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  1. Shanna Marie

    S04.E11: Shattered Sight

    Thinking about this ... why were the townspeople attacking each other instead of putting together a mob to go after Regina? Surely there's still some resentment there, and strip away the civility and any gratitude they feel from her stopping the failsafe, and what you're left with is the fact that she cursed them and planned to kill them all. Surely she'd be target number one, and only after they'd dealt with her would they turn on each other.
  2. The 80s are to Gen X what the 50s were to the Baby Boomers. It's nostalgia for their childhood and youth. In the 70s, we got a lot of movies and TV series about the 50s. Now it's 80s nostalgia, and I think it tends to be something that people who don't have a lot of originality resort to.
  3. Shanna Marie

    S04.E11: Shattered Sight

    So, Henry actually really likes Hook enough to worry what will happen to him, given Emma's track record, and to worry about what that would do to Emma, and that's the positive stripped away by the spell, so all that's left is the negative "I hate you being with my mom"? I guess that works. Of course, it would have been nice if we'd seen Henry and Hook interacting, instead of all those offscreen sailing lessons. It's interesting that Hook only really takes offense at the "dirty pirate" part, objecting that he does bathe frequently. He doesn't seem to be hurt or all that bothered by the insults, but he's pleased by the fact that Emma has apparently referred to them as being together. Or is the lack of hurt feelings due to his heart being out of his body? If he's able to be pleased, then he should be able to be hurt. Still, though, you'd think hearing Henry say these things would affect the way Hook approaches Henry, or that he'd want to have a talk with Emma about it.
  4. I think Merlin's the primary Big Bad here. Blue wouldn't have been able to do much harm if Merlin hadn't screwed up and allowed the Dark One to be created and hadn't managed to do anything to stop it. Tiger Lily telling new parents that their newborn infant was destined for doom was a boneheaded move, but she might have inadvertently saved them from an even worse evil. Given how Rumple turned out when raised by the reasonably good and sane spinsters and without any powers, imagine how he, with all his personality flaws, might have turned out if he'd been raised by Malcolm and Fiona, with all their personality flaws, and if he'd had great magical powers. I have a feeling he'd have ended up making a pretty good inkwell for that magic pen that needs dark Savior blood. And there's another thing with Merlin -- seriously, dude, a magic pen that writes using blood? And worse, the blood of something good like a Savior, but turned dark? And you designed it to work that way? Or was that a bug in the system that he didn't anticipate? The pen was just supposed to be able to record things using ordinary ink, but some twisted Author along the way accidentally discovered that if you use dark Savior blood as ink, you can use it to alter fate and make people do things. Did we ever learn where Saviors came from and how that works? Because it sounds like Merlin's style, too. That's exactly the sort of thing he would have come up with (I mean, once they retconned the bit about Emma only being the Savior of the Dark Curse because her DNA was woven into it as a back door and decided that Saviors were some kind of ill-defined overall thing).
  5. Shanna Marie

    S04.E11: Shattered Sight

    Oh, that reminds me, we have yet another case of someone seeming to know that Snow White and Prince Charming is a thing, in spite of being from the fairy tale world where they aren't a story. Anna was frozen during the time David became a prince and married Snow White. She might have known that Mary Margaret was Snow White and that Snow was a princess, if, say, Snow and Leopold had gone to Elsa's coronation. Royalty tends to know each other. But how would Anna have known to give them the "You're Snow White and Prince Charming!" pep talk? It's like Hook snarking about the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming not believing in the Wicked Witch of the West, when he shouldn't have known that there was anything ironic there. "Charming" is Snow's pet name for her husband, not something Anna would have had any reason to know, since he got that name while she was frozen and she's been in Storybrooke less than a day. And she would have had no reason to know that there was anything special about them that should make them rise above the spell.
  6. Shanna Marie

