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  1. ghoulina

    Catelynn (and Tyler)

    Dear God. When Tezzlee is the preferable name, you know you're in trouble. But I'm with you. Vaeda Luma sounds awful. It's like someone is trying to say "aluminum" backwards. I think Vada with a better middle name MIGHT have been okay. But this combination ruins it.
  2. ghoulina

    S09.E06: Cry It Out

    Sadly, her kids probably haven't experienced enough food to HAVE a favorite food. (Save Jace, who is her kid in genetics only.) They alternate between lukewarm hotdogs and take out pizza.
  3. ghoulina

    38:E01 It Smells Like Success

    Late watching. I didn't realize it started last night and I had a make-up martial arts test! As always, I'm excited for a new season. I tend to like the dynamic of returning players vs. newbies. And I like it in THIS format - where there's just a few sprinkled among the tribes, as opposed to an entire tribe or returnees. I LOVE Aubrey. So I'm thrilled to see her back; and I was happy her tribe didn't end up at TC. Because....not only was Eric smart to want to learn on his own in the game and not rely on returnees for everything; he's also smart to want to use Joe as a meat shield and get Aubrey out ASAP. As much as I would hate that, I respect his astuteness. Over on the blue tribe, I instantly started tearing up when Wendy revealed her Tourettes. My 10-year-old son just developed some facial tics a few weeks ago; and, while I know most childhood tics are not permanent or severe, he's been very self conscious about it. It really made me happy for him to see someone he could SORT OF relate to on the game he loves so much. I also started to tear up when Wendy and Reem were teaching Keith to swim better. But that moment was soon ruined when everyone was like, "Well, those are our targets." I KNOW it's the nature of this game; but I just hate it - so much - when people are doing an activity together or chatting and it's instantly perceived as an alliance forming. They were doing a nice thing, and they got targeted because of it. That being said; while it made me sad, I don't necessarily blame Keith for jumping ship. There's personal and then there's game. Reem may have been a comforting presence to him, but he was smart to trust his gut. The vibe was bad, he read the room, he got out of there. Wendy, OTOH - it may be a SMIDGE too early to let loyalty drive your moves. I did feel for Reem at TC, though. She was being sort of stubborn and lacking in self awareness. You can't wait for people to TELL you stuff in Survivor. You need to anticipate. You need to watch people. You need to pick up on the subtleties. However, I think I would get defensive too if I was told, "We get along with everyone except one person. You." I'm not sure if I'm going to like this Edge of Extinction thing. I tend NOT to like chances to get back in the game (unless, and I'm being honest, it's someone I really really like). It's not just that it feels unfair to the spirit of the game. But I hate anything that takes more screen time away from camp life. I miss seeing more camp life!!!
  4. ghoulina

    Gilmore Girls Elimination Game

    As sweet as 12 is, I'm going with 6 for the win. Not only did I love the Paris-Jess dynamic; but Paris voiced an unpopular opinion I've had since my late teens.
  5. ghoulina

    S09.E16: Reunion Part 1

    I don't think Jackie was picking on Tre because she used a Ghostwriter. It's not like it came out of nowhere. Teresa was the one who kept insulting Jackie by saying she was merely a "blogger", while Tre has had books on the NYT'S Bestseller list. THAT'S when Jackie felt the need (rightfully so, IMO) to point out that it's not like Teresa penned those books all on her own.
  6. ghoulina

    S09.E16: Reunion Part 1

    Because Teresa's angry at her. I hate to sound so Jr. High; but, this time, I feel like Tre started for it. The season started with the issue of Joe not visiting Papa Gorga enough. Teresa was ready to put much of the blame on Melissa. She criticized Melissa for it several times and it was really unfair. That's when Jackie made the analogy about Tre not being able to control her prison-bound husband. So I get why Mel didn't defend her; the original attack was ON Melissa. Melissa can't win when it comes to Tre. I don't think Joe's deportation has anything to do with it. Yes. She showed ZERO growth from start to finish. I'm not impressed with her at all. I think she said something about not suggesting his business because she "didn't think they were buying REAL jewelry." Which is such a fucking dig. As if none of them can afford to buy a real piece? Or they don't care enough about Tre to get her REAL jewelry?
  7. ghoulina

    S09.E16: Reunion Part 1

    I was starting to have more respect for Dolores this season. She seemed to have more of her own behavior and thoughts. She even called Tre out on vacation. But she's right back to being a mindless sycophant and I can't take it. I agree with all of this, including demoting Dolores. Anything that gives me less of Frank Sr. is a bonus, in my book.
  8. ghoulina

