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  1. Aliconehead

    S01.E09: Songs About Texas

    I just realized that Lily Cowles (Isabel) is Christine Baranski’s daughter. Now I want her out of the pod so I can see if there is resemblance in there mannerism.
  2. Aliconehead

    The Village

    I think a lot of “thank you for your service” goes back to how veterans were treated after Vietnam. It was terrible for my father when returning and my mother while he was serving. My father always made it a point to say thank you. He never wanted anyone to feel like he did when he returned. I have bought meals, anonymously, for the same reason.
  3. Aliconehead

    Good Trouble

    She is not. The brother was buying her alcohol the last episode.
  4. Aliconehead

    S02.E18: Trampoline

    I was expecting Carly to say, “Sean, my flowers and chocolate” as he was walking away. But I think she was amused more than anything. Plus the fist pumps and cheers were adorbs
  5. Aliconehead

    Magnum P.I. (2018)

    Our first Original Magnum PI main character cameo TC, Roger Mosley. He has aged but he is 80. I was glad to see him and new TC in a scene. I enjoyed Magnum helping katsumoto with out giving it a second thought. Magnum might ignore his directives but he does like and respect him.
  6. Aliconehead

    Good Trouble

    But new chief might still have influence the judges son’s case
  7. Aliconehead

    S03.E14: The Graduates

    When I was born my mothers water broke 7 days before labor started and she had me (1974), she was in the hospital the whole time. It was a 7th Day Adventist hospital and they felt that I would come when I was ready. With a micro preemie, i think they would want to keep baby in as long as possible, so perhaps that is why. if it was full term, they would induce nowadays
  8. Aliconehead

    One Day At A Time (2017)

    My niece is 17 y/o and a pain the ass about certain things she is totally into. She is Elena but with a focus on Socialism
  9. Aliconehead

    S16. E15. Crossing the Line

    No but Michael Weatherly is and he/CBS was sued, and lost, a sexual harassment lawsuit. Now watching Tony, I can not help but see Michael Weatherly and the harassment and it takes me out of the show.
  10. Aliconehead

    S16. E15. Crossing the Line

    I disagree. Tony might have layers,like an onion, that were more palatable but that does not change the fact that the outer layer was rotten and unappetizing. Tony was a bully, perhaps because he was bullied, and that is where his antagonizism comes from while Torres is a jerk because he is self centered and arrogant but I have not noticed him being a bully. Tony’s schtick does not hold up well when watching reruns, especially after his issues on Bull.
  11. Nope HMM and Hallmark would still go all Christmas during November and December and possibly parts of July, October and January
  12. Meghann Fahy is my favorite thing about the Bold Type and Luke MacFarlane is generally a good choice for me so I also appreciated the movie. MF was happy without being over the top which is becoming a rarity with the actresses on this channel.
  13. Aliconehead

    S01.E06: Smells Like Teen Spirit

    Four. I just think of it as a different show and stop myself from comparing. Honestly that is how I deal with most remakes
  14. Aliconehead

    S01.E17: Goodbye

    Yep. A psychiatrist prescribed but the patient is supposed to see a psychologist also. My niece and SIL skip the psychologist, but they REALLY need both. I am wondering if the scene with PJ finding out he is Dave’s bio son happened before the hospital scene. He then tracked the friends and ended up with them in the hospital. Because why was he there. I am never a fan of lying about parentage or having other kids because in this day and age it is too easy for the kid or other family to find out the truth with DNA heritage testing so prevelant.
  15. Aliconehead

    S16. E15. Crossing the Line

    Torres should have been professional whether the kids had history with NCIS or not. I am glad that everyone called him on it too. He was rude and dismissive for selfish reasons. Torres continually acts like a narcissistic ahole yes that was Sean Patrick Thomas, I saw his name in the credits so I was waiting for him. Still a hottie.