    S04.E11: Shattered Sight

    It was really chilling when they showed Anna under the effects of the spell because she was speaking truths. There really was a part of her that would have resented Elsa locking herself away and shutting Anna out. Anna's childhood sucked because of the way Elsa treated her. When she's in her right mind, she knows that Elsa wasn't doing it to hurt her, that Elsa was afraid because she'd nearly killed Anna accidentally, and Elsa and their parents were trying to do what was best. Plus, it was Anna's love for her sister that made being shut out hurt so much. But if Anna's unable to see the good parts or feel the love, all that's left is resentment. And it should have been that way for the rest of the characters. The end of the previous episode when the spell hit and you could see it on the Charmings' faces was wonderful. Some of the things they said to each other might have been things they think. I can see how David would be hurt by the fact that Snow slept with Whale (and she might be hurt that he'd slept with Kathryn. In their right minds, they know that it was the curse that made them do that (and why are they friends with the person who did that to them deliberately?), but if they have to focus on the negative, that might come out. Even the jab about getting the stroller used works because I'm sure that someone raised in abject poverty and someone raised as a princess would have very different approaches to money. Remove the love, and it becomes something to resent or mock. But I don't believe that Snow has ever thought that David had no business being royalty. I'm not sure what they were trying to do with Regina. Is she barely holding on to being Regina, with the Evil Queen being what you get when you remove the positive? The things she was saying were things she's been pretty open about, so it's not like they were hidden feelings that are normally tempered by love and understanding. She's never refuted any of the things that were attitudes she held until very recently, so this is hardly a change. Remove all the positives from Regina, and she's not too different than she usually is, just in different clothes. The things Snow was saying to her were just truths. They were things that it would be healthy for Snow to admit to herself. How is it evil to point out that she was a child when she "betrayed" Regina? How is that something that comes about because she loses all that's positive? I felt like they devolved too quickly into slapstick violence. It should have been more of a slow buildup of hidden resentments until finally they were at each other's throats. They shouldn't have instantly started trying to kill each other. With what Henry was saying to Hook, was that what he really believed? What positives would he usually be balancing that with? It's hard to see any positive context that would give "dirty pirate" and hating that Hook was dating Emma a different meaning. And they really shouldn't have gone straight to laughing after hitting each other with all those painful truths. There should have been a rush to try to explain -- yeah, I said that, but I know why you did the thing I was mad about, and I understand, so I'm not normally hating you for that reason. This should have been a really emotional episode that had long-term consequences to all the relationships. They should have been given a lot of food for thought. That made me cringe, and as long as he was unconscious, that was a serious injury. But I've given up on fighting that battle and decided to just go with the fact that TV head injuries are nothing like real-life head injuries. You can barely hit someone, knock them out for hours, and they wake up with no ill effects. You can smash a bottle over someone's head, and there's no glass embedded in the scalp, no lacerations, they just go to sleep for a little while.
  7. Shanna Marie

    S04.E11: Shattered Sight

    This one was better than I remembered. The main part of the story with Emma and Elsa and then with Anna was actually rather moving. I know it wasn't popular at the time, but I liked Anna being the one to be able to stop Ingrid because that fit the theme. It took love from a nonmagical person to reach Ingrid. Emma doing something would have only confirmed Ingrid's worldview, but Anna really forced her to change. And I liked that it wasn't resolved by violence, though it was sad that Ingrid had to die (especially given that her body count and evil levels were a lot lower than some villains who are allowed to be members of the community). It was heartbreaking how close poor Emma came to having a real home and family, only to lose it. Ingrid really screwed up there. The main problem with this episode was that the curse itself was given such slapstick treatment. The mean barbs from Kristoff and between the Charmings seemed more in the spirit of the concept of the curse than the wacky brawling on Main Street. They might have eventually got to the point of physical violence when the hatred built up, but this was more like a Three Stooges or Marx Brothers thing that just had people running around being randomly violent. There were no real consequences, especially with the laughing at the end that made you expect an 80s TV show freeze frame to hit (or like Police Squad, where they just freeze rather than freeze frame, so things keep happening around them). Instead of laughing because of how silly they were, they should have been rethinking their relationships based on what they'd realized they thought about each other. The things that were said would have hurt, and they couldn't be un-said. Knowing it was a curse might have eased it somewhat, but it should have taken some cooling off time.
  8. Shanna Marie

