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  1. marny

    S10.E13: Episode 13

    Are people eating exclusively sub sandwiches these days? My husband and I were cracking up at the notion of a product designed for literally one type of sandwich. The bread aisle at the grocery store is 95% square slices of sandwich bread, which won’t fit in that dumb tube. But they got a deal, so what do we know?
  2. marny

    S10.E11: Episode 11

    I already do Dollar Shave Club subscription service and the razors are white. I’ve somehow still felt sufficiently feminine. Also the DSC subscription price is much cheaper than hers, so she is pretty much charging a “pink tax” after all.
  3. marny

    S07 E22 Chelsea & Lennie

    Tallulah showed more personality than Jim Carey’s daughter, but I think Nev needs a more cynical co-host. Max’s charm was being frank about these dumb relationships.
  4. marny


    Ugh. So much time wasted on characters who didn’t matter at all.
  5. Hee, "Zack Pizzazz". Complete with jazz hands.
  6. marny

    You Don't Know Jack Ryan

    Argh, I'd been planning to submit that Gilmore Girls episode for the Nonac myself! I'm so disappointed by the outcome-- that episode is a true stinker! Is there an appellate court I can bring the case to?
  7. marny

    S05.E12: The Casery

    The Broken Heart clothes just look like an attempt to knock-off of the Comme de Garçons brand. We’ve seen Marcus wear it in previous seasons of the show. Here’s an example of the stuff: https://www.farfetch.com/ca/shopping/men/comme-des-garc-ons-play-v-neck-cardigan--item-12351908.aspx?storeid=10163&from=listing&tglmdl=1
  8. marny

    S02.E05 Stride of Pride 2018.07.03

    I wonder if the $500 worth of cocaine (miscellaneous) being charged to the Scarlet credit card is ever going to come up again for Sutton. They made it seem like a big deal last week, but no mention of it this week.
  9. THANK YOU! My reaction to Janet’s whole “my parents taught me sex was great” thing was either Janet is lying and trying to be the “cool girl” (which, no way) or these idiot writers will later forget this when Janet’s parents shun her for getting pregnant. I’m comfortably betting on the latter. And god forbid a woman on this show get to be sex positive (like old Kelly used to be) without getting punished for it in some way.
  10. marny

    S02.E04: OMG 2018.06.26

    No, it's not a general signifier, it's a signifier of a specific religious belief system. Not a general indicator of belief in god. I'd have the same reaction to a Jewish star (I was raised Jewish) or the Crescent Star. To me, a permanent marking like a tattoo would signify a strong feeling of adherence to that religion. YMMV. I just think that if the writers intended for his belief system to be more about general faith in God than Christianity, they shouldn't have used a Christian signifier.
  11. marny

    S02.E04: OMG 2018.06.26

    This was the feeling I got too. But then it made less sense to me that he had a cross tattoo when that indicates a specific religion. His words didn't seem to express a specifically Christian type of faith, and his prayer before eating was a general "thanks for the food, god" type thing but the cross indicates that there is a bit more actual dogma there. As a non-religious person who doesn't believe in god, I wouldn't have a problem dating someone who expressed the idea of feeling comfort from a higher power, but the cross tattoo would turn me off.
  12. Ah, thank you! I mixed up the different guys who never talked to her again. Still gross that she gave John Sears the time of day though.
  13. 1. That frosty eyeshadow on Donna at the reunion is an abomination. 2. I'd always thought that John Sears was the "he didn't even use a blanket" guy who ruined Kelly's reputation and that's why it was so gross that she dated him when they were in college. Did they retcon this or am I just remembering wrong?
  14. marny

    S02.E09: Smart Power

    I would assume, since they kept the constitution, they had elections for President and VP. Well, if they got rid of the electoral college as suggested above, then at least something good actually came from this horror.
  15. marny

    S02.E07: After

    My dislike of Luke is more about how we’ve seen him in the flashbacks. When women all lost their jobs and lost access to their bank accounts, he barely reacted. He was kinda like, “huh, that sucks” and he moved on. We saw June and Moira protesting in the street— where was Luke? I don’t know if the writers intended to make him seem apathetic to the injustices women were starting to suffer, but that’s how it came across to me, and I hold a grudge against him for that.