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  1. echo.Echo.ECHO

    S10.E03: Episode 3

    I have a bunch of episodes taped, and I binge-watched them this week. I loved the cutting board and thought I'd buy them for a few people for Christmas. I checked Amazon and the kids' site, and both are still sold out.
  2. echo.Echo.ECHO

    S03.E03 Katie Girls

    The girl who plays teen Kate is a fantastic actress.
  3. echo.Echo.ECHO

    S01.E02: Band of Dads

    Interesting. See, I think it would be out of character for her to tell Regina. I know the situation is slightly different, but I'm basing this on Maggie's reaction to hearing that her oncologist told her ex that she'd skipped her appointment. (Even though I do agree that her boundaries are slippery.) The daughter was upset because she thought her dad had forgotten about her. I think the dance was simply the device that was used to show her he hadn't. (But yeah, it was kind of weird overall.)
  4. echo.Echo.ECHO

    S01.E01: Pilot

    HazelEyes4325 said: I'm betting that Gary dated Ashley in the past (seems in character for him, anyway), and so Ashley called Gary, maybe almost reflexively, because she knows him the best out of everyone in the group.
  5. echo.Echo.ECHO

    S04.E07: Something Stupid

    That's exactly what I was thinking, too.
  6. echo.Echo.ECHO

    Dr. Jeff, Rocky Mountain Vet

    Ahhh, thanks. Sounds like either pet sneaking a few bites of the other's food shouldn't really be a problem. I thought that sounded a bit extreme.
  7. echo.Echo.ECHO

    Dr. Jeff, Rocky Mountain Vet

    Is cat food really bad for dogs? I had no idea.
  8. echo.Echo.ECHO

    S02.E13: The Word

    Wow. Not sure what I expected but it wasn't that. I've been noticing the pairs and groups of handmaids getting more chatty and less careful in general over the past few episodes, I think even before the naming-bonding episode. I guess that helps counter the complaints about unintelligible whispered conversations, but ... yeah, there's no way they'll be able to maintain this show for even three years, much less ten, if they don't get their world building straight. Those girls are four or five years into this, so it's odd to me that they're all of a sudden getting braver as a group. What's happening that's making them flaunt some of the rules now? I hope they bring Cdr Lawrence back next season simply because I heart Josh Lyman and Bradley Whitford. Doesn't hurt that he is an interesting character, either. I don't understand why Fred wants to keep June around. Is he really that enamored? Is it simply fascination with and lust after a woman who fights back? Is it solely a power play? Is it more about putting and keeping Serena in her place? Maybe it's all of the above. And omg, June must hide kidnapper bait in that cloak. How many times d'ya think the other commanders will let Waterford drink from the kidnapping well? Heck, that one inspector guy didn't believe it the first time. Oh, but he's dead now, so.... I think because everything is so backward in Gilead, I'm always surprised at the modern-sounding names they give the babies. Angela? Nicole? I expected more Agneses and Charlottes or biblical names, TBH. Trying to remember ... have we heard any other child names? I expect Emily to pull out a bottle of breast milk from Holly Nichole's swaddling any minute now. Like someone above, I wonder if that fire was set deliberately or if the Marthas just took advantage of it. Or both. Maybe it was a distraction engineered by Cdr L for Emily, and the Marthas were able to use it for June, too. I'm not sure Cdr L expected another handmaid at the rendezvous. I kind of can't wait to see Rita and June next season. I wonder if Rita will be livid or understanding? And Nick. What repercussions will he face? Also, where was Margaret Atwood these last few episodes? I feel like she would have (should have?) been able to help the writers and showrunner think through some of these things so many of us are frustrated with. Is she still consulting on the show?
  9. echo.Echo.ECHO

    S02.E11: Holly

    So I'm sitting here watching Red Riding Hood run through the woods and I'm thinking, right, she's gonna get attacked by a wolf or something now. And then sure enough she turns around and there's a wolf. Seriously? Pet peeve: "for Daddy and I" is like nails on a chalkboard to me. June was an editor. No way would she say that. LOL at that muscle car, and yay, Oprah. Serena was not wearing heels for once. Holy crap, that was an epic Waterford fight. And Serena knows they raped June. I never thought she'd admit that. (Although she said "you" raped her to Fred, Serena knows deep down that she's complicit.)
  10. echo.Echo.ECHO

    S03.E09: Patisserie

    I was surprised Paul told Brendan his decorations are always spot-on. Didn't he complain earlier in the season that Brendan's stuff all looked dated?
  11. echo.Echo.ECHO

    Season 6 Discussion

    When she confessed to (attempted) drowning Ruiz, she said she just gets these compulsions and has to act on them. So I'm assuming mental illness.
  12. echo.Echo.ECHO

    S05.E08: The Bubble

    Lauren is, like, the best friend ever.
  13. echo.Echo.ECHO

    Veterinary and Animal Rescue Shows

    Thx for the info, everyone. ( I looked but didn't see a dedicated forum but missed it. Appreciate it.)
  14. echo.Echo.ECHO

    Veterinary and Animal Rescue Shows

    I watched Dr. Jeff, the vet in Denver, for the first time today. At least two, maybe even three, of the pet owners said they'd gone to another vet and kind of complained about how much they'd been charged. What's the deal? Doesn't Dr. Jeff charge them? Or is his a low-cost practice?
  15. echo.Echo.ECHO

    S03.E06: Puddings

    I was just coming here to post this. Ewwww. I was wishing he had elbow-length gloves.