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  1. Slightly bemused by the way the Evo OAP prounces “aerosol”. It reminds me of that joke: A man goes into a Swedish pharmacy to buy a deodorant. “Do you want the ball or the aerosol?” asks the pharmacist “No, it’s for my armpits” 😆😆😆
  2. Bored with that oven. They put up a graphic saying it would replace loads of different appliances including a microwave. Lies. It’s not a microwave. Someone rang in earlier to say they’d purchased TWO of them, that’s 280 bucksh thanks very much, and Caro had the bare faced cheek to try and upsell some Cooks Essentials silicon baking mat.
  3. Ooh what do we think the “special announcement “ will be? I’m excited! 🙄😬😄
  4. It was a smaller range than usual. There was a lot of skincare and cosmetics, also fashion, I don’t recall them having much ‘home’ stuff. You might imagine that Italians would turn their noses up at buying ‘fashion’ off the tv but there’s plenty of it on qvc.it. UK is very similar to US. We get a lot of your brands and guests.
  5. I don’t know really, the French are certainly buying from the internet because all of the stores are offering on line, you can get your supermarket shop delivered just like anywhere else and I was in Paris a couple of weekends ago buying something for my friends apartment there off Amazon.fr. Interestingly though, we never got QVC France products migrating to the UK. We get quite a few German ranges and their OAP’s come over to sell them but we never got French stuff. The French can be very disdainful about certain things though. They have a very particular attitude. Some might call it ‘superior’, I’d call it ‘rude’ haha. So maybe they thought QVC was beneath them somehow. Which, if true, is a bit ironic given that their capital city is covered in graffiti and dog pooh! 🐶 💩
  6. She’s unashamedly chomping her way through every demo. The woman is a machine! Geoffrey Zakarian just handled a huge joint of pork with his bare hands, and is going through the rest of his presentation touching utensils and serving food with those utensils. omg he’s just done it again with raw pork chops, picked up a wooden handled paintbrush and is now painting glaze into a cooked ham. Ever heard of food hygiene and cross contamination Geoff? 🤢🤮😷
  7. I think Antonella is one of THE most fake presenters. Yes she puts on a good act of being all regular and such but I find her disingenuous in the extreme.
  8. Kerstin: “Eye Contact and what it says about your character”
  9. Basso put Caro into a double breasted jacket (349313) and Caro almost squealed “this is too big, it’s an 18, Im a 14 or a 16 in this”. Dennis just carried on, rolling up the sleeves and gussying it all up, fastens the jacket at the front and..... perfect fit. Size 14 Caro? 🤔🤥😬
  10. Hopefully they’ve changed the design because that last air fryer oven was fugly. and anyway, isn’t this now just a mini oven?.
  11. McVities? Milk or dark? 😍
  12. Oh my. I see the Churchill’s shortbread has made its way across the pond. Abdthe annoying OAP. The tins are very nice, just as described. If you want tins to collect stuff In then go ahead. If you want biscuits (cookies) don’t bother. They have nothing that you don’t do better in the U.S.
  13. ITKWD with Mary (another well deserved vaycay David?), anyway the OAP who usually brings us the insulated picnic bags was just demonstrating the SWIP whisk. She’s whisking up some green food colouring into a bowl of whipped cream and the whisk fell apart in her hand. She had to literally hold the wire into the handle in order to continue. Then when she thought she was off camera she looked at someone off set with an expression that said “why am I working with this piece of crap?” 😆😆
  14. There’s some weird sh*t going on with the pigeon toe thing like some sort of anti-fashion statement at the same time as saying look at me I’m so anti-fashion that I’m high fashion. It’s like that dreadful clichéd broken doll’ model pose. Don’t look at me but LOOK AT ME. They know exactly what theyre doing.
  15. I have a grudging admiration for someone who can eat shepherds pie after chocolate cake. You guys and your blurring of the lines between sweet and savoury. However I’m English 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 . We still regard salted caramel with deep suspicion and the idea of maple syrup being in the same room, let alone present on the same plate as a piece of bacon brings us out in hives.