    S04.E10: Fall

    On the plus side, I liked how they set up bringing Anna and Kristoff to town. It was the good kind of contrived because it put all the pieces in place and had them come together. The goodbyes were emotional and affecting, and the moment when the curse hit was really well done, where you could see it on the Charmings' faces. On the negative side, it got to be a bit silly how that huge curse just hovered in the air, giving them a whole day to prepare. And they really don't know how royalty works, do they? Hans and his brothers wouldn't be able to just barge into Arendelle and make accusations of treason because they're princes from another country. They have no authority there. It's like Regina barging into Midas's castle and letting her guards make arrests. Hans was able to do what he did in the movie because he was known as Anna's fiance, and she'd publicly put him in charge before she went after Elsa. But now he's known as an enemy. Why would the Arendelle navy take him anywhere? And it couldn't have been his kingdom's navy, since he and his brothers came by land and were frozen in the palace. If the people of Arendelle were iffy on Elsa's rule and some members of the navy were willing to go along with Hans against the royal family, then that's a pretty big deal, and it actually might have made the plot work even better -- then Anna has a real reason to postpone her wedding and go looking for a solution for Elsa, and being seen as a magical monster is causing real problems -- except the guards were willing to go along with Ingrid, another magical monster, so that doesn't work. Elsa really needs to clean house with her guards and her military.
  9. I was going to do my usual "let's put their plans in chronological order" thing with the Sorcerer/Merlin and the Apprentice, but the joke there is usually that either the actions don't match the goals at all or the actions are a ridiculously convoluted way of going after the goal, and the problem is that we never actually learn what Merlin and the Apprentice are trying to do, so there's no way to know whether or not their actions make any sense. So, there's the hat box. Do we ever learn where it came from? Did Merlin make it? Why? The Apprentice seems to be devoting his life to keeping it away from the Dark Ones, but is that it? Is there any purpose to the hat? Any reason to not just destroy it? And there's the issue of the Sorcerer's mansion. Why is there a mansion? We learn that the Sorcerer is Merlin and that Merlin has been in a tree all this time, so how does he have a mansion? It might have been interesting if the mansion turned out to be the tree translated into Storybrooke by the curse, except the curse is still in place when they go to Camelot, and Merlin is in the tree there. Regina did the same curse spell, with the only difference being using David's heart instead of her father's and Snow being the one to crush it to complete the spell, and there are no fake curse identities. So why is there a mansion there in curse 2 that wasn't in curse 1? It seems like it would have had to be something triggered by someone else, inserting something into the curse. But why? If it's the Apprentice, then why would he have put the hat into the world where Rumple was? None of that made any sense and it was never really explained. It was just there. The Apprentice's actions also don't make much sense. Maybe he sent Ingrid to our world after Emma because he knew there was no magic and it was a double cross on his part, since he figured Emma would be safe without Ingrid having magic, but then why did he help August and Lily, but not Emma? And wasn't he the one who gave Ingrid the scroll that allowed her into Storybrooke? That wasn't a double cross on her, and it put Emma in danger. Why was he just sitting around in Storybrooke in curse 2 instead of finding the mansion and the hat box? Then we have all the Author/Pen stuff. We don't know why Merlin thought an Author was necessary, why he created a magic pen that could alter events. We have a magic pen that can alter events, but the Author isn't supposed to use it to alter events, but it was a great idea to help Regina find the Author so he could change her fate, but it was a terrible thing for Rumple to get the Author to change fate. It's the kind of burst of illogic they'd have used on the old Star Trek to make an evil computer blow up. Basically, Merlin/the Sorcerer and the Apprentice are scapegoats for creating whatever plot device the writers needed, but without any reason or explanation. Really, Merlin is the real life destroyer on the show. He was largely to blame for the existence of the Dark One, through his gullibility and lack of caution (and typical of this show that the Worst Evil That Ever Evilled is created by killing a mass murdering serial rapist), and he completely failed to deal with the Dark One, instead letting himself be locked up in a tree by her. He turned the Holy Grail into a sword that causes wounds that can't be healed. He created the pen that can change fate and gave it to the Author with a warning not to use it to change fate. He messed with Arthur's mind, starting when he was a kid, basically turning him into a monster. As a result of things Merlin did, there are all the lives of people who became Dark Ones who were affected. Rumple's life was altered and his son's life was pretty much ruined by his father becoming the Dark One. Milah was killed and Hook lost his hand and wasted a century or so on revenge. An already slightly corrupt Cora was turned into a serious threat and corrupted further, and Regina was corrupted and turned into a threat. The whole kingdom was cursed. Emma's life was ruined. Then Emma and Hook were harmed yet again and Hook was killed. Then there was the Author stuff, where Lily's life was affected and Emma's life was affected, yet again. Merlin sucks.
