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  1. trinistyles

    Things We Hate About The Handmaid's Tale

    Ppl r mad that the Justice System in Gilead is what it is... June is Offred -> Handmaid #xyz like Chapman is Inmate #abc... She knew cards were being dealt... Choices have consequences... She enjoyed Luke, in righteousness or sin... The freedoms enjoyed is only because of the mob force from society... Now the mob is against you, u wanna be sad... Better doesn't mean better for everybody... Under either America or Gilead be happy you have the chance to survive... Everybody doesn't under Gilead... Everybody didn't under America... Lilly used to get fucked behind the dumpster of McDonald's so she n her baby could eat (a happy meal & oxy) while June married Luke legally via his divorce from Annie... Those r the breaks/brakes for them (Lilly, her baby, Fred/Serena included)... Gilead r the breaks/brakes for you... Under the current U.S. Constitution's XIIIth Amendment slavery is legal as punishment for a crime... Chapman manufacturing underwear for 2 cents per unit, nothing wrong with June manufacturing babies for a pardon... Because if she doesn't produce, she will be sent to the colonies as an Unwoman... Wrong is wrong... @Umbelina posting this here for your statement of Isaac on Jannine... I think she already is an Unwoman because all Handmaids are criminals (arresting the female partners), though they could ONLY be REDEEMED if productive... Also, the coward comment may not be that he, specifically, is a Canadian traitor and/or Gilidean operative, though I definitely think Canada is infected with SoJ Gilead installations within Government extending into society... Ex: "take/get the other one, home," - Isaac, if read as typed could be like take/get Canada to solidify Gilead into Empire Empire Status (home -> home base) via total North American domination (with 2 of 3 countries), through their similar pre-Gilead U.S./U.S. (now regime leaders) Canadian Gilead counterpart installations in Canada... I (Isaac) already have June (although June is Canada, batshit insane America's (Jannine's) mirror via Ying Yang -> Gamble -> The Street), through America (urgh!!! #Theorysplaining!!!!!), take/get batshit insane Jannine, home... (June is Canada, ying to batshit insane Jannine is America, yang; though swapped because of custody status, ignoring behavior, to regime occupied territory comparatively...)
  2. trinistyles

    S02.E08: Women's Work

    Administrative punishment... 10 lashes... Starship Troppers - A Civilized Whipping!!! If this is accepted, then nothing is wrong with what happened to Serena... She could have lost a finger The baby Gilidean needs to learn the ropes; its never too early to introduce knowledge... If the baby, has to be disciplined, Serena, would be the Zim of the situation...
  3. trinistyles

    The Resistance: Theories for Season 3

    The Eyes know something because it was in the closet, they had to have been all up in that house during June's kidnapping... "Knower of Latin, scratcher of words" bwl... Because binge watching it now when she gets home from the globe the closet wall is sanded smooth erasing it, so they know it was in her room before... I mean its gonna be, "Nick, before you call in the kidnapping, go to the garage, get some paint, cover this please..." or else its a huge problem to explain the coincidence...
  4. trinistyles

    The Resistance: Theories for Season 3

    Cash was extinct pre-Gilead... So I think the compu-counts still exists, for the males, who can use them, to ascend the ranks... Its not like they have to pay rent or utilities anymore, if tokens for food etc. (though the reading/writing thing could be a foundational part of the tokens/tickets use), housing is probably state issued for financial & security purposes... Salary is probably like military type payroll of today for toiletries, personal effects, etc. giving an opportunity to still build a fortune, albeit slowly or vacation as able (what else could be bought???)... The food shortage is global, per 1×06 Mexican ambassador, the world is adjusting to new climate patterns, staples are problematic... Though a return to traditional values would emphasize fresh food daily, except the open air markets of then are now grocery stores, bakeries, butcher shops, etc. hence daily walks for shopping, exercise, activity, etc... Everything is fresh/organic, can goods are insurance, though the balance of the shortage mixed with the traditional values definitely is straining the system more... The writing on the wall cripples the June returning to the Waterford house angle, an abandoned house maybe like the aunt Lydia story for the Nick/Holly birth situation might work... Then the writers are arcing a Nick vs Waterford war that might be season long; that could accommodate her return inspite of the writing on the wall & the Holly kidnapping via Waterford cya, though why risk it when you are already gone??? Especially if SJ (Thelma), per writer's arc, regrets her choice, then attemps to get the baby returned, is possible??? If June's in the wind, no damage to Nick vs Waterford, Waterford still covers his ass for season long effect, SJ has Fred to assist with Nichole & the resistance story opens its wings...
  5. trinistyles

    The Resistance: Theories for Season 3

    I think that Commander Lawrence maybe the other Commander, (Commander Judd), referenced in the epilogue with Waterford, that links to June... I suppose the writers are giving us the actual events of our story's universe, (the origins of June's tapes or season's one story, are the personal items she left upstairs at the Boston Globe taken care of by the guy to end up in Maine)... It would be believable since the History of Gillead in the Au is limited that the professor has Waterford, Lawrence, Judd, among others' events commingled... Therefore, Lawrence could be the gray haired Commander instead of Waterford (Gillidean propaganda/misinformation) to be executed on live TV around the world as one of the early architectural Commanders purged from the regime for hiding a subversive, possibly June, etc. along with Waterford purged or simply executed separately for his secular crimes against the regime, (ushering in the middle era of Gillead, though there would need to be a time jump to accommodate the new generation of Gillidean children aging to harness control of the regime)... Thus leaving SJ a widow (pre-jump), a wife dressed in black, a semi-new costume for us; (Wolfie's wife wore black before his trail, then hand amputation), trying to get Holly (Nichole) from June once more because she regrets that decision... Also making Luke's original marriage to Annie void, (middle era, post-jump) n she a criminal sentenced to be a handmaid/unwoman if in Gillead n discovered or extradited if escaped... Do compu-counts still exist??? I only ask because of the form of payment needed to buy a prayer from the copy shop store; or are they gonna use loaves n fishes tickets or something similar??? I know Gillead still has a currency, is it in any form of dollars or cents anymore??? Hopefully Commander Lawrence will have additional answers beyond only the colonies...