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  1. JenMcSnark

    Season 10 Live Chat Thread

    Does anyone believe the bullshit about the two rental houses being the same price? They just don't want Robyn getting any backlash.
  2. JenMcSnark

    S02.E15: Risk and Reward

    Thanks for clarifying. I appreciate it.
  3. JenMcSnark

    S02.E15: Risk and Reward

    I'm confused by this comment. Are you suggesting that Daniel Dae Kim has had facial reconstruction surgery? Or perhaps Tamlyn Tomita or Christina Chang since you generalized "Asians". South Korea is known for their plastic surgery industry, but only one member of BTS, Kim Nam-joon, has had facial reconstruction surgery for a deviated septum. Your comment just seems very generalized (stereotypical?) and not pertinent to discussion regarding the episode or show hence my confusion. But back on topic, I was having very mixed feelings about whether Dr. Han was a dick or not, but the end did solidify it for me. What a dick. I really teared up through the baby storyline and also due to the depression aspect. Claire handled it beautifully. Antonia Brown is a great actor.
  4. JenMcSnark

    Hot Bench

    And didn't she have the nerve to countersue him for their value? I'm pretty sure she did. Unbelievable.
  5. JenMcSnark

    S02.E14: Faces

    It's not that simple. Many employers in California have rules against recreational drug use and one is notified of that and that they may be subject to random drug tests when hired. It's a condition of employment at many places. Doesn't matter if it's a legal drug. As your term of employment you agreed to not do drugs. I'm assuming many hospitals have this.
  6. JenMcSnark

    I Am the Night

    I mean, it's not a trope when it's about a real person. And actually, being the mother of a "mulatto", there is a lot of truth in the trope. I'm only on the first episode, but I'm liking it enough so far.
  7. I comment on this to my daughter every time they show old footage of Mike. He looks so crazy. It's in his eyes and his demeanor.
  8. JenMcSnark

    Kate Plus 8

    I agree. It's really sad. Part of it is Jon's fault but there is no question in my mind that Kate has poisoned their minds. The twins should sit down with a therapist and binge watch the series. I think now that they're old enough to try to see the bigger picture, they'll see how horrible Kate was to Jon and the kids, especially Colin.
  9. JenMcSnark

    Christine Brown: She Wanted a Family, Not Just the Man

    Personally, neither has Christine. None of them really. lol And nice to see Christine got Meri's wet bar. I bet that's going over really well. haha
  10. JenMcSnark

    Hot Bench

    I agree 99%. I did think the dog was cute. But it's horrible to breed and also clone! when there are so many wonderful animals in shelters.
  11. JenMcSnark

    S02.E06: Two-Ply (or Not Two-Ply)

    They met when Glassman barged into her apartment trying to find Shaun after they had a fight or something last season. She did call him Glassy to Shaun on their road trip, but hell no to her saying it to his face. I really loved the ep though. Great interactions most of the way around.
  12. JenMcSnark

    S02E05: Say Again Your Last

    I actually was a bit insulted on Adam's behalf by Jason's repeated "if I was there then Adam would be alive". It was demeaning of a dead man's ability and decision. And I loved the creed at the end, but would rather Jason didn't get the god-like silhouette entry, nor take the place of the poor guy who was actually on the mission and just saw his teammate die. But yes, it's Jason's show.
  13. JenMcSnark

    S2: E4 Tough Titmouse

    I felt this was part of Glassman's guilt over possibly mishandling his daughter's drug addiction and it also fits S1. He feels guilty that he didn't give Maddie the attention/care she needed and her hallucination is an expression of that guilt. That's one reason he's always almost micro-managed Shaun's life/career until Shaun told him to stop it. Because he feels like he didn't do ENOUGH for Maddie. But it also parallels that he thought HE was enough to keep her drug use from getting worse so he's tried to be there for Shaun in any possible way. But when Shaun told him to stop and he knew he was dying, he drew back too much because he suddenly realized that Shaun, like Maddie needed some outside sources of help the Glassman wasn't providing access to before because he wanted to be there for Shaun. I think I confused myself now. haha Great episode though.
  14. JenMcSnark

    Robyn Brown: Her Sisterwives Have a Closet!

    Definitely a makeup filter.
  15. JenMcSnark

    Cults And Extreme Beliefs

    I really liked Norma for the most part. But there is some serious disconnect that she, an educated woman, can't see the issues with what she was saying. But like others, I did appreciate seeing her side of the story. I had heard of the evictions and apostates moving in through news articles and frankly thought it was great. But there are always two sides to a story and I do feel sorry for families who lost their lands and homes.