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  1. Aliconehead

    God Friended Me

    I love this show. One of the things I notice is the use of light, prisms and glares it the show. Most series try to eliminate them but this show seems to embrace them. This episode was interesting on a personal level for me. A family friend was the head coach of a major university who coached many major leaguers, his opinion was if you get drafted out of high school in the first round, take the go, most likely you won’t get drafted higher after college and college will always be there. Any other round, go to school. You have just as much chance of getting hurt in college as in the minors. Most took his advice, the ones that didn’t never went in round 1 after playing in college.
  2. Aliconehead

    Disney Channel Original Movies

    Can’t say I loved the Kim Possible movie. Kim came off bad , it was too much like So the Drama in a way, Ron was more annoying. It just was not the same level of the series.
  3. Aliconehead

    Good Trouble

    You can follow the thread and then it will appear on your home screen, I think
  4. Aliconehead

    Andi Mack

    I really think they are going with the TJ/Cyrus thing. TJ just lights up around Cyrus. I hope it’s not the actors baiting us. Dear god I have never shipped a relationship on a Disney channel show but I am on this ship. I think the kuegal thing was about the aunt always makes the kuegal and Bowie bringing his was a slap, unintentional. Many families are like this, a certain person ALWAYS bring this one dish and no one better bring the same thing.
  5. Aliconehead

    Kids Baking Championship

    Right?! It’s like it’s in boys DNA. You would think that this behavior would be quashed by moms but maybe they are the oldest or have no sisters. I noticed that Jaxon didn’t congratulate Madison but also had this unpleasant/angry look on his face with Duff and Valerie were complimenting Madison. Madison is my favorite. She is just so droll, sarcastic and deadpan. She is so tiny I forget she is 11 or 12.
  6. Aliconehead

    S12.E14: The Meteorite Manifestation

    My employee is at work sick right now. I don’t work mondays so not a problem for me. He called my mother (who also works there) to not come I. But my mom is in the middle of chemo and now I have to go and spray down the whole office so she does not get sick. To say I am pissed is an understatement. If you are sick STAY HOME.
  7. Aliconehead

    Andi Mack

    Oh thank goodness. I always thought they looked alike
  8. No it’s pretty easy since Tamera has the mole and Tia does not
  9. Aliconehead

    NCIS: New Orleans

    I wonder if this was part of the problem with Diane Neal. I know she tweeted about safety issues but with such a misogynist atmosphere, other things might have been going on in the back ground.
  10. Aliconehead

    Andi Mack

    I hope they are not sacrifice Cyrus/TJ in favor of Buffy/TJ. I love CyJ together. I hope Buffy is going to ask him to help with the team. Joshua Rush has a natural chemistry. He and amber were great as always.
  11. Aliconehead

    MacGyver (2016)

    Could it be Amy Ackers character?
  12. Aliconehead

    Single Parents

    I love the fact that “you guys can’t change the oil in my car” was actually the punishment. Followed by them changing Wills.
  13. Aliconehead

    God Friended Me

    https://variety.com/2019/tv/news/god-friended-me-renewal-season-2-cbs-1203122368/ YAY. I don't have a great record with shows. The ones that i love get cancelled so I a so excited about this one
  14. Aliconehead

    S01.E11: Redwood

    Would West be allowed to be a cop with out one kidney? I have a friend that always wanted to be a firefighter and was not permitted because he only had one kidney.
  15. Aliconehead

    S02.E12: Aftermath

    We have seen her, multiple times. She is played by Marsha Thompson