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  1. Catfi9ht

    The Umbrella Academy

    My only criticisms are Vanya's story and the poor decision making in the last couple of episodes were cliched, but they weren't so egregious that I couldn't enjoy the overall story. Overall, I thought it was pretty good. Most of the characters were pretty fleshed out for only having 10 episodes.
  2. Catfi9ht

    S06.E05: A Tale of Two Bandits

    I echo everyone's sentiments above with the writing in this episode. It felt like the fast-paced, pun-filled B99 that I know and love. I've only seen Nicole Byer on Nailed It! and The Good Place and she played similar characters on both. I expect her TGP character was an extreme version of herself, but it worked in context of the show. However, she channeled Craig Robinson's vibe and was perfect as Trudy Judy. For those of you not familar with The Good Place the Podcast hosted by Marc Evan Jackson (aka Kevin in B99), there's a special two-part Brooklyn 99 episode with Melissa Fumero, Dan Goor, and Luke Del Tredici. As the kids say, get it where you get all your podcasts.
  3. Catfi9ht

    S03.E13: Pandemonium

    I had the same thought about the Joss Whedon shout-out, but Mike Schur said on the Podcast, there isn't any meaning behind the name. My main issue with this season finale is similar to what was already posted above. What's the main motivation for the newcomers to become better humans? I trust the show implicitly so I'm sure the answer will be clever one. I listened to the podcast after watching the episode so it was pretty much a straight hour and a half of non-stop crying which ended up being super cathartic. This show is great and strange simultaneously.
  4. Catfi9ht

    S03.E12: Chidi Sees the Time Knife

    Fantastic thought. So much has happened since that episode, I didn't even consider that from a continuity standpoint. Speaking of "lots of things happening". Boy was this episode jam-packed! Thought welcoming the new four residents would be the season-ender, but we've got at least one more episode coming! Not alot of laughs from me this episode, but with all the events, I was still glued to my seat. The Niednagel shoutout and Shawn's delivery of taking credit for "penis bees" were my two highlights. Overall though, I wish they would have split this episode up into more than one and allowed some of the plot points to breathe, mainly Gen coming back from Earth and the new neighborhood from concept to implementation. Here's all the sight gags from this week's episode. Lots of Parks & Rec shoutouts! https://tv.avclub.com/the-good-place-annotated-chidi-sees-the-time-knife-1831853727
  5. Catfi9ht

    S06.E02: Hitchcock & Scully

    I realize this is completely superficial but Rosa's makeup was completely distracting this episode. Why were her eyebrows so penciled and why was she wearing black lipstick? I like the natural look on her much better. I love it when they give Hitchcock and Scully storylines where they're not complete boobs; I love that they can have depth. I thought all the other storylines were "meh" which is a rarity for me with this show. After how amazing last episode was, this one was a downer for me. Oh well. It can mostly go up from here!
  6. Catfi9ht

    S03.E11: The Book of Dougs

    I respectfully disagree. There's nothing in any of the characters' actions or commentaries that would point toward that behavior was a conscious choice by writers. I didn't take the committee's actions or attitudes as smug. If anything, the demons and angels, for lack of better terms, in this show are completely one dimensional. They're "good for the sake of being good" or "bad for the sake of being bad". Michael is the sole exception, which is what makes his journey so extraordinary. Their one dimensional characteristics are emphasized by the fact that they don't espouse any type of morality or philosophy. One final thought that I'm sure has been pointed out before. The inhabitants of The Bad Place refer to themselves as demons on multiple occasions, but so far, I don't recall the word "angels" being used to describe the folks of The Good Place (or a similar descriptor).
  7. Catfi9ht

    S03.E11: The Book of Dougs

    Thanks for the clarification. My apologies for misinterpreting your post.
  8. Catfi9ht

    S06.E01: Honeymoon

    I disagree. I thought "New phone. Who dis?" was hilarious. I always liked Gina as a character and don't seem to share the same disdain for her that most folks do. I think she adds to the show being a civilian and skewing a little younger on the maturity side due to her phone obsession. She's kind of the anti-Amy and brings a nice balance to the cast. Plus, she saved the 99 when the NYPD was trying to shut it down! I completely agree with @iMonrey. I feel like I have to watch more than once to fully appreciate all the jokes. It's just as smart as The Good Place, but at triple the speed. Andre Braugher's straight-man delivery of wacky lines are always the highlight of the show to me. B99 and The Good Place is a one-two punch of happiness and joy!
  9. Catfi9ht

