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  1. Can there be a grace period for editing a post? I recently made a post and hit an errant key before posting. I went back immediately to fix the mistake and then saved it and it put that tag at the bottom that said edited... It had only been posted a couple of seconds before I edited it. Maybe it shouldn't but it bugs me. I get it if someone goes back an hour or so later and edits it that it should say that the post has been edited, but if it gets edited in the first several minutes to fix a spelling mistake or punctuation error or something, it shouldn't put that tag on there. It makes it look like I've changed the content or the intent of my original post when I haven't. Like I said, maybe it's just a pet peeve that shouldn't bug me but it does.
  2. Aryanna


    I thought he came around because of what Lainey said to him.
  3. Aryanna

    S01.E15: Hard Landing

    I don't think I can last for 5 seasons. And I don't think the story has enough to make it last that long without a lot of filler. Which we've already had filler episodes in the first season. This episode didn't really move the story forward. They pull us in with an interesting concept but the creator and the writers need to know that they're gonna have to give us little payoffs every now and then to keep us interested.
  4. Aryanna

    Dawson's Creek

    What show is that?
  5. Aryanna

    Dawson's Creek

    Really? I didn't know that.
  6. Aryanna

    S01.E14: Upgrade

    They've been hinting about the empty seat on the plane next to Saanvi like it's another mystery that needs to be solved. If it turns out to be nothing more than a guy stood her up then that's weak.
  7. Aryanna

    Wake Up, San Francisco! Full(er) House Media

    I'll be sad to see it go because this is truly a fun show. I love when new episodes come out. I can understand ending it at 5 seasons but I wish that they would have more episodes per season. With this and Hollywood Darlings being canceled I'll have to look elsewhere for a 90s/TGIF fix.
  8. Aryanna

    S01.E13: Twelve Seconds

    Her hair has been bad since episode 1. I foresee me dropping out of this show and then reading about it on the internet when the mysteries are answered but by that time I won't care.
  9. Aryanna

    S01.E13: Twelve Seconds

    I skipped several episodes of this show and didn't miss it. Then last week was drawn back in because I thought they were gonna give some answers. So then I watch this week hoping for answers and am disappointed. I thought fast forwarding through the boring parts would make it better. Nope. This show is so cliched. Delilah always talks in breathy whispers. No one ever turns on any lights in these rooms. I guess all of them have lost power. The stupid fake outs; The vote didn't pass, guess Delilah and her kids will be living under a bridge. Nope. She sold the building but decided to go ahead and sit in and listen to the vote even though it had no bearing on her life. Ahsley's gonna jump. Nope. She's just going to Spain. Why does lawyer lady continue to help Delilah? Delilah was screwing her husband until recently. If some floozy was sleeping with my man, you can bet I wouldn't be helping her with anything. And why did Beardy McBeardson get so mad at the other philanderer and not forgive him but seems totally okay with still being friends with and helping Delilah? Double standard much? Plus, Delilah is just awful. Yeah, Ashley should've revealed that information to Jon's family earlier, but to yell at her to get out was ridiculous. As someone up thread said, she could still have valuable information that they need to figure out what happened and why. And Beardy yelling at her to get out after Delilah (who apparently didn't care about her husband at the end of his life anyway) told her to get out reminded me of Brick Tamland yelling "LOUD NOISES!" He knows other people are upset and he wants to be upset on their behalf but doesn't quite understand everything that's going on.
  10. Aryanna

    S06.14: Major League'd

    So Bradley Cooper, Matt Ryan, Ruben Amaro Jr. Am I missing anyone? How is it all these famous people are from Jenkintown? Is Jenkintown the nexus of the universe? Also, I never understood why characters on the Goldbergs call other characters by their full names.
  11. Aryanna

    S01.E13: Cleared for Approach

    For those dogging on Ben for keeping secrets from Grace and Olive, when people found out about the callings, they died. That's why he was keeping secrets to protect them. It wasn't because he thought they couldn't handle it. It was because he didn't want them to die. Though as someone pointed out up thread, that started to fall apart with Jarred knowing and still being alive. But for the most part, everyone else has died. I honestly don't understand shows like this. They draw us in with a mystery and instead of serving that storyline they give us a bunch of family drama or love triangles we didn't ask for or want. We just want storylines that deal with the mystery. The show has an interesting concept, but they continually screw it up by not servicing that concept.
  12. Aryanna

    S10.E13: Whanex?

    This show has been inconsistent with so many characters for so long. Suddenly Cam's a vice principle...to never be heard about again unless it serves some plot point or joke. Kind of like Mitch and his multiple jobs and firings. I never know if he's employed or where he's working. Or like Haley and her starting a fashion website/app...no, she gets paid to go to parties and promote...no she works for a fashion designer...no wait she works for some Gwyneth Paltrow wannabe...she's an adult getting her stuff together...no she's back with Dylan and she's too stupid to tie her shoes. Let's not even get into how inconsistent Alex is and how the pick up and drop storylines with her. And those are just the inconsistencies I can think of off the top of my head.
  13. Aryanna

    S01.E12: The Day Before...

    I keep waiting for him to say he has a meeting with the Bobs.
  14. Aryanna

    S01.E12: The Day Before...

    Yes. Not a good sign for a show when the best character is the one who's dead.
  15. Aryanna

    S01.E12: The Day Before...

    That's been stuck in my head ever since watching this episode. Jon is still the most interesting character on the show. If he jumped over being in debt then these writers are just lame. They need to flesh out the kids more instead of them just being props.