  10. I feel like we should have been credited in this article. Was someone reading this forum? Or were all these things so obvious that anyone watching with any critical thinking would see these things?
  11. I only saw the first season of Lost, so I didn't see that episode, but was there some other show where they later introduced a character who was supposedly there all along, then did a series of flashbacks showing them just missing some of the key series events? Ever since I posed that, I've had this nagging sense of deja vu, like I've seen something like that before -- the main characters met the new person and acted like the person was new, and the new person acted offended and said they'd been around for a while but the main characters just never noticed. Then there were a bunch of quick clips showing some of the major events of the series up to that point, with the new character always seeming to just miss them. They used actual clips from the series and edited in the new character. Like, the main characters would run off, chasing the bad guy, then just after they were gone, the new character would run into the location they'd just left, breathing heavily and calling out, "Hey!" Am I imagining this, or has someone done it? (It might have been an animated thing. It seems like something they'd have done on Phineas and Ferb.) We could have had Ingrid striding purposefully into the mines to stop the failsafe, then wincing at the explosion and sprinting away before she could be caught in there, Ingrid on the roof of the barn, about to freeze Zelena to keep her from casting her spell, but then Regina pulls light magic out of her backside.
  12. If you do the "put the plan in chronological order" thing with Ingrid, it starts to get really silly. Her goal is to unite with Elsa and Emma as three magical sisters who can love and support each other and stand together against a world that hates magic, and the three of them together can do the Shattered Sight spell that will get rid of the nonmagical people. To accomplish this, she needs to encounter Emma at a time when she's receptive to this message -- so after she learns she has magic and when she's starting to maybe feel the judgment of everyone else. And she needs Elsa out of her urn, which Rumple has, and which is presumably stuck back in Rumple's castle during the curse. She may also need the ribbons. She can't do much during season one because there's no magic in Storybrooke and Emma doesn't yet believe, though you'd think she'd have snagged the ribbons and maybe Anna's necklace from Rumple's shop during the curse when he didn't know what they were or what their value was. But you'd think she'd have been really worried when Rumple and Regina were doing the spell that would have killed Emma upon her return from the Enchanted Forest. Did she sense the magic that was being done then? What did she think about Regina? Was she considered as a possible ally, another "magical sister?" Or Cora? Surely she wouldn't have wanted to be destroyed by the failsafe with everyone else, and couldn't she have just frozen it? It was just lucky that Emma remembered she had powers in time. Was Ingrid really going to die rather than blow her cover? And what about the "New Neverland" stuff? She couldn't have detected what Pan was up to and stopped it? Again, she was lucky Regina decided to reverse the curse. But what did she do during the Missing Year? She had a golden opportunity to sneak into Rumple's palace and snag the urn before Neal brought him back. I don't think Zelena had moved into Rumple's palace yet. Or did she go back? If Hook and Neal did, she should have. She was willing to stand by and let Zelena take Emma's magic away from her, when that was the thing she wanted Emma for? And if Zelena's plot had succeeded, there would have been no Emma, so no third magical sister. Was she just sitting around and waiting for the urn to show up miraculously? It's a pretty long shot that Zelena would manage to do the time travel spell but not be actually able to travel in time, so that Emma then went back in time, got locked in Rumple's vault with Hook, Hook got curious, opened a cabinet, and took out the urn, and the urn got pulled into the time vortex. That can't have been her plan. But what was the plan, and why didn't she act sooner? That's the problem with the "this person was there all along, you just didn't notice them" kind of retcon. If you don't think it through, you end up with all kinds of situations where that person would have taken action because her plan would have been ruined or she'd have been killed, and she could have stopped it. (Now I'm picturing Ingrid sprinting out of the mine tunnel because she was heading there to freeze the failsafe, but Emma stepped in first, and now Ingrid has to get out of there before they see her. They could have had some fun with flashbacks showing things from the first few seasons with Ingrid inserted in various ways.) Then after Elsa miraculously, and due to no action by Ingrid, does show up, Ingrid's brilliant plan to win over her two magical sisters is to show them how much people hate magic by using her magic to do horrible things in town, frame Elsa for it, then appear in her Snow Queen guise and take credit for doing the horrible things and framing Elsa while doing more horrible things. It's like she learned nothing from the way things happened back in Arendelle. Doing horrible things to the people her targets care about isn't going to make them side with her. The Apprentice stuff is even crazier, but that's fodder for another post.
  13. Shanna Marie

