Chucky Rhoades's Greatest Game

    I mean...he kinda killed that guy with cancer.
  7. Agreed. I also tend to throw her MAJOR side-eye, because she made a point of doing a round of media interviews accusing Stephen freaking King of exploiting her father's victims when he wrote a short story about a wife who finds out far into their marriage that her normal-seeming husband is a serial killer, an idea that he said took root by wondering what that must have been like for BTK's wife. Which...fiction authors get ideas from real life situations all the time. Not only that, but the concept of "how does someone live with a spouse for 30+ years and not know they are a serial killer" is a really captivating concept, and - sorry, Kerri - but LOTS of people are going to discuss that, and make art about it. *shrug* Maybe if your dad hadn't murdered all those people, that wouldn't have happened? But, sure. Stephen King is the one exploiting those people. Not, you know. The person who killed them. Your "95% good dad" dad. So, anyway, that alone has had my eyes rolling far back in my head for years about her. But, now, this? SHE writes a freaking book about the ACTUAL situation, and that is somehow...not exploiting his victims? But Stephen King's fictional story loosely inspired by news reports about her father is? Damn. If only there were gold medals for mental gymnastics, she'd have two claims to fame.
  8. auntiemel

    After Life

    I just watched it in an afternoon and loved it. I thought it was so poignant, and ultimately really uplifting.
  9. auntiemel

    S01.E15: Manhunt

    I remember him as Glen Goulia from The Wedding Singer!
  10. auntiemel

    S01.E15: Manhunt

    Matthew Glave https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0322182/?ref_=tt_cl_t5
  11. auntiemel


    Agreed, I think the conversation with Jessica really got into his head and solidified what had been bothering him about the tour all along. It wasn't that he was worried other people would think he was a sell-out. That was a symptom, not the root. When she said that he needed to figure out within himself what the line was he wouldn't cross, that resonated. Then when she said to be careful that he wasn't funnier off stage than on, that also resonated. If you notice, it wasn't cussing that got him fired, or talking about a "taboo" subject. It was speaking honestly about his faith in a way that wasn't traditionally "comfortable" for the average church-goer. He could get onstage and not cuss, not discuss bodily functions, pretend he wasn't having sex with his girlfriend. None of those crossed his personal line. But pretending that he didn't have complex thoughts about the big ideas that were closest to his heart was too much for him. That was his line. He found it. Unfortunately, it meant giving up the money, but that was what he had to do in order to look himself in the mirror. I mean, hell, it's not like he had kids to feed. If you can't blow off gigs for your principles when you're single and free, when are you ever going to be able to do it?
  12. auntiemel

    One Day At A Time (2017)

    I know that, that's why I said a "laugh-tracky vibe" instead of a laugh track.
  13. auntiemel

    One Day At A Time (2017)

    I started watching the show when it first came out and gave up on it. When I say started, I mean maybe ten minutes and then I turned it off. I just couldn't get past the multi-cam sitcom laugh-tracky vibe. But then when I saw articles and social media posts about the big push for people to watch because of the cancellation danger, I decided to give it another try. I'm in the middle of Season 2 now and loving it!
  14. auntiemel


    Wow. Pete's finding out that all of the things that made Kat his manic pixie dream girl have a flipside, one that can make her a nightmare. Everything that attracted him to her in the first place has a dark side. She's a free spirit with few inhibitions = she's got no freaking boundaries. She pushes him outside his comfort zone = she thinks she's always right and doesn't know when to stop. She's a fun party girl = she drinks and loses control when she feels insecure. And finally, she believes in him and is instantly invested and loyal = she's weirdly possessive, protective, and territorial. There are no free lunches! ETA: I've always held up Jim and Pam's phone fight from season 9 of the office as being the most realistic "married people" fight I'd seen on TV. Now I have a standard for most realistic "drunk and dating" fight
  15. auntiemel

    S15.E14: I Want a New Drug

    I felt like I got a glimpse of her with the "I love Ben, but I don't love fantasy basketball. Therefore, I do not participate in fantasy basketball," line. So great!