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  1. windsprints

    God Friended Me

    He went to theology college after FNL and didn't act for awhile. He was on Grey's Anatomy for a couple of seasons afterwards. Its great to see him here. I'm interested to see how it all plays out. I'm really enjoying this show. I never expected to like it and now I look forward to it every week.
  2. windsprints

    SEAL Team

    The show is back March 13th and moves to 10pm:
  3. windsprints

    800 Words

    800 Words. It & Everwood had the common thread of the father taking the children to live somewhere completely different after their mother dies, the family learning to live without her, their friendships & relationships with people in the town they moved to, etc. Jack's relationship with his children was far stronger than Andy's at the start & there are differences but Everwood immediately came to mind when I first watched 800 Words.
  4. windsprints

    800 Words

    I've never heard of Sea Change. The show reminded me a bit of Everwood. I enjoyed the show all the way through and will miss it.
  5. windsprints

    800 Words

    Acorn TV Announces Upcoming 2018 Slate Featuring Award-Winning New Dramas and Returning Favorites
  6. windsprints

    The Americans in the Media

  7. windsprints

    Roseanne: Domestic Goddess of All Media

    Micheal Fishman tweeted a statement earlier today (apologies if this has been posted and I missed it. I scrolled back and didn't see it):
  8. windsprints

    Mary Kills People

    I don't think Ben is dead. I think he passed out drunk. I hope the show is renewed, anyone know when we will know if its returning?
  9. windsprints

    Killing Eve

    I'm in, I loved it. Great to have Sandra Oh back on a show. I thought she was being recruited and that if she came to breakfast then that would be her joining.
  10. windsprints

    The Good Doctor in the Media

    Good news for those of us who can't attend live - the Paley Center is going to be streaming the event live via Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PaleyCenter/videos/10157288513592571/
  11. windsprints

    The Annual Academy Awards Topic

    https://www.facebook.com/TheAcademy/videos/10155178860951406/ Peopletv has something too but I don't have a link; try googling for it.
  12. windsprints

    The Annual Academy Awards Topic

    abc.com has the option to watch live.
  13. windsprints

    S01.E14: She

    I think they will eventually move on from being adversaries. The point was made that she worked for Dr. Creep (sorry, can't recall his name). I think at some point she will join Claire in going up against him. I understand why Shaun behaves as he does in front of patients. What I find false is that the senior doctors do not immediately bring him outside of the patient's room and at least try explaining that his behavior is unacceptable. Jared tried but he's Shaun's peer. This is the second episode in a row where Shaun went on and on in front of the patient with barely a blip. Of course not all doctors have good bedside manner but there's still a line. I like Melendez in a mentoring role with the younger doctors. I find he & Shaun's dynamic just as interesting as Shaun & Glassman, at times moreso since it started at zero and the respect (both sides) has grown as time goes along. I really hope if there's any romantic pairing with Claire its down the road. Everything doesn't need to happen in season 1.
  14. windsprints

    S01.E03: Comrades in Arms

    They've seemed to tone down the traits of each of them and are making them more rounded characters. I'm enjoying the show and think its getting better as it goes along but I think most shows tend to find their groove after the first 4-6 episodes. I think the chemistry among the cast is really good so far. I watch so many medical shows and I don't expect the medicine to be realistic. I may nitpick but in the end it doesn't really take away from my enjoyment of a show. I'm sure for people who work in medicine its harder to hand wave but since all my knowledge comes from watching tv its not too difficult for me. She wasn't an employee. Nic said she was a sub-contractor. The consultant made a point of saying she spoke with the company Louisa worked for and until then, they did not know that she was illegal. So the hospital hires from Louisa's company believing they vet the employees & wouldn't be checking into each on their own. I have no idea if real life hospitals would sub-contract in this manner but it seems like the fictional hospital did. I'm in for the season.
  15. windsprints

    S01.E01: Pilot

    I'm a fan of hospital shows in general and I liked this quite a bit. I think the pilot showed us the definiing points of each of their personalities & I'm hoping as the episodes go on that they will all become more rounded and fleshed out. I'm also hoping they give Emily VanCamp more to do than be a love interest (she's one of the reasons I tuned in).