    S04.E07: The Snow Queen

    You know, her plan really makes no sense. If what she wanted was her magical sisters to love her, she went about it all wrong. It was yet another case of the "I'll do horrible things to you so you'll be forced to side with me" scheme they love on this show, and yet again it made no sense because she revealed that she was the one doing the horrible things to them. Why would they run to her for help or consolation when she was the one doing awful stuff? The "look how everyone turns against you" scheme only works if it's not obvious that you're the one doing the frame job. If what Ingrid wanted was for Elsa and Emma to turn to her, she should have stayed in the ice cream shop and not revealed herself as the Snow Queen, not frozen Marian, not nearly killed Hook. Leave the ice walls and random bits of ice around town to frame Elsa so the town will turn against her, but then be the sympathetic townsperson who's on her side and stands up for her against everyone else. Maybe give Emma a whammy (in a free sympathy ice cream cone) that makes her magic go haywire, and then be a sympathetic ear while everyone else is against her. Only then reveal herself as the Snow Queen, who's also a victim of magic hatred. And it would have helped if they had made up their mind what people think about magic. You can't have people being totally okay with it until you want people to be afraid and hate it.
  14. A lot of the WALLS stuff depends on how you define WALLS. Is it all avoidance of intimacy, or only when it's out of fear of being hurt? Rumple's terrible about intimacy, but his problem is that he's so selfish that it's hard for him to have a truly intimate relationship, considering how much time he spends lying and scheming. His fear in intimacy is that he'll be forced or expected to change, and he doesn't really want to change because that means giving up power. Regina certainly seems to have avoided intimacy, given that she rejected all opportunities to have any kind of real relationship and instead used her human sex toy, but was that out of fear of intimacy? She was nervous about Robin at first, but then she dove right in. With everyone else, she does tend to use snark as a defense mechanism when things get emotional, so I guess that could be considered WALLS, but at the same time, when she has an emotion, she makes sure everyone knows how she feels. Emma has generally taken the "I'll reject you before you can reject me" approach, and she understandably has a fear that if people really knew her, they'd reject her, plus she has a lifetime habit of self-sufficiency that makes her want to solve her problems herself without dragging anyone else into it, which would also show weakness that might get her hurt. I think Hook's similar to Emma, but better at camouflaging it. He wears his heart on his sleeve and dives head-first into relationships, but behind that, there's a lot he keeps hidden because he feels that the more people know about him, the less they'll like him. At least, that's the way it comes across on-screen, since he's very reluctant to talk about his past unless he feels that what he has to say can help the other person, and he seldom talks about how he's feeling -- if he's hurt, scared, worried, struggling, etc. (or the writers just don't like writing conversations and emotional reactions, but the on-screen result is the same). He also has that "I'll handle it myself" problem, with the sense that people will reject him if they think he can't handle it or if they knew he was having any trouble at all. Is that WALLS?
  15. Shanna Marie

    S04.E07: The Snow Queen

    It's less than two weeks. It's enough to give you whiplash. Snow's the mayor, having to deal with every little crisis, but she also has time for Mommy and Me classes with her week-old infant. She can't bear to leave her week-old infant, but now she needs a babysitter. It all depends on what the plot needs at any given moment.