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  1. Artsda

    Jack Ryan

    Just finished season 1 and looking forward to a season 2. I'm hoping for a return of Hanin.
  2. Artsda


    I love Jonathan being up there with her as her man of honor.
  3. Artsda


    I think not. lol He was at a Miami pool party last week. He's not broken hearted or begging for Khloe.
  4. Artsda

    All American

    So does Billy not do math? Shouldn't he have wondered also about the paternity of Dillion? Shouldn't he also have money to rent a place? Moving back to the dad you hate is his choice?
  5. Artsda

    Jersey Shore

    So so happy for Sam. She got it together and moved on from wanting in the drama of being on Jersey Shore. When she chose not to go on the new seasons despite the pay out, it showed her growth.
  6. Artsda

    S01.E09: Songs About Texas

    I really enjoyed this episode. Maria&Michael are just so fun to watch with each other.
  7. Artsda

    S01.E16: King of Swords

    I loved the drama of the doctors going out of the hospital and walking to the 911 calls. It did make me wonder though who called 911 for some of these people since they were finding them alone. Max and Helen never heard of work husbands/wives? Where did this real attraction come from? I ended up liking it though. Iggy was dumb all episode, really in that weather you're going to fix something on the roof that wasn't important. And where was his cell?
  8. Shouldn't the 3 be sent to the hospital to be checked out instead of a holding cell? Sharon needs to stop caring about Rey.
  9. Artsda

    S01.E15: I'll Tell You A Story

    Was it me or did Landon's brother resemble Klaus? I thought before they did that revea; they were going to say he was a new Original or some relative of Hope's.
  10. Artsda

    S09.E17: Two-Faced

    I agree with all this. Frank even says in this episode itself to Severide's dad how Jamie's engaged and to a cop. So they're not keeping it secret in their circle. The fact nobody in the that building they work in knows he's engaged to Eddie is ridiculous.
  11. Artsda

    S09.E17: Two-Faced

    Me too, I kept thinking he's a fire fighter not a cop. I'm glad Jamie didn't tell Eddie what was going on. Stupid of the partner to still steal after the guy they arrested told them about it and how did he know too?
  12. Artsda


    Wasn't Kourt the only one to not trademark the kids names?
  13. Artsda


    Lea got married!
  14. Artsda

    Empire in the Media: Read It In Billboard

    What more does she want? The 2 men he paid testified to the grand jury.