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  1. ReganX