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  1. Ottis

    S02.E10: The Red Angel

    I have no problem with this Spock. He’s younger, and he doesn’t control his emotions as well as the one in TOS (which showed this in The Menagerie) and snark is an emotion. He will get better at it. I go back to my “coloring in the white spaces” comment from last week. Discovery is adding to what we knew from TOS. New species, new characters and new aspects of characters we knew (Spock and Pike, for starters). If I have issues, it is with the new characters. The send off for cyber woman (I don’t even remember her name) was way, way out of synch with our connection to her. And I hate to admit it, because I love Michael, but she really is a special snowflake. The amount of concern over her plan to be bait was almost comical. Even Georgiou? Until the final reveal, I thought the fact Michael was the Red Angel was a promising way to cover the issue of no mention of Spock having a sister in any other Trek. I didn’t need that... white spaces... but I could construct a rationale. And then it wasn’t Michael. I love how the show is gradually adding in sounds from TOS. I heard the transporter and the red alert sounds this time.
  2. Ottis

    S02.E11: Lasting Impressions

    This episode veered between boring (Gordon and his fake love) and obnoxious (the 15-minute commercial for smoking). Gordon was a twit on two episodes in a row. First “you’re jealous” last week, then falling in love in the holodeck. This would have been far better if it had been about the dangerous impacts of the holodeck, and it wasn’t Gordon. There was nothing wrong per say with the ep. it was just uninteresting. YMMV.
  3. Ottis

    S02.E09: Project Daedalus

    I don't know why the show needs to explain that. Because we didn't know of something, doesn't mean it didn't exist. Kirk could have had an uncle who wiped out a planet. Uhura could have been queen of a nation and left it for Star Fleet. Khan could have started an LGBTQ nightclub, a la The Birdcage. And Spock could have had an adopted sister who ran away and made his human side feel badly about it, and the whole incident is difficult to discuss. Kirk may have seen it in Spock's personnel file, and decided not to bring it up unless Spock did. The more I watch Discovery, the more it seems like they are coloring in white space, not revising canon.
  4. Ottis

    You're The Worst

    Oh goody. All of my least favorite things about this show. Jimmy overreacts to something even he says is so common it is a cliche, and Gretchen lies and avoids being an adult. And come on, Gretchen, you weren’t failing you were doing great. Until for some reason you couldn’t make a simple and obvious decision. Meanwhile, Lyndsey is a fool. Only Edgar provides any redeeming qualities. Blech to this week.
  5. Ottis

    S02.E09: Project Daedalus

    To be fair, he emoted quite a bit in The Menagerie. I love Pike here and how the show is setting him up to be the captain Kirk held in so much respect. Both of those tie-ins are a nice link to canon. If that dour security officer becomes No.1, and loses her mouthpiece, that's another tie in.
  6. Ottis

    House Hunters: Buying in the USA

    I knew a yurt would show up eventually.
  7. Ottis

    S10.E17: The Wild

    I didn't view that as a woman thing. I viewed that as a Claire thing, since they set her up as being bad at spatial reasoning. Their error was that the rest of the women didn't really do much, and kept following Claire's lead, which made no sense to me. I thought maybe Gloria or even Haley would knock it out of the park. but neither stepped up and also neither was bad at it. They were just there. The dumber thing was that they built it downstairs for a room upstairs. What? I also don't understand how Cam had time to change clothes so often, without the rest of the group killing him. One or two of those timed out (lunch, or whatever), but they would have had to have waited for him other times. The larger issue is, how many times can they go to the "Jay doesn't/does love me" well? That should be settled by now. Also, I laughed at Haley's ball popping. I'm sorry.
  8. Ottis

    S02.E09: Project Daedalus

    It feels like Discovery is making the same mistake it did last season. It built up a plot narrative.... finding Spock, the Red Angel and the relationship between Spock and Michael... and even had a side plot going on with Section 31 and Georgeoui and it’s and her goals. All good. Then, just like last year when it, in midseason, threw in the Mirror Universe on top of the Klingon struggle and ST world building, this season Discovery throws in the red sphere and Section 31’s AI and its status as the potential killer of all life in the universe. Just like last season, it’s too much, too soon, and for me, really broke me out of the story. I would have preferred if the show had waited a bit to introduce the threat, played a little more around the Red Angel, and if the threat wasn’t something as mundane as rogue AI. I spent a lot of this episode saying, “wait- what is that again and why does something that practically begged Discovery to preserve its history have a role in a rogue Section 31 AI, which, BTW... why did IT go rogue and why does it want to kill everything? Huh?”
  9. Ottis

    You're The Worst

    I’m talking about several seasons ago, not this season.
  10. Ottis

    You're The Worst

    Wasn't that the whole point of her relationship with Paul? She was trying to be what he wanted, and it didn't work?
  11. Ottis

