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  1. Kaboom 2.0

    S11.E03: Diva Worship

    I did not realize how much I liked Nina West until her performance, talking heads & runway this ep, what a sweetie. Loved her reaction to her win! Team IBBN was so tight & the queens on that team were so in sync, Team Mariah didn't have a chance. Love Yvie & of course Vangie. I will always heart Guillermo Diaz not for Scandal, but for his guest spots on the Dave Chappelle Show, and he deserved better than being assaulted by Silky during Untucked. Btw for the past eleven seasons, everytime we see Ru dressed as a fabulous car racing pit crew member in her fabulous pink jumpsuit during the show's opening credits & after commercial breaks... I immediately think of Mariah in her Loverboy music video from back in the day. LOL
  2. Kaboom 2.0

    S11.E02: Good God Girl, Get Out

    I know, right? Tho I started liking Ariel from the start since she's from South Jersey. It takes a lot for me to notice anyone else when Vangie's onscreen, she just sparkles. I am still over the moon with Bobby Moynihan as a guest judge, you can always tell who true fans of the show are! Loved his appearance on Untucked too, work it Bobby, work, work!
  3. Kaboom 2.0

    S11.E01: Whatcha Unpackin?

    As with most first eps there were too many queens for me to remember names and faces (forever love to Tom and Lorenzo's site for screen caps and name) so the only ones I can clearly recall are Miss Vaaaaangie, Plastique, Brook Lynn, Yvie, Silky and Ariel (Jersey represent!). Vangie hiding behind that screen along with her running commentary actually made me LOL. LOVED seeing queens from past seasons for the photo shoots, Manila especially. I feel bad that Soju had to sashay away, hopefully she can work on her drag (she seems so young) and enjoy the exposure being on the show will no doubt bring. Miley usually annoys me but she was actually not grating my nerves this one time. Still waiting for her fabulous godmother Dolly Parton to be on this show tho!
  4. Kaboom 2.0

    S04.E10: Super Queen Grand Finale

    That dual crowning was some bullshittery and I say that as someone who likes Monet and Trinity. Manila was robbed. She's the true All Star to me. Loved seeing Alaska and Chad again! And Trixie too. 😄
  5. Kaboom 2.0

    S04.E09: Sex and the Kitty Girl

    This was awful. I miss Manila and after seeing her fantastic planned kitty outffit posted above (thank you for posting here!) I'm in an even worse mood that Naomi is top four and Manila is not. I admit to being tickled seeing Jason Wu with Ru the doll perched on his shoulder, he is too cute.
  6. Word on both counts. I still heart Latrice but Manila was the true All Star here. And Patty was/is adorable. This is still a bad format for All Stars, you would think the producers/Ru would admit it, even behind the scenes, and change it for future editions.
  7. Kaboom 2.0

    S04.E07: Queens of Clubs

    Loved seeing the vintage clip & pics of Ru & Suzanne! Loved Suzanne & Rita as guest judges, they seemed to be enjoying themselves and Rita Ora telling Monet she was still waiting for the $100 made me LOL. As much as I heart Latrice I thought Manila should have been top two with Trinity. Manila totally delivered on the concept (& runway) that all three conceived of, & Trinity really shone as a hostess. It was Valentina's time, she is so one-note in many ways. Her delusions can be funny but after awhile, came off a little sad.
  8. Kaboom 2.0

    S04.E06: LaLaPaRUza

    ITA with many thoughts already posted so... Hellllooooo Sean, always great to see you (shy wave). Miss Ru showing off those gams of hers again, yes! Still love Latrice, hopefully she'll step up her runways after returning to the competition. Monique telling Ru she was about to tell Ru she would meet her in the parking lot after Latrice was granted the shante first made me LOL.
  9. Kaboom 2.0

    S04.E05: Roast in Peace

    Finally got to watch this and Lady Bunny's shoutout to Vangie was killer. LOVE that old ho. And was that a Henny sighting at the funeral or am I just randomly seeing queens wherever I look?! LOL This is Manila's to lose unless we see some shenanigans (eyes producers wearily).
  10. Kaboom 2.0

    S30.E11: Mad About The Toy

    That VA hospital sign and Texas reluctantly admitting it is the home of Ted Cruz made me LOL, as did Abe vs Lawrence O'Donnell's "last word!" one upmanship. And Homer's tiny Duff beer can cufflinks were adorable!
  11. Kaboom 2.0

    S04.E04: Jersey Justice

    Omg THIS. I thought Michelle did well but Bianca would have slaaayed. Speaking of slayed, that challenge was ALL Manila and I LOVED everything about it. Honorable mention goes to Miss Henny as the court stenographer, she did not have to say one word, her facial expressions & body language almost stole the show. Ru as the court reporter in a track suit with toothpick firmly in check was quite jarring. After Latrice's elimination I am totally Team Manila since there is no more Latrila...for now? I add the question mark since we don't know what Ru is up to re the teaser for the next ep. Manila crying in Latrice's arms seemed so honest & emotional, just thinking back on it now makes me all sniffly.
  12. Thank you for the explanation re Trinity & why she was on Botched. I had honestly totally forgotten about Kimora and the fact she was ever on Drag Race. Whoops. LOL
  13. Not sure if this is the right place for this: Trinity alert! There's a Botched marathon on E! channel today, the show is about these two plastic surgeons I think in LA try to fix botched plastic surgery jobs, some genetic things, etc. Detox was on it I think earlier this year. Tomorrow at 9 pm EST is a new episode that has a teaser including Trinity, whom I think wants even bigger lips ?!
  14. Kaboom 2.0

    S04.E03: Snatch Game of Love

    Love love love Ru's look last night! We all know Naomi Smalls has legs for days but Ru had that title first and maybe wanted to remind everyone about it? Also loved how into the experience Gus and Keiyon (spelling?) were. So happy Manila showed why she deserves to be an All Star. Her Barbra caricature of a caricature was devine and the runway look was totally her. I still like Trinity's gumption and competitiveness but did not like her telling Valentina asap who Manila was thinking of giving the boot to, I like that many times Trinity cuts off the BS by directly addressing someone to their face vs sneaking around and stirring shit. I'm still down for the crown going to either member of my beloved Team Latrila. The less said about Gia the better. She gone, good. She and Valentina' s Snatch Game play was Awful.
  15. Kaboom 2.0

    S04.E01: All Star Variety Show

    Finally back in town and caught up on this...locas, I still heart Monet and Monique but as soon as Latrila showed up, I am all in one of them being crowned. I will be wearing my Jesus is a Biscuit tee during the show as long as Latrice is on! I don't really like Jasmine that much but wow, her exit (to me) showed a professionalism and maturity I did not think she had. Gia and Farrah are cannon fodder to me, Valentina may go far here but as polished as she is, she, and Naomi, needs more time to bake.