    S03.E11: The Book of Dougs

    I'm not sure about this one. I interpreted the committee-to-form-a-committee-to-write-a-strongly-worded-letter actions more as a criticism of NATO and the UN than democrats. Why wouldn't The Good Place embrace diversity? Isn't that supposed to be a good thing? I'm not sure how that's a dig against democrats. I see that more akin to embracing humanity which fits with the NATO/UN analogy about the committee's actions. Highlights of the Episode for Me I tried watching Nailed It!, but I thought Nicole Byer's personality was obnoxious. However, her shtick completely works in this episode because it matches the universe. Tahani was completely selfless and supportive in this episode; she's come such a long way and has become a good, likable person. When Chidi was calming Eleanor's anxiety, he was completely calm, rational, and supportive in the process. In the past, another person's anxiety would have amplified Chidi's, but instead it had the opposite effect and was so cute! AV Club has an article on each episode's sight gags. Here's the one for this episode: https://tv.avclub.com/the-good-place-annotated-the-book-of-dougs-1831656762 There isn't much for them to review in this one, but sometimes they catch things that I missed during live viewing even if there's not much content.
  10. Catfi9ht


    My apologies. I could have sworn the clock said 9:32.
  11. Catfi9ht


    I am glad they didn't paint all the relationships surrounding the travelers in a positive light; it wouldn't have seemed realistic. However, I wish the show would have spent more time showing what Katherine was like before the travelers arrived. We would have been able to see the original Katherine in order to understand why she was reacting the way she was. I started watching the show again, and I felt there really wasn't enough time showing who she was before the shit hit the fan to make her sympathetic in my eyes. Oh well. It's nitpicking really. The fact that folks watching the same show can interpret the characters differently (some positive, some negative) is just another example of how interesting and well done this show is.
  12. Catfi9ht


    Wow. The last two episodes were super intense. I had insomnia this weekend so I watched the last three episodes or so in the wee hours of the morning. I was sobbing so loudly during David's episode that I thought for sure I was going to wake up my husband even though we were in separate rooms. I agree with others it does feel like a series finale instead of a season finale. If the show is done, I'll miss it, but it did end on a fairly satisfying note. I started watching this show and Timeless at the same time, and I dumped Timeless very quickly because this show was so excellent. About the 9/11 sequence, I think that based on the clock during that scene, that 9/11 was averted. If I remember correctly, the second plane hit shortly after 9, and the clock showed 9:32. Although, I wish they would have stretched the final sequence into a single episode instead of about 17 minutes or so as stated above. I feel it would have cleared up alot of confusion as noted by the folks who've posted. Overall, I really found all the characters enjoyable except for Katherine. I thought the actor who played Jeff did a great job with the various personalities he was asked to play. Even though Jeff was a terrible human, he added to the mix of the events well and was a great adversary. Katherine's character was just obnoxious, and I really didn't see any redeeming qualities in her. However, the feminist in me wonders why I give male asshole characters more of a pass than female characters in most shows. I think really the only villainess I love to hate is Cersei from GoT. Maybe it's because my brain tries so hard to avoid female stereotypes that I automatically put female pains-in-the-ass in the bad female stereotype box even if they might not deserve it. Oh well. Enough babbling and pop-psychology introspection. I'll keep an eye out for news on the show's future.
  13. Catfi9ht

    S04.E13: Christmas

    Episode 12 was so fantastic that this episode had a very high bar to clear. The Scrooge in me feels kind of cheated that this was more of a one-off episode instead of moving the main story lines along. I'm usually a Grinch when it comes to flashbacks. However, I really did like the flashbacks that highlighted the differences between the Roses then and now because it added to the overall story. This show continues to be one of my favorite shows on TV. The writing is smart and thoughtful at the same time.
  14. I totally buy into Jen and Khalil as a couple; I'm so glad it's not just written as teen angst crap. I'm glad Jen is finally embracing her anger and her powers. My least favorite parts were poor Khalil's aunt and Lynn as a mean drunk. Realistically when I look at the parenting skills of Jeff and Lynn, they're not good parents at all. I think Jeff is actually a better parent to his students and Ghambi is a better parent to Anissa. Out of the CW shows, this is the only one I watch. I think it hits social issues that resonate with me more based on current events. For me, this season is good but I really want a new villain. I think Tobias's story is played out.
  15. I agree. We've seen the reason why Whale hates everyone regardless of skin color. With Looker and her gang, they could have delved into other topical issues like the opioid epidemic in rural communities and the rise in hate crimes by white nationalists or, as @BaggythePanther said in the previous episode's thread, All I can say is I hope Looker isn't dead, and they end Tobias's storyline soon because it's starting to get really old and repetitive.