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  1. iMonrey

    S04.E09: The Serpent

    Did Marina come back from that other timeline? I can't remember if she did or not.
  2. iMonrey

    S38.E05: It's Like the Worst Cocktail Party Ever

    I don't get this either. They've been letting Wardog call all the shots every time and all it's done is bite them in the ass. I think Wentworth paid lip service to how much she trusted him or some such nonsense but that only goes so far in a tribe situation where you have to win competitions so you don't get voted out. So I guess it's a collective idiocy rather than all on one person.
  3. iMonrey

    S06.E11: The Therapist

    I for one found all of Jake's "multiple personalities" hilarious. His horrible British accent was hysterical. I went back and forth on whether or not he would be right about the therapist. He usually is right when it comes to his wild hunches, but his aversion to therapy tipped the scales back toward just being biased against them. But as soon as he got in the car I knew the therapist would spring up in the back seat. The camera work for that was a dead giveaway. Fake Jocelyn was pretty funny too. "Do you want to buy some Molly?" "I'm a cop." "Aaaaaaaaand scene."
  4. iMonrey

    S15.E18: Add It Up

    The story with the little girl didn't make much sense. They were monitoring her every bodily function and levels to be just perfect but then her glucose level shot up because she drank a juice pouch. So who the hell gave her a juice pouch if her glucose level was so critical? Did she get up and go down the hall and get one herself? Who found the empty juice pouch under her pillow, Deluca? Why was he searching under her pillow? The whole thing was so contrived. I knew from her reaction the second her mother gushed about her being able to go back to school she was going to sabotage the surgery. Apparently neither of the highly qualified doctors in the room, or her mother, are as observant as I am.
  5. iMonrey

    Will & Grace

    And we're right back where we were 11 (12?) years ago. Will and Grace are too comfortable with each other to pursue romantic relationships with anyone else. I know they agreed to move in with their respective boyfriends but I don't see a healthy future for either one at this point. And please, dear God, let's not make Karen a lesbian at this point. I know she's shown signs of being somewhat fluid in the past but it was always part of a joke. It's such a cliche for female characters to go gay after a string of unsuccessful relationships with men. That said, I did get a few good chuckles out of this one. Matt Bomer makes a great comic foil. I loved when Noah didn't believe him about Grace lying so he put on his glasses and told him again. The contrast between Will's bedroom and Grace's was pretty funny too.
  6. iMonrey

    S04.E12 Blizzard

    I liked the camaraderie they all shared after the customer interrupted their infighting to make a crack about Amy chewing and they all came together to turn on him. I also cracked up when that same guy asked Glenn if he could use the land line to call his mistress and all Glenn could think to say was "Is she nice?" Painting eyeballs on top of eyelids freaks me right the eff out.
  7. iMonrey

    S02.E11: Lasting Impressions

    Hmm. I kind of liked the story with Gordon and thought it was sweet but it did feel very derivative. If the show has to borrow from TNG so frequently it might be in creative trouble. It also seems like doctors by then would have more efficient ways for patients to overcome addictions to things like nicotine. Bortus and Klyden appeared to be going cold turkey. That's actually a pretty big plot hole considering the show's constant references to all things 20th and 21st century. They should recognize most, if not all of the contents of the time capsule from all the movies they're always mentioning that are from our time. TV shows too. Is it though? Last time I checked they were pretty weak. It's considered a toss-up for renewal at the moment. I imagine it's a pretty expensive show so that may work against it, although the 13-episode season probably balances the scale. Fingers crossed. I'd like to see it renewed but I do think it needs an influx of creative talent in the writing department. If Seth is the driving force behind the writing it shows his weaknesses.
  8. iMonrey

    S03.E15 American Idol

    If that was really Meg Donnelly's voice she's a pretty good singer, I'll give her that. Well, you have to accept that this show delves into the absurd. Most of the characters are parodies, like all the rich housewives. They're over-the-top cartoons. This isn't a reality-based sitcom.
  9. iMonrey

