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  1. Aryanna


    AJ is attractive in what I would call an unconventional way. I don't think I've seen Aly in anything recently. However I did watch Aly in an old Disney channel movie just the other day.
  2. Aryanna

    S.6E.19: Eight-Bit Goldbergs

    I liked the complaints people had about the game. They are the same complaints you hear about the show itself. Also, the guy that played Adam's teacher is the guy that does Tina's voice on Bob's Burgers.
  3. Aryanna

    S03.E15 American Idol

    I hate when networks force this kind of stuff on shows.
  4. Aryanna

    Single Parents

    Yes, I think Will looks much better with the beard. And his self confidence in this episode helped quite a bit too. I don't have a problem with him being the way he is or the kind of dad he is for Sophie, I think my problem is him kowtowing to Douglas. I liked when he stood up to Douglas' selfish face in this ep.
  5. Aryanna

    S10.E17: The Wild

    I've been bored by some of the episodes this season but this episode went way beyond that. It was just terrible. The humor seemed really broad in this ep. You could see the setups and the jokes coming from a mile away. Not clever at all. In earlier seasons they had some very clever jokes and humor. It was as if this was done by a first time writer. The dialogue was so stilted. It was as if in the beginning of writing this ep they went through each character and said "That's gonna be their thing this episode." Claire's thing was spatial thinking, Gloria's was becoming white, Jay's was feeling like a burden and so on.
  6. Aryanna


    I never did see it and I even paused it and tried.
  7. Aryanna

    Single Parents

    I figured everyone would like this episode since it was so light on the kids and their storyline. From what I've understood from these boards, people have a problem with the kids.
  8. Aryanna

    S05.E17: These Boots Are Made for Walkin'

    I hate when writers get in a rut and rely too much on one character and that character's flaw and basically write the same episode every week.
  9. Aryanna

    S09.E16: Roamin' Bob-iday

    This episode was just meh for me. I love Bob but I'm getting the feeling that my favorite episodes tend to be the ones that feature the kids.
  10. Aryanna

    Sydney to the Max

    The father and daughter don't look related at all. I get that it's TV and children's TV at that, but c'mon...at least try. Glad to see Caroline Rhea as I tend to enjoy her but she's wasted here and her character isn't well written.
  11. Aryanna

    S05.E16: Trentina

    But none of this will be remembered next week. Every week now Jessica "learns" something but then her character gets reset back to the starting position each week. It's getting a little tiresome. I would like less focus on Jessica and Evan and more episodes/plots with Eddie, Louis and Emery.
  12. Aryanna

    Last Man Standing

    Watching reruns of HI I always feel like Jill was mean and antagonistic toward Tim. Especially when her and her friends would gang up on Tim and make fun of him. Mike and Vanessa seem to have more of a teamwork relationship and act like they really like each other. Mike doesn't always have to be the heavy or the bad guy because Vanessa will take that on if she feels strongly about something. They seem like a more realistic couple.
  13. Aryanna

    S09.E15: The Fresh Princ-ipal

    Louise did a good job as principal. Teddy is my least favorite character. He's not really funny, he's just dumb. And why would Linda tell Jimmy Pesto that Bob has the yips? She knows how much Jimmy teases Bob and how much Bob hates that. Why give Jimmy extra ammo against Bob?
  14. Aryanna

    Which actress most resembles the book Anne?

    I agree. These are good points.
  15. Aryanna

    S06.E08: He Said, She Said

    The handled a serious issue without it having a "very special episode" feel to it. They tackled the issue and still managed to make me laugh.