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  1. Globegrl

    Shopping Channel Hosts: Sales Prevention Team

    It is really not your place to decide if someone is gay and/or that they should live an out life.
  2. Globegrl

    S07:E06 Lacey's Story

    The body is actually amazing at adapting, especially if one was an overweight child continuing obesity into adulthood. Those people usually manage better than those who gain a lot of weight in adulthood
  3. Globegrl

    S07:E06 Lacey's Story

    The reason the goal weights are set higher for the very obese person is that the bones of the very obese person become much heavier and dense than those of normal weight people from the sheer carrying around of the weight.
  4. Globegrl

    Season 5 Discussion

    Could this show possibly be more boring? And half the time I don't even know what they're talking about due to the uneven editing.
  5. Globegrl

    Million Dollar Listing LA

    All kidding aside, I wonder about the horror of realizing after the bandages are removed and the healing well underway, that your face has been terribly botched. Kathy was pretty in the old picture with Tracy. I can't imagine what you must think and feel. I would so much rather have my wrinkles and sag.
  6. Globegrl

    Family By The Ton

    I've had those stomach shots after every surgery and I will tell you that they do not hurt at all. And I HATE needles!
  7. Well for starters why the hell are they standing so close to each other? Look at the sway in Whit's back from her stomach. I'm surprised exercise hasn't helped with that. That can't feel good.
  8. Globegrl

    Product Reviews: After Sales

    I recently tried the Mama Mancini stuffed meatballs. I purchased them in the fresh meat section of my grocery store, not frozen from QVC. I was completely unimpressed with them. There were six smallish meatballs and a lot of sauce. The price was $6.99. Has anyone bought them from the Q and what did you think?
  9. Globegrl

    S07.E01 Octavia's Story

    As a formerly very obese person I will say that the surgery really should be performed on the brain, not the stomach. Obesity is a mental problem, the weight is just the byproduct. I also know many people who regained a lot or all of their weight and it must be heartbreaking. I lost my weight over about 8 years by cutting down portion sizes and cutting way down on sweets and junk. I still struggle with the desire to eat and definitely my eyes are bigger than my stomach syndrome. I still tend to cook more than what I need. But I will never say I am cured.
  10. Globegrl

    Shopping Channel Hosts: Sales Prevention Team

    Stop it Booney - before I wet my pants from laughing!!! You are the cleverest girl!!!
  11. Globegrl

    Small Talk: Take A Break From Shop(ping) Talk

    Happy Birthday Booney!!!
  12. Globegrl

    S06.E01: Single, Fat and Crazy

    Well, I just finished watching this episode and I cannot believe how Buddy was all over Whitney when she was visiting him in DC. Every other word from him was some kind of sexual innuendo. Is this a producer ploy to start trouble between Whitney and Heather? I just cannot believe that Buddy is truly interested in Whitney. Anyway it just seemed really off.
  13. OK, I almost peed myself laughing at your captions. So apt!!!
  14. Globegrl

    Hired Friends: Whitney's Social Barnacles

    That's what happens as you age - gravity makes it drop. I know because I used to have one of those bellies.
  15. Globegrl


    You are totally correct - the flavor is way off. The only one that tastes right to me is the plain Hershey kiss in the silver wrapper. What the hell did they do to the chocolate? I think maybe low quality ingredients. Well at least it has greatly curbed my candy consumption.