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  1. catrice2

    S03.E16: Chapter Fifty-One: Big Fun

    Can't figure out what is going on with this show. Loved the first year. I don't know why they would have put Josie and Archie together...after Val and when they KNOW they would never let Archie be with anyone other than Veronica or Betty . Having missed most of last year and almost all of this year I don't know how they got together. the odds of the other show working out are slim since this one is slipping. I liked the way they deviated from the comics with the betty jughead pairing and I do wish they would do the same for Archie. Could it be that Josie is guarding her heart because Archie is so wishy washy, and because she feels it is just a matter of time before he runs back to Veronica?
  2. catrice2

    S05.E17: Time Bomb

    Has been going down since the first year, certainly the second. this episode was boring, I didn't even watch the last one. They need new writers. I never liked Cisco or any Harry, etc.
  3. catrice2

    S08.E16: Harvey

    Thanks for the updates guys. Happy to say I did not watch one episode this season...and sounds like I didn't miss much.
  4. I did like the Fixer Upper Mysteries, but then again I liked the Wedding Planner one and never figured out why they dropped it. I personally would not have a problem with a recast on the Garage Sale Mysteries, but I think other fans might be upset.
  5. catrice2

    S01.E16: King of Swords

    I agree, I never thought about her one way or the other or why the relationship was not working. I certainly have never gotten entitled from her....just that they have no chemistry. Acting is about making you believe for 60 minutes, and I did not believe for 2 that either one of them are attracted to each other, or in love. I feel like the actor who plays Max over acts, so I can't really say that his "looks" communicate much to me. I also don't find him all that attractive, so there is that. I honestly hope they find another love interest for Freema Agyeman because I don't think fans will ever get behind the Max/Helen relationship because they introduced him with a wife and baby on the way. I also think they should have built up to it more, although to me after watch soap opera and dramas for years, you could see the writing on the wall. I still think they will explain it as him thinking he has feelings for her because she is his doctor.
  6. I can't believe I missed the crossword Mysteries. I was looking forward to trying that one out. I really don't like the male lead in that though and I haven't liked him in anything that he's been in. I don't know if they think he's attractive or they're going for the down-to-earth boy next door but more importantly I just don't think he is a great actor and he has definitely overdone it with the botox fillers or plastic surgery or something
  7. catrice2

    S01.E16: King of Swords

    Probably thought the audience would be more behind the character if he had more to lose than just his new job but did not count on how the two actors came across on screen. In general you know on a show like this there are going to he relationships. Since they made Kapoor older, Iggy gay and reynolds black by marrying max off there is no young attractive single man to appeal to those important demographic numbers. Reynolds did not fit that slot because they wanted him on some equality quest and his relationship with Bloom was also a dud. The problem is even without Helen no on buys the marriage or chemistry and they wrote him as not a guy that would be having multiple hospital romances. If they stick to the medical fine but if they delve into personal lives look for a young white male to join season 2. Now they have 2 people with chemistry but no way to put them together without making both look bad. The best they can do is explain it as the transference people sometimes do with doctors. Either way Helen's boyfriend needs to go..he is not the one
  8. catrice2

    S01.E16: King of Swords

    Thanks. Bad decision by writers ti have Max married with a pregnant wife even if there was no Helen. I do not see them going anywhere with it other than the grass is greener type thing since he is feeling inadequate for wife and to pander to viewer comments but I cannot say they have not had chemistry from the start. It is only magnified because they have none with the wife and boyfriend
  9. catrice2

    S01.E16: King of Swords

    came in on the last 20 minutes. What was happening with Max and Helen? And why was Bloom saying she will never practice again?
  10. Well innocent until proven guilty and all but I would think it would be very hypocritical of them to have issues about movies with minorities and gay people but be okay with ll keeping a fraudster on the payroll especially when they try to have such a wholesome image.. and I like the garage sale Mysteries. The issue is they have too much money invested in her so it's going to be interesting. Exactly. And if she was someone different than that we wouldn't even be having a conversation about what Hallmark is going to do
  11. catrice2

    Jeopardy! Season 35 (2018-2019)

    I cannot believe that everyone did not get FJ in 2 seconds...
  12. catrice2

    S02.E17: Breakdown

    My understanding is that you have to ask for accommodations, they don't have to just give them to you. I.e., I can be ADHD and need a quiet environment, but if i have not asked for one I can't complain about not getting it. If I could not have my own office, a cubicle or some type of partition might be a reasonable accommodation. Someone else could have ADHD and it not bother them at all to be in the middle of chaos, but they have other issues. Not all Autistic people have the same concerns that Shaun does. I've interacted with some that are quite funny, some that were affectionate, etc. Shaun has a lot of abilities. Most jobs are by contract or at will and I would think that as in most jobs that he has the right to utilize people the best way they see fit. He did not fire Shaun, he moved him to a different position and if the pay was the same unless there is something specific in his contract about being a surgeon, etc. who knows? i don't think we have enough information and they left it vague. I also agree with whomever wrote that it was a smart play while they were under investigation. It is never o.k to behave like that at work, but especially when you are supposed to be convincing someone that you can do a job and control your emotions. That was the equivalent of throwing a tantrum because you did not get your way. People go to work with outside stress everyday, deaths in the family, sick children, etc. and don't get a pass. You do the work, prove him wrong. He may have already been second guessing his decision. It had not been that long. It was unrealistic to think someone would change their mind in a couple of days or a few weeks, especially while you are shouting at them. Did he have the scapel in his hand? I suppose it depends on how the job description is written and what is in the internship agreement. If communication skills are an integral part, and it is specified in some way that could be an issue. I personally would have a problem with a doctor that I saw in the fetal position in the middle of the hospital just as I would have a problem with having a surgeon, who is about to CUT ON ME not having a personality or some type of bedside manner
  13. catrice2

    The Jeopardy! All-Star Games

    The problem was that I enjoyed individual people and not whole teams. I think it would have been better if teams were assigned at random.
  14. catrice2

    S02.E17: Breakdown

    I get that we have favorites and everyone wants a happy ending, but I think it is realistic that someone would question Shaun's abilities. Bedside manner and patient connection is critical in patient care, and in real life Shaun's delivery in certain situations would be inappropriate. The new doctor was also correct to point out that the way Shaun was acting in his office was only proving his point. Disability aside, you cannot go screaming into your supervisor's office and breaking down. You can be passionate without losing control. It would be unrealistic for Shaun to go in the way he did and the supervisor to just say o.k. I actually thought it was brilliant for them to assign him to pathology...he still has the opportunity to solve mysteries and save lives without possibly being too emotional while working on or with a patient.
  15. catrice2

    S02.E17: Breakdown

    I've been bored this whole season...I find I don't care about Shaun, Glassman, Lea or the relationship between Lim and Melendez. I actually found myself thinking "where is Andrews?" during the episode. Don't know what happened since last year. I hope they get new writers or something next year.