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  1. HouseofBeck

    S02.E08: Identity, Part I

    I always wondered at the way it was said the Kaylons/Isaac described their own world: As 100% inhabited by artificial life forms. If they were the only life forms there, and seemingly very real, why would they still be calling themselves artificial? How'd they get there? Now I know: THE MOUNTAINS OF BONES. Not that I want humanity to be wiped out either, but it's not the planet's fault when humanity goes off the rails. Leave Earth and the ecosystem to itself; decoy the humans out.
  2. HouseofBeck

    S03.E07: A Public Inconvenience

    I don't think Penge did rat them out. I think (I hope) his contemplation with the coins was over his conscience, not the amount, and that when he told the Duke (offscreen) that he couldn't find any evidence / didn't want to be part of it, the Duke jumped to Husband Plan B: Commit to Asylum. Since we have Joseph, I hope he gets the Duchess out. Otherwise, what an unappealing guy and plot. I'm so sick of Albert. I was yelling at him to hurry up and die if he couldn't bring himself to treat his wife with any respect. But then I felt so bad for the queen, especially with her sad face and posture. Jenna did those scenes so well.
  3. HouseofBeck

    S02.E08: Identity, Part I

    It looked like he had scanned it into his memory to me, too. It didn't occur to me that the dropping of it could represent a breadcrumb clue, as another poster said, but now I wonder. Our Issac would by now have enough evolved AI sense to know that a perceived discard would be needlessly hurtful.
  4. HouseofBeck

    S02.E08: Identity, Part I

    Yes, this! Or get your ship undocked from the planet, get out of range (if you can), then send your instantly damning questions. I was starting to hope for this too, but their moment of ominous silence brought the anticipatory cringe. Unless it'll come out as a giant twist at the end. Indeed. I was waiting for something or somebody to detect that a child was both activating exits and leaving the ship. Nope! I can't wait to find out which theories pan out, they're all so interesting. "Just give Clyde blue eyes, they'll never know the difference!" I hope the biologicals defeat the Kaylons through logic and emotion. It's not logical to deliberately attack a planet so far away if your main purpose is first to find more room for themselves; they can AI-form any planet sitting around their quadrant. A dark side of me wondered if Seth is drawing a parallel between this supposed-until-proven-otherwise genocide (and plans for more) and how we're all horrified by it, and how humans have run other species into extinction...and still are.
  5. HouseofBeck

    S03.E06: A Coburg Quartet

    I wish Albert with his great big rational brain would happen to overhear those private moments when Feo is sniping at Victoria. And that he wouldn't believe the word of a stranger with giant calipers about his own son's intelligence. What the hell, Albert. Your wife's fine enough to keep impregnating, you old goat, but suddenly worthless for anything else? I too was hoping for an Imposter storyline when Leopold didn't recognize Feo at all; now I just want her to go away or die, and take Mustache Duke with her. I keep cringing in advance that he'll commit violence against the Duchess, who really needs to buy herself some guile already.
  6. HouseofBeck

    S07.E10: So Vain in Solvang

    I now think Raquel's blank stare during the song playback was because she didn't understand their intense enthusiasm for a shitty, auto-tuned project. Or maybe she just felt left out, again. James still doesn't get a pass for misogynistic/toxic comments. To me, his mom leeching him of $$, and being a part of what seems to be a lot of emotional turmoil over the years, still does not equate to why he calls women fat, etc. Mayhe he blames his mom for things as a _woman_ specifically instead of as a shitty _person_. I don't know, I haven't looked into triggers, and it seems a lesson early learned to verbally strike at women on appearance no matter what the true provocation is. But yeah, his mom and the few expressions that broke through her frozen laboratory face--hearing that her son wanted her to itemize her spending of his money sent her into a cold panic. She seems awful. His dad seems disconnected. I do give James props for trying to keep the conversation on track and not storming off crying, at least per what was shown. I'm figuring it's for screen time that SUR job interviews are conducted with friends/family in them. Jax didn't need to be at Brittany's. James didn't need to be at Harry's. Guillermo was a dick, yet maybe this will be a catalyst to James continuing with therapy and not drinking? Not sure if he gives more weight to a man's opinion of him versus a woman's, even a Lisa. He does seem to want to keep trying, which may finally separate him from being a Jax clone. Guess we'll see. And Jax. Christ. What a marriage that will be. What does Carter do? Is Kristen still paying for most of everything?
  7. HouseofBeck

    S02.E05: All the World Is Birthday Cake

    I totally got hung up on that couple having a baby in captivity. It didn't make sense even on that twisted planet. If I were in captivity, and also was thoroughly brainwashed to believe that I am evil evil evil, I would not be having a damn baby! Especially one intended to be born under a bad sign. Arrgh! At first, Jessica Szohr sounded like she had a permanent case of vocal fry, but perhaps anyone following Alara would have been found wanting. As it was, I found myself quickly turning around on Jessica before the ep was halfway through. Damn fine actress. I love Bortus. And I was so hoping none of Kelly's ribs were broken, yeesh (they didn't seem to be). This episode was lacking in the usual balance of humor and serious topics, but I think I get the parallels they were drawing with our society even as it was a very uneven show. Or perhaps that's the point.
  8. HouseofBeck

