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  1. darkestboy

    Aladdin (2019)

    I love the animated movie and it's something I rewatch often. Regardless of how this live action movie pans out, it won't deter my enjoyment of the animated movie. Now for the live action - it looks decent enough, I'm intrigued to see how the changes/expanded story/new songs and characters will work in this adaptation and hopefully it won't be a misfire. Not entirely feeling Will Smith as the Genie, but who could surpass Robin Williams though? Naomi Scott looks amazing as Jasmine and I can see her giving a strong performance in this movie. Mena Massoud is gorgeous as is Marwan Kenzari as Jafar. Feels a bit weird to find Jafar attractive though.
  2. darkestboy

    S05.E09: The Trial of Jim Gordon

    I really enjoyed this one. Ivy and Zsasz made for a decent team, even if the former's scheme was pretty by the number. Leslie got to shoot her, even if I doubt that'll keep Ivy down for too long. Zsasz being in love with Ivy, yeah, I can kind of ship. He had some great scenes with Bullock and Alfred this week. Gordon's nightmare scenes, aside from a few cameos didn't offer anything too insightful but it was still rather diverting. I did like him and Leslie getting married at the end. Bullock should officiate every wedding in Gotham from now. Bruce and Selina certainly got some of the best scenes in this episode, along with Barbara and Oswald. It does look Babs is about to pop in the next episode though. Top marks for Ben McKenzie's writing and Erin Richards's directing on this one, 8/10
  3. An okay finale but it's made me realise that next season should be it's last to be honest. Emmett I assume is dead but did Tegan play a role in it? I hope not as I do like the character and I kind of want to see the show explore her and Annalise. I'm guessing with Michaela/Gabriel's pairing, it's more motive for the show to introduce the former's bio dad and the latter's mother as well. Asher needs better storylines next season and the show needs to loosen up on it's Laurel focus though that's unlikely now her brother and the governor are going to be main antagonists. Bonnie and Nate really are going to be in for a shock when they find out that Miller was actually innocent. Frank might have made things worse here. I'm hoping the show doesn't go down a baby route for Connor/Oliver but it felt like it was being set up here, 7/10
  4. darkestboy

    S05.E08: Nothing's Shocking

    Aside from killing him off again, I really did dig the show's take on Ventriloquist and Scarface. His scenes with Oswald and Edward were a delight, even if the episode didn't really advance. Wasn't too familiar with Jane Doe from the comics but it did seem like they merged elements of Clayface and Calendar Girl in with her. Good guest performance and I did like the show revisiting some of Bullock's past as well. Does Barbara deserve a chance of redemption? I'm not sure but it does seem that the show is going to go there nonetheless. The Bruce/Alfred scenes were good but felt like filler. The show's take on Killer Croc (assuming that was it) wasn't bad though, 7/10
  5. darkestboy

    S05.E14: Make Me the Enemy

    A good penultimate episode. Nice that Emmett didn't kill Nate Sr but do we really have to deal with Laurel's family as season baddies yet again? I did like Frank's scene with Christiopher and Bonnie apologising to Laurel, even when the latter was about to work with Telesco, who probably should be gone by next week. Gabe needs to go. There's nothing to plausibly keep him on the show and the writers have made sure it's hard to root for any kind of relationship with Michaela. I did like Asher fending both his exes here. Nice work with Connor and more so Oliver on getting the laptop back from the grudge. Was Tegan just playing Annalise and Emmett off each other for the whole episode? 8/10
  6. darkestboy

    S05.E07: Ace Chemicals

    While I wish we hadn't the later scene at the hospital, I really thought this was a great conclusion to the Joker origin story we've had. Jeremiah and Bruce had the strongest scenes of the episode and the use of Selina, Alfred, Ecco, Jervis, Jim and Leslie was pretty well done too. Saying that, this needs to be the last appearance of Jeremiah until the series finale. Barbara teaming up with Oswald and Edward to get out of Gotham will inevitably fail but it should be a lot of fun to watch nonetheless. I did like Barbara's scenes with Selina, Leslie and Jim as well this week. We do need to get back to the Bane plot but I guess that'll be put on hold for some more rogue members next week though, 9/10
  7. darkestboy

    S05.E13: Where Are Your Parents?

