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  1. sisterspoon

    The Order

    Ooooh! Another Ivanka look-alike!
  2. sisterspoon

    S01.E05: Don't Speak

    Rosa, Rosa, Rosa... Blah blah blah... Ladida... Sorry, but I do not care. I absolutely can’t, I swear.
  3. sisterspoon

    Deadly Class

    Hmmm, trying to poison the school’s Poison Master... Fishy... Not really trying, hmmm?
  4. sisterspoon

    S05.E13: The End of Everything

    Favorite line Murphy calling Pandora “What’s her face”...
  5. sisterspoon

    S05.E07: Doc's Stoned History

    Were the brudders supposed to be Canadians? Ouch! Or French Canadians? Badly.done and not funny at all. Were the writers proud of themselves?
  6. sisterspoon

    S08.E08: Soujourn

    Exactly! Plus humor and satire! Didn’t take themselves too seriously this time. Breath of fresh air!
  7. sisterspoon

    S08.E08: Soujourn

    I thought it was bonkers and all over the place! Loved it!
  8. sisterspoon

    S04. E01. Hella Duplicitous

    Whoa! Jane had a bad hair day! Or rather, Remi has bad girl hair! Soooo happy to see Rich Dotcom is still part of the team. His caracter is priceless and I love Ennis Esmer.
  9. sisterspoon

    Mayans MC

    Adelita revealed her real name to Angel: Luisa Espina. Felipe talked a bit about his bloody past with his nephew Kevin and showed him photos with his former partner named Espina... Felipe told Kevin that he got out when the woman that he loved was pregnant with their first son. He didn’t mention the name of his first son and of the woman he was in love with. Who are they?
  10. sisterspoon

    Mayans MC

    Yes, but this girl looks like trouble, to say the least! And can somebody explain to me why it seems a problem to inform the leaders that Leti is Coco’s daughter?
  11. sisterspoon


    Contestants were clearly sub par this week. But at least the less bad won...
  12. sisterspoon

    S01.E03: Turbulence

    I don’t find the kid creepy. Just... uninteresting. Bland actor maybe? The actress playing Michaela too. She’s not believable as a cop and she’s got resting bitch face, all the time. I absolutely do not care about her. Vaseline tear? Josh Dallas is quite good. As is Parvin Kaur (Dr. Saanvi). So much bad casting in this promising show!
  13. sisterspoon

    The Purge

    Lewis to Mike: Mikey Mikey Mikey...
  14. sisterspoon


    Judge Vanessa Craft (ELLE Canada Editor-in-Chief) scares me! Completely frozen Botox face and Medusa hair!