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  1. Fairlily26

    S02.E10: Breezy

    I just came to say, Roller is fine as hell and he and Desna better be endgame. She'll be a big boss and he'll be right beside her, barking at anyone that looks her way.
  2. Fairlily26

    S02.E05: Secrets and Cellmates

    I came directly here to address this! Talking to the producers " I'm going to drive away right neeooowwww!" Talking to Michael " OH you wanna make me da bad guy? Dats what you best at tho!" That really pissed me off. I don't even like the term "blaccent" but she definitely was putting on. And badly. Smh
  3. Fairlily26

    S03.E18: Local Vendors Day

    Even though he was annoying about his obvious crush, I hope the bud light pretty girl gives Garrett a chance. I like the actress, she was hilarious in Peebles. Also, they would be adorable lol.
  4. Fairlily26

    All Episodes Talk

    I don't know if it is. But let my husband tell it, he came up with it.
  5. Fairlily26

    All Episodes Talk

    Oh honey no parchment paper! Use a non stick cookie sheet. Save the bacon fat for later. Raw unpeeled shrimp fried in bacon fat is the best! Nothing beats that charred flavor!
  6. Fairlily26

    All Episodes Talk

    I just came to say, Ladd is hot! Lol but no really some of her meals seem pretty good. The only thing that really made me gag was that brownie with all that sugary chocolate candy inside... *shudders*
  7. Fairlily26

    S03.E16: Target

    Agree about the delivery guy and Amy. He seemed immediately smitten with her and I enjoyed their fake argument. He was such a cutie. I was way too excited to see him at cloud 9. I don't think Jonah and Kelly will last much longer simply because Jonah tends to over analyze situations and Kelly appears to be getting annoyed with him. Loved the scene with Jeff on the podium and slapping Glenn's hand away when he started pushing him.
  8. Fairlily26

    S07.E10: The People vs Olivia Pope

    The fact that Jake killed Cyrus husband, is enough for us to believe he would kill Cyrus too! I was like are we just gonna gloss over the fact that he killed James AND Cyrus knows this?!
  9. Fairlily26

    S07.E10: The People vs Olivia Pope

    I just watched Mr and Mrs Smith and Kerry was a supporting actress in it. Her cheeks are fuller and she looks so much healthier. I really think she would benefit from being 10 to 15 pounds heavier. Her face looks very gaunt.
  10. Fairlily26


    Girl. A woman after my own heart. Lol
  11. Fairlily26


    I'm extremely attracted to Gunplay.... *church finger exit*
  12. Fairlily26

    WAGS LA: The OGs of E! Waggier Than the Rest?

    That's because it was bs. If he was really her man she wouldn't have been outed like that. Too desperate to be claimed by a pro athlete.
  13. Fairlily26

    S10.E01: 50 Shades of Cynthia

    I would be too excited for an Xscape, Tamar, and Monica concert.....blame the 90s kid in me....
  14. Fairlily26

    WAGS LA: The OGs of E! Waggier Than the Rest?

    I read that Barbie and her husband are already separated. Rumor has it he beat his ex wife and was a super drunk. Anyway,She always seems super phony. Sasha does seem like she thinks she better than everyone else, but for some reason I still kind of like her. I like Autumn too, except I keep forgetting shes in her twenties because she cakes her makeup on so much. Im like five years older and look younger than she does. Olivia and Natalie seem harmless but they still annoy me. They're just so OTT with things sometimes, but they do seem like fun girls. Nicole kills me with "If you dont help me with this wedding I could have a heart attack!" You know she begged those doctors to let her keep those electrodes for sympathy from Larry. smh
  15. Fairlily26

    S07.E05: Adventures in Babysitting

    Like everyone else here, saw the plane exploding a mile away-or Yasmeen being shot as she boarded the plane. Mellie ain't gone be shit next episode. She missed her chance at some good passionate loving, he was about to give Mellie some GROWN MAN D-I-C-K lol. I really liked President Rashaad he was so intense and sexy. Hope to see the actor in something else soon. LOVED the reporter telling Liv off. Bitch got her face cracked! LOL she was like "whuuuu??" She really hasnt been likable since season 2. I felt kinda bad for Fitz, he was all souped reporting for work and shit, and Mellie was like "Peace out cub scout!" I cant believe this show has gone from "OMG command is DAD??!!!" to "That plane is about to blow up..." Im hanging in there though.