    You're The Worst

    I think Gretchen is way more screwed up. Consider that Jimmy has grown up lots since he ghosted her, which was a while back. Jimmy seems to have started living as an adult in the real world. He doesn't like some aspects of it, and he is hanging on to the "who gives a fuck" vibe that he and Gretchen have always enjoyed, but he recognizes that a lot of debt, or self destructive behavior, or self medicating, is bad. Gretchen doesn't, or if she does, she doesn't care or can't stop herself. Jimmy's proposal of fuck week was him trying to guess what would make Gretchen happy AND the result of his growing conscience. I'm sure Old Jimmy would have been more than OK with never telling Gretchen it happened. But New Jimmy felt like he should, and then he tried to figure out what would upset HER least and absolve himself. Gretchen, meanwhile, had a very simple choice to make at the show: Introduce Nock-Nock and potentially make her other client mad, or don't introduce him. And, given that her boss knows and expects Nock-Nock's debut and has said that this is on Gretchen, the choice was clear: You intro Nock-Nock (who is, as a bonus, considered talented) and you try to smooth over your other client in a number of ways.. What's the worst that happens? You discard an old, struggling client for a new, hot one? It wasn't a hard choice. And yet, Gretchen couldn't make it. She is very screwed up. Jimmy, who actually showed for her big event (another sign of maturing), is much less screwed up. As far as I am concerned, if this ends with Jimmy with the florist and Gretchen in a ditch, I'm good.
  12. Ottis

    S02.E10: Blood of Patriots

    My post was about Orrin's comment that, because he was a prisoner, he didn't know there was a ceasefire when he attacked the Krill ships. Maybe noting that would have strengthened the Union's position, maybe not. But it deserved attention by the show. They put the Orville in an almost impossible diplomatic position and no one even mentioned something that Orrin has said that could have been useful in the negotiations. Having us then see that Orrin was bent on revenge should have had no impact on whether Seth's captain should have passed along that bit of info after he heard it, or on what the Union might have done. At the very least, throw in a line noting it and then noting why it was ignored and/or wrong, is all I'm saying.
  13. Ottis

    Surviving After Life

    I liked After Life. In fact, I *especially* liked the beginning parts that the EHG team disliked. It was rough, the main character was angry and sometimes that's how people react to personal tragedy. What I didn't like was when the tone turned and became more sweet and cliched. Also, they need to explain Ricky's character's role in the death of the homeless guy. What were we to make of that?
  14. Ottis

    S44.E15: Idris Elba / Khalid

    I'll give SNL this: They came out swinging in this episode. That punctured a number of balloons beloved by the more liberal live crowd, which I think explains the lack of audience reaction here and there. This is highly unusual for SNL, and it made each sketch a bit edgy. Cold Open, R. Kelly: I didn't see the original interview, so some of these was meaningless to me. But it was an interesting study of a person who really has no sane perspective anymore. Monologue: Idris Elba telling his story. It wasn't funny, but it was interesting. Can I Play That? Ouch - poking fun at the ridiculousness of the Twitterverse AND the PC responses to cultural appropriation, et al. And all of it was so true. Not surprised the audience struggled. This one hit close to home for a lot of them, who were hoping for another Trump is an Idiot sketch. Bok Bok's: SNL at its pop culture finest. Not as funny as I wanted, but a nice concept. Powerpoint: I actually know admins who are exactly like those two when it comes to PPT and *any* criticism at all. I expect some people felt like this skit was a little mean, but it actually is very realistic. "Can I just use the phone?" The Impossible Hulk: Amusing, and I'm not sure that the audience knew quite what to do with it given the change from African American to woman. So ... ridicule or support, I imagined that battle going on in thousands of brains. If Elba had turned into a while man, then the audience would have loved it and the roars of unimpeded laughter would have come. The Gold Diggers of the WNBA: Oops, men acting like women who pursue NBA stars? Red alert! The crowd struggled mightily because it felt like this was mocking NBA gold diggers, who are women, and so ... bad skit. Bad! In truth, it was just turning a stereotype on its ear, with men (who were also black, so careful, careful). I laughed at bit, especially at the deep voice from Cecily. WU: Decent. Colin had a few zingers that made the audience gasp/awwwww. The show really went after it this week. Sky Sports: I actually ... don't even remember this. Wait, this was the futball player saying inappropriate things. Yeah, the SNL audience won't like this. And yep, did a quick Google and SNL was already chastized for it, and the WNBA skit. Rudolpho: Don't recall. Auditioning: This was a bit off. It seemed to speak to the neediness of actors, but then ended abruptly. Yes, SNL will get criticized for this ep by some. But for me, it was one of the few times they had some fun with that side of the various debates, and I enjoyed it for the most part.
  15. Ottis

    S02.E10: Blood of Patriots

    Oh, I agree that Orrin might have known. My point was that the Union didn’t know if he knew or not, and no one from the Union seemed interested in finding out or in using that info as a bargaining point with the Krill.