    S09.E16: Reunion Part 1

    The losers of part 1 were definitely Jennifer and Teresa. Jennifer is STILL bitching about OK. She clearly did not feel any remorse, or learn anything, from the first time. I think that just proves what a true snob she is. And I don't know why she's questioning Marge so hard about her relationship with Joe. It was wrong. Obviously. But it's in the past and they're clearly happy. Let it go. And Teresa just came off so arrogant and ignorant. I ended up souring on Jackie a bit; but there's no denying that she can speak circles around Teresa. It's actually pretty amusing watching them go toe to toe. Teresa can't keep up so she reverts to insults and profanity. I thought it was hilarious when Tre said she thought Jennifer was like her, not realizing that's NOT a compliment. And Melissa just sat there, sagely nodding. Also, how hypocritical of Teresa to claim that Jackie isn't her type of person because she didn't speak to her sister. I laughed so hard. But this show has really gone to her head. She doesn't even try to hide it anymore. And if the focus isn't on her, She just sits there with the most sour look on her face. I'm over it.
  9. ghoulina

    S09.E06: Cry It Out

    Leah's problem was that she always had these juxtaposing desires - to be provided for AND to have her man around 24-7, heaping his adoration on her. Girl, you can't have it both ways! I think she has matured a bit and come to realize that; but she just can't stop bitching about her the fathers of her children. Maybe she thinks if she finds SOME "flaw" of theirs to point out, HERS will be less obvious?
  10. ghoulina

    S09.E02: Eat Your Heart Out

    I don't know. Given where they live and the industry they've been involved in, I can believe that most women they know freak out about the bread bowl. Yes. As much as I don't like Dorit; LVP is supposed to be her friend. Dorit offered to share a suite, Lisa immediately balked at the idea; but then when Kyle agreed to share another suite with someone (was it Teddi?), LVP is all, "Aw, is there a 3 bedroom suite?" She just made it blatantly obvious she wasn't averse to sharing, just with Dorit. (Or maybe she didn't really want to share with anyone, buy also didn't want KYLE sharing with anyone either?) And then she made it even worse by citing Dorit's alleged snoring/farting issues. I thought it was horribly rude behavior.
  11. ghoulina

    S09.E02: Eat Your Heart Out

    I do too. Lisa has always been pretty open and honest about her life, her history, etc. She just strikes me as someone who tends toward the skinnier side; and has probably heard crap about it her entire life. Skinny girls aren't exempt from body shaming either. My step-mother was built exactly like Rinna and she ate like a regular person. She got no end of, "eat a burger" type comments. It's obnoxious. But it was actually partly watching my step-mother eat whatever she wanted without gaining weight that triggered MY eating disorder. I wonder if Amelia had any similar envy issues with her mother? She looked like she had just come from an early 90s slumber party with that dress, and the hairdo. I'm sooooo not here for the scrunchy making a comeback. But come back it has.
  12. ghoulina

    S09.E02: Eat Your Heart Out

    This was a mostly fun episode. The eating disorder stuff was a bit heavy; but, since I struggled with one myself, very relatable. I KNEW something was amiss when Amelia mentioned watching those eating videos. I do feel the need to point out - Rinna, you don't have to be anorexic to have body issues. Look at them lips, girl. But, otherwise, it was a pretty light, fun episode. I'm still confused as to what Aaron does, but it was chill seeing regular domestic moments at Denise's house. The 6 degrees of Nicolette Sheridan was hilarious. Cheers to Michael Bolton, indeed! I mean, if you want to leave Harry Hamlin for THAT? Have at it. I'm with Erika. Dessert,now and forever. I'd rather work out more than give up my ice cream.
  13. ghoulina

    S09.E06: Cry It Out

    Maybe he didn't cry until after Watson was put under? My daughter had oral surgery a few days before Christmas and I was so calm and brave in front of her. I wasn't allowed in the room, so after they wheeled her down the hallway, I lost it. It's hard when it's little ones like that! I thought it was sweet that Cole said he was never really emotional like that until he had kids. Agreed. Briana made her bed....well, alleyway. Whatever. But I still think Luis is a punk. He didn't wrap it up. He's a father now and he should take responsibility. How can you look at that sweet face and not care? It breaks my heart. The 14-year-old in me was vacillating between making a crack-pipe joke, or one about "laying pipe".
  14. ghoulina

    S07.E11: Return of Crazy Kristen

    Yea, but Katie doesn't work at Pump. And Kristen doesn't either. Neither of them have to be there when James is. So I'm not sure how Katie is being hypocritical here?