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    S11.E03: It's a Clam Shame

    What a moment that was: reality tv housewife Bethnny Frankel ("Wanna blowjob?") disses heavyweight financial player and lifetime member of the Council on Foreign Relations, Richard Medley ("Wanna blow up the world markets today?") Michael Capponi, Frankel's charity partner (the man she claimed was so much more informed & powerful compared to Richard Medley) is actually the man with the hyped-up resume, imo. He's also pure trash. He was having an affair with a recent college grad (Brooke Biederman) half his age, and she'd kept it secret from everyone. When he crashed his boat into a seawall, he left Brooke in a coma, and due to him lying on his insurance form, her medical care (surgery, critical care and months of painful rehab) was an out-of-pocket expense for her parents. When Brooke woke up, she had no memory of him, but Capponi would not leave her alone. He hounded her with emails, phonecalls, and stole photos off her phone and posted them on a Facebook page devoted to their "great love" (the photos included shots of Brooke in bed, and in a medical gown at a doctor's office). He persisted - despite Brooke asking him to leave her alone, and the family lawyer sending him a letter - and never apologized for any of it. The man is beyond hinky, and I think it's odd that Frankel (claiming to be in fear for her very life from Jason) partnered with & praises a man who put a young woman in a coma, stalked her for months, and posted stolen photos. But yeah, whatever, Bethy - your bud is WAY more powerful than stoopid Richard Medley, who raised millions for charity at fundraisers with guests like Bishop Desmond Tutu and Colin Powell - and not a single coma victim on his guest list.
  2. film noire

    S11.E03: It's a Clam Shame

    ....by the time I got to "ursula apologia, I was snort-laughing - thank you for cracking me up (and "dachshund-like stubborness" describes Ramona perfectly ; ) Yes -- but removal is tricky and the firms involved (not just LawCash) were using doctors in Florida doing multiple "check in check out" procedures a day. Many women ended up not only with unnecessary surgery, but surgery that led to horrific complications (one woman was left in diapers). LawCash (and their ilk) treat the female body like a cash-making venture -- it's disgusting and should be illegal, imo. Back to the episode: I think Bethenny grieving-on-camera is such a joyless addition to the season. Whatever her private feelings, her public display is off-putting, imo (and not good for the show). If she's mourning one man -- while wearing his engagement ring -- it's bizarre to me she would already be on the hunt for a guy (and again, bringing it up on the show). She isn't Jill Shields (mourning the death of a 30 year relationship with a long time companion by her side) or Jill Zarin (mourning a loving, enduring marriage throughout a long illness, and then months after) and talking about that journey. Less than four weeks after burying her fiancee, Frankel is eating fish -- finned, unfinned, who fucking knows? -- with a fresh manz, snapping her fingers at the waitress to bring her a Skinnygirl cocktail with that rock on her finger. Jesus. And I blow hot and cold on Ramona, but when it comes to physical mockability, Frankel can look every bit as freaky as Ramona (or any of these women) and I'm not sure what glorious image Bethenny has of herself that allows her to feel free to make fun of another woman (as if she, Bethenny, possessed the physical grace and beauty of a ballerina). Has Frankel never seen herself on camera? Never seen herself crying, blowing her nose, talking with her mouth full -- and talking around a mouth full of spit (god I hate it when she does that) -- cuz I sure have. And it's every bit as mockable as anything Ramona has physically done on camera.
  3. film noire

    S11.E03: It's a Clam Shame

    Dennis Shields was not a decent man, imo. He was a "pioneer" in predatory litigation financing and charged higher-than-loan-shark interest rates (up to 124 percent) to clients, including victims of sexual assault. Shields also died right before (as in three weeks) the Feds began investigating his firm for pressuring/misleading female clients into having mesh removal surgery. So my only quibble with Ramona's comment was that she criticized Shields for the wrong thing -- addiction has nothing to do with intelligence -- but trashing that lowlife for loan-sharking survivors of sexual assault? For telling women (many without health insurance & no primary physician to turn to for medical advice) that their mesh was dangerous and they needed to get it removed immediately? Have at it, Crazy Eyes. LOL Party of one: Shields potentially giving Bryn a ring was all kinds of WTF to me - you're not marrying the little girl, you're marrying her mother -- give her a bracelet or a necklace, but a ring feels off (and way too reminiscent of those creepy purity ball rituals).
  4. film noire

    S09.E06: Fifty Shades Of Shade

    Travel-size Cuntkins are a girl's best friend! : ) I heard LVP left a horse's head in Teddi's bed. Everything in this post is YES territory for me -- Langford, hand me my torch! --and I am not over this story, not until Dorit and PK are run out of reality tv town on a rail. ETA link to Teddi's blog: "The lies. The LIES! THE LIES! Finally, you get to hear the full story and the reason I wasn’t completely forthcoming with the group about everything." https://www.bravotv.com/the-real-housewives-of-beverly-hills/season-9/season-9/blogs/teddi-mellencamp-arroyave/teddi-3 Teddi's blog (as best I can make out) = LIES LIES LIES! (as delivered by Blanche Devereaux) and Here be proof! (as delivered by a medieval priest readying the weighted stone for the witch drowning) and Read ye all the lies lies lies! (Blanche Devereaux as the medieval priest) and enlarged texts (as big as Denise's husband's penis) all about "mixed messages" and confusion and ambivalence and "IDK" and Lisa once again defending Dorit (she didn't mean the dog to end up there -- yes, she did, LVP) and Ken not being "angry enough" because LVP is defending Dorit -- same shit, different week -- but in Teddi Bare's dumb little pinheaded brain, this is not just a mic drop, this is Newton and the apple, this is Alexander Graham Bell and "Mr. Watson, come here, I need you!" (rowrr!) this is the smoking gun to end all smoking guns. Shaddup and take a seat.
  5. film noire