    Easily the best episode this season. Every scene with Annalise and Ophelia was fantastic to watch, even though I didn't like the bit where she seemed to ship Anna with Nate though. Nice to see Tegan take one for the team. Telesco let herself be played pretty easy there. Connor's mom really was embarrassing in this one, even if she made a point about no-one talking to their parents. Gabriel will definitely not go past this season and seemingly neither will Emmett if the last scene is anything to go by. Really hope that Bonnie isn't pregnant, 9/10
  8. darkestboy

    S05.E06: 13 Stitches

    I really liked the episode but Lee being another sleeper agent and Barbara being pregnant were both things I saw coming a mile off. Nice going there, Gordon. Nice to see Walker actually appear on screen and I guess next time we see Eduardo, he'll be this show's version of Bane for good measure. Good teaming up with this week with Bruce, Barbara, Lucius and Nygma/Gordon in taking back the GCPD. Loved that Bullock solved Ed's riddle there. I liked the Oswald and Selina scenes even if I found Magpie a little annoying though. At least part of the Jeremiah and his Bruce obsession will be put to bed next week, 8/10
  9. darkestboy

    S05.E12: We Know Everything

    I've got to admit, I'm getting a little bored with this Miller stuff now. Great, his body has been found and the scenes with Bonnie and his mother were nice, but eh, I find myself caring less and less about this. Gabriel's storyline this week was also a bit boring as well. I can't see him being kept on next season. Bit careless that Instagram photo though. Both Tegan and Emmett seem to be into Annalise but will that actually go anywhere positive? 7/10
  10. darkestboy

    S05.E11: Be the Martyr

    I wasn't that keen on this episode. I know it advanced certain things and brought Tegan into the game but it still felt a bit on the filler side of things. Annalise and Emmett - at least that storyline is done for now but he seems to have a thing for her, so that could raise some future problems in the remainder of the season. Even though Laurel had a point to be worried, she was a bit annoying this week as well. Gabe's been arrested, the FBI might actually work with Nate and there was some decent Frank/Bonnie scenes but other than that, it wasn't the best episode we've had, 6/10
  11. So glad it's been renewed but it does raise a few questions? - Will we keep characters like Constantine, Nora and Mona and if we don't, who will be added into the mix to replace them? - How many episodes will it get? - Will it keep it's Monday slot or be moved again?
  12. darkestboy

    Spoilers & Speculation: Running Hot & Cold

    They've gotten a fifth season, so we're good for a little bit longer.
  13. darkestboy

    S05.E05: Pena Dura

    An okay introduction to Eduardo but boy, did they not waste time in telling us that him and Secretary Walker were the ones using Edward to blow up Haven. Strange really will work for anyone if the price is right. Edward and Oswald had some great scenes, so did Bruce with Alfred, Selina and Bullock and Barbara had a good moment with Nygma as well. Loved Edward's reaction to finding out that Oswald named his dog after him. Jeremiah and Ecco at the end, hardly a shock tbh, 7/10
  14. darkestboy

    The DC Extended Universe: To Thanagar and Beyond!

    Who didn't see this coming? I liked Affleck in the role but I think Matt Reeves is completely right to break away from Snyder's take on the role and guaranteed The Batman will have fuck all to do with what Snyder was doing/intended to do with the character and that's for the best really. Don't really care about The Suicide Squad just yet but will do when we get more detailed on the story.
  15. darkestboy

    S05.E10: Don't Go Dark on Me

    Much better focus this week on the main plots. If Miller genuinely was a good guy, then both Bonnie and Nate really are screwed. The mental gymnastics both of them are doing right now is something else. Loved how quickly Michaela and Laurel worked out that Asher knew about Miller's death as well. Oliver, cheer up man. You're meant to be the hopeful one of the group. Connor's words to Christophe about Wes were sweet even if he was never this nice to the latter when he was alive. Gabriel and Miller working together doesn't seem that shocking. Does the show plan to go there with either Tegan/Michaela or Tegan/Annalise? Found Emmett teasing Tegan about Annalise a little amusing too. Annalise and Eve really do have the best chemistry. No wonder Frank even thinks they're endgame. 8/10