    S02.E13: A Nuclear Reactor and a Boy Called Lovey

    Oh, that was wonderful. Missy's little sister network, the hilarious scientist 'fight,' and poor Georgy. I agree that his lady love seemed sympathetic. High school can be so wretched. Sheldon (and Missy, for that matter) looked so much older to me in this ep that at first I couldn't stop focusing on how his little kid voice didn't match his face anymore.
  9. HouseofBeck

    S06.E14: All That Glitters Isn't Gold

    Eh, never mind.
  10. HouseofBeck

    S06.E14: All That Glitters Isn't Gold

    Yes! I was yelling at her smug talking head when she dared to say that. Still, the working situation between her and Kate now seems so lovely, that I don't want that to change. Let her keep her delusions (for now). Adrian's voice now bugs me even when he isn't saying creepy things, because of all the creepy things & vibe he has otherwise. I no longer want to hear him describe food. I didn't catch if Rhylee said she had orgasms all five times or just that they had sex five times. These two things can be very different. :P I also don't think she _needs_ to have them; I read that scene as that she was both surprised and impressed that Tyler stayed hard throughout, and she was still up for it (so to speak) and things still felt good, so why not keep going. That's as far as my armchair assessment goes. That was so cool of Josiah to volunteer the Speedo + Sweet Drinks idea to save the evening--that shouldn't even have needed saving, my god, those guests. I hope it really did work some wonders for his self-esteem. I also hope the guests have watched this ep and realize how ridiculous they were in the face of their stated preference sheet requests and their concept of time. If they secretly wanted to be tempted away from their strict regime, then just SAY it.
  11. HouseofBeck

    S02.E01: Ja'loja

    I did, too! Kelly was pointing out how Ed _would_ always choose her because he's emotionally compromised. I've been wondering if there aren't regulations against Captain/First Officer, or indeed Captain/any shipmate, precisely because of this. In fact, Kelly bringing up how emotionally compromised Ed is with the question of choice seemed like an attempt to get him to rationally see that their relationship isn't going to work. Instead, Ed kept asking if she loved him, which I agree (with Kelly) isn't even the point. If she said yes, it would just cause him to hound her even more. I don't blame her for refusing to answer. But yeah, she's the one not controlling her emotions this ep. /sarcasm /eyeroll I do think Ed took a shuttle out to think by himself and realized just that second too late that he had drifted past her windows. He did a piss-poor job of explaining that when confronted, though. So I also think Kelly was entitled to have her own boyfriend let her be upset for a hot second and validate her feelings of being spied on, both because Ed couldn't seem to defend himself at all and because being spied on sucks. But as we've seen even here in this thread, that's reality (so far) with differing approaches and allowances. I like how the show drives into things like this even if they're uncomfortable. For me, the holo dating scene bugged because if someone is telling you to leave them alone, just leave them alone. Don't keep persisting. Quite a theme this ep for some of the male characters, and that includes Mr. I Miss You. All said, I really did enjoy this ep and am glad the show is back! The mix of hilarity and more serious things along with fleshing out the characters is very refreshing.
  12. HouseofBeck

    S00E156: Resolution (New Year's Day 2019)

    We had the same question about the other two parts. Will have to rewatch (maybe). I wasn't too thrilled with this ep but there were some great bits. And Graham as always was awesome. The so-called comedic break was exactly what we humans would do when faced with a break in routine. No internet / etc. = Now what do we doooo? #NotAllHumans. No way of knowing the world's about to end! Bit close for comfort, that. Good for Ryan's Dad and his microwave oven. I wasn't sure if the show would go the sacrificial redemption vs long path redemption route but was betting on the latter. Now Ryan gets to see if his dad can stop running and hiding for real. I kept waiting for the Doctor to snarl that there was no Invasion Fleet and the Dalek was centuries behind the times.
  13. HouseofBeck

    S11.E12: AWOL

    This. As another poster said, it's on us to make the move to look up things we don't know, no matter what age we are. And hopefully access isn't restricted to those who do want to learn. I guess I hope this show gets renewed. I didn't expect to keep watching it, but there's enough in it that kept it on our DVR. I do want to get the old show again, though, as I don't remember enough of it, only that we loved to watch it.
  14. HouseofBeck

    Northern Exposure

    Every time I think of this show, I always think first of the episodes Bill Irwin was in, as the Flying Man. I've admired him for a long time (first saw him in Robin Williams's Popeye). I'd love to see that mini-arc again.
  15. HouseofBeck

    S07.E03: Either Him or Me

    I wonder! He's learned that saying certain words at certain times will buy him forgiveness/redemption/second chances...is he still confused, or just taking the easy way out? Is Brittany enough of a reason for him to put in the work to become a real person? Whereas James...I don't know. Clearly he's consistently been enabled, and has Jax as an example for the ongoing redemption arc. I echo an earlier poster who wished these people would go to real therapists, not Pump-paid ones.