    S04.E09: The Serpent

    I thought Olivia Taylor Dudley owned this episode. Her Alternate Alice made me realize how good she is at being regular Alice. She's sort of like Jason Ralph that way. They play such broken, insecure characters with such ease it makes it seem like they aren't even acting. Until you see them play something else, that is. Then you realize they've been acting their asses off the whole time. I'm not even a big Alice fan but the actress is impressive. And I got a huge kick out of Kady clocking her so she could get past her issue with her. I can't figure out if Hale Appleman shot all of his scenes as the "real" Eliot at the beginning of the season or the end of the season because his hair seems so much shorter than "monster" Eliot's. Hated the cliff-hanger though. Grr.
  10. iMonrey

    S38.E05: It's Like the Worst Cocktail Party Ever

    I just don't understand why this show keeps trying to make Joe happen. He's a target from the moment he shows up and nobody ever seems to want to work with him. He's good looking I guess but certainly not the best looking guy they've ever had. And he's got about as much personality as a stale piece of toast. Enough with Joe already. I noticed this too. It's how six year olds jump into the pool when they are first learning how to swim. What's up with that? I don't really get the appeal of her either. In fact all four returning players are duds if you ask me. David? Aubrey? Also-rans people rooted for the first time around just because they were underdogs. Now they're just also-rans. You can't be an underdog anymore when you're a returning player for the second or third time.
  11. iMonrey

    S09.E14 Scars

    Well that speaks to the fact that they think Negan is somehow redeemed and viable as a long-term, three dimensional character. Michonne even asked him if he told Judith what he did to Glenn and to Abraham and he responded in the affirmative, so apparently if Judith forgives him that makes it OK. It just seems like no matter what horrendous things Negan did in the past three seasons we're supposed to forget about that because, gosh darn it, he's just so interesting and charismatic, right? And the show thinks Jeffrey Dean Morgan is a big draw. I'm never going to forget him bashing in Glenn's skull and laughing and saying "That's so gross!" He's never going to be redeemed in my eyes. The world just doesn't work that way. Even if he's a "different person" now that doesn't mean he gets a free pass and doesn't need to be punished anymore. It's why murderers get life in prison or execution. We don't let them out just because they've seen the error of their ways. The whole thing is so disrespectful to Glenn. I also think the show is overestimating our investment in Judith. Yeah she's Rick's kid (maybe) but this isn't someone we've followed since Season 1. This is a new actress we've only just met this season. For most of the show's history Judith was little more than a prop. I don't care about her the same way I did about Carl. The show thought they could just swap out Carl for Judith and that was a miscalculation. True, but look at how well developed the characters were when they invested the writing in them. I felt like I knew every last one of the members of Camp Dinner Bell and Herschel's family. They were all fully realized, fully formed characters I cared about. There's barely anyone I care about now. Most of the characters are nameless blurs to me.
  12. iMonrey

    The Umbrella Academy

    It seemed like they were all trained in hand to hand combat in addition to whatever their super power was. Allison shouldn't have to fight at all, theoretically, but she was just as impressive as Diego in her fight scenes. I assume it's the same for Klaus.
  13. iMonrey

    S09.E14 Scars

    And correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think Eugene's hair was that long right after Rick disappeared, so the continuity there wasn't quite right either. Oh, why'd you have to go and remind me of when this show was good? I've been tempted to go back and watch the earlier seasons on Netflix, but doing so would make the current season completely unbearable.
  14. Analogies aside, when children are unruly and misbehaved, it's the parents' fault. There's no getting around that. Any attempt to defend or deflect bad parenting is just defensiveness. I would never presume to tell someone how to raise their child but that doesn't mean I can't see they are clearly doing something wrong. It doesn't take being a parent to see that. When you see kids running around apeshit in a store and the parents are just blithely unaware and not doing anything about it? That's not excusable by any rationalization. Bingo. If Bill's solution is spankings, then I vehemently disagree. But I recognize his right to have an opinion and his ability to see there's a fundamental shift in how children are being raised today, and not necessarily a good one.
  15. iMonrey

    S06.E10: Gintars

    I got a kick out of Boyle borrowing the same verbal tic that Jake always uses when Gintar first showed up: "Coolcoolcoolcoolcoolcoolcoolcoolcoolcoolcoolcoolcoolcoolcoolcoolcoolcoolcool."