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  1. Shannah Banana

    S11Ep19: Where does Eva Live?

    Am I the only one that wonders if Nene ever changes her nail polish? She has been wearing that same sad white colored nail polish for years. I guess she must use nail polish remover from time to time, or else that shit would be five inches thick by now.
  2. Shannah Banana

    S09.E06: Fifty Shades Of Shade

    You said just what I had been thinking. When they showed that unseen footage of Camille and LVP, it was surprising. Maybe even production is sick of LVP and her fuckery.
  3. Shannah Banana

    S09.E06: Fifty Shades Of Shade

    It's like circular reasoning, you never get anywhere. LVP is a pro at baffle them with bullshit.
  4. Shannah Banana

    S09.E06: Fifty Shades Of Shade

    She probably wouldn't have been invited back this season, if LVP hadn't all but begged the fans to give her another chance at the last reunion. Thanks LVP, how'd that work out for ya?
  5. Shannah Banana

    S07.E15: Trouble in Lala-land

    And there is something very off with the darts on the dress too...they look all janky.
  6. Shannah Banana

    S11.E18: The Model Bride

    I am so tired of watching Nene walk away. I wish she would just keep on walking.
  7. Shannah Banana

    S09.E05: The Proof Hurts

    Yasss, isn't it interesting? A GENIUS at manipulation and control and the BEST in the world at it, and something that he quite respects. Ordinarily...if it wasn't against his wife. Just things that make you go, hmmmm.....
  8. Shannah Banana

    S11.E17: Welcome to the Dungeon

    Carole? Wow...who would have thought it?🤔
  9. Shannah Banana

    S11.E17: Welcome to the Dungeon

    Cynthia was just painful to watch. I cardboard cut-out has more life in it than Cynthia trying to make sexy. She looked like a big ol' ostrich to me. 😬
  10. Shannah Banana

    S11.E17: Welcome to the Dungeon

    Evidently, mum's the word. Porsha implied that it could only cause more trouble if she answered, and demurely shut her mouth. Sounds like Moose went wild, I wonder what Moose is on to make her so aggressive. That coupled with the sheer audacity of Greg getting sick and raining on her happy life parade. The kind where the man is two steps behind holding her purse with a smile on this face. The last time she was on WWHL, Nene looked tore up to me, her eyes looked wild, unfocused, and one time I think they were going in opposite directions. Lol.
  11. Shannah Banana

    S09.E04: Bahama Drama

    LVP is saying that the dog was always her top priority. I call bullshit on that. If the dog had been her top priority, she wouldn't have given Dorit a second dog, and then cover for her when she did the WRONG thing. Ah hell no, the dog was not her top priority. Nice spin though.
  12. Shannah Banana

    S09.E04: Bahama Drama

    I am so over Dorit's Wonder Woman look. Give it up already. 🤢🤮
  13. Shannah Banana

    Mexican Dynasties

    I was looking forward to see this new bunch of brave souls, and they didn't disappoint. It will take me a while to accustom myself to all their names. It was a funny and quirky show. I hope it stays so, and doesn't get all problem laden like the HW's franchises. I loved the little dog, Nacho. So cute!
  14. Shannah Banana

    S09.E17: Reunion Part 2

    Agree. Teresa is having to rewrite history in her mind so she can divorce Joe, with a clearer conscience. She has been brainwashing herself for a while now.
  15. Shannah Banana

    S09.E17: Reunion Part 2

    Reading between the lines, it sounds like Teresa feels like Joe set her up.