    S09.E05: The Proof Hurts

    One for the road ; )
  6. film noire

    S11.E01: Divided, They Summer

    And there's truck traffic in both lanes -- no way I'd pay three million to listen to traffic all summer long (you can get that noise in the city, free of charge ; )
  7. Oh, I'm sure for many people (especially anybody who missed him on Oprah) that's the understandable reaction: Perry = Madea (watch his appearance on Oprah, and that would likely change, imo): But when it comes to Luann (given how often these housewives insist they are SO MUCH MORE than their edit, so much more complex than their performance on the show!) it's beyond rich watching Luann dismiss a man who overcame what would likely break her, and who achieved success Luann can only dream of (what step is that, Lu? Step fuckteen?) And even if Luann doesn't have a clue what Perry survived, by virtue of what Luann does for a living, she's in no position to snigger at anybody else's wisdom, imo. That ship sailed the minute she signed her Bravo contract.
  8. This appears to be shaping up to be an exhausting season (and with major storylines involving a dead drug addict and a live dry drunk, that was to be expected) but could we not have had some fun up top, before it all went to hell? A few nutters-let-loose scenes, a little group magic before they blow it sky-high? I like to be wooed before I get screwed. Ramona (can I actually be saying this?) got it right, imo. Luann didn't really do rehab (the only step M'Lady is working is the one she takes over whichever body gets in her way next, be they her kids or castmates). Also (likely party of one!) Luann can shove her sniggers about somebody quoting Tyler Perry right up her ass. Tyler Perry spent his childhood being beaten (and mind-gamed) by his father, was molested by four adults (the first molestation at age 5) and attempted suicide as a teen...and still found a way to forgive. Of course, I realize NONE of that compares to what Luann suffered (those terrible awful no-good children pushing her off the wagon - including the paddy wagon - because they weren't willing to let their mother steal from them. The whorror! The whorror!) That said: bitch, please doesn't even begin to cover Dorinda sending that quote (upside: Dorinda has finally learned black men don't exist just to take her coat! Well done, Do!) @bosawks - you've been funnier throughout this whole thread than anybody in the episode -- thanks for cracking me up; )
  9. film noire

    "The View": Week Of 3/11/2019

    Neither did Meghan's parents, apparently, since Meghan went to Columbia ; ) When John McCain's Daughter yammers on about herself, she so often (inadvertently) ends up revealing the opposite of what she thinks she's saying: ASU IS AN INCREDIBLE INCREDIBLE INCREDIBLE SCHOOL (for thee but not for me -- me, I go to the liberal elitist left-wing institution in NYC).
  10. film noire

    S09.E05: The Proof Hurts

    And a doggy bag. It's not only a word, it describes the medical condition people develop after watching these women every week -- Punchausen by Proxy ; )
  11. I 'm not an apologist for Catholicism (raised Catholic, left it behind, and despise the church's indulgence of pedophiles) but Rinna's reaction is religious bigotry, imo. Her surprise (if that's even what it was) does not give her permission to mock people for legally practicing their religion (imagine any other denomination and it becomes crystal clear: "They got that bindi dottie on their forehead! It's freaking me out a bit, guys!") And even though I'm sure Rinna usually sees a forehead as a routine Botox site, she also knew exacty what she was seeing (she called them "Lent ash"). She wasn't unaware of the tradition, or taken by surprise that the tradition existed - she just felt free to piss on people publicly practicing their beliefs in a way she found laughable. Truly repulsive woman.
  12. film noire

    "The View": Week Of 3/11/2019

    Abby was near-impossible to watch today. And her ignorance is appalling. She knows nothing about the country she patriotically dry-humps like a stripper working the last shift at Tits R Us (or Trump mounting any flag). To insist that a nation founded via revolution, which has faced conservative opposition (and warfare) to every step forward -- an end to slavery, voting rights for POC and women, social security, medicare/medicaid (and on and on, down a long list of radical changes now considered mainstream) to think that all these epic changes were achieved by people sitting around in a womb-like state of comity -- all nuanced, doncha know -- is embarrassing on her part. She is the worst kind of fool, imo; ignorant, and loud about it. And in one segment she made me loathe her almost as much as I loathe John McCain's Daughter. Brava.
  13. Congrats on joining the club! Pat yourself on the back for quitting, every day (When you're no longer smoking -- and instead dealing with the weight gain and lack of nicotine energy and mood changes - it's so easy to forget the initial achievement). And (for what it's worth) it helped me -- during periods of fat frustration -- to remember that you can always lose weight, but you can't gain a new body.
  14. film noire

    "The View": Week Of 3/4/2019

    Me too -- total BEC (Bitch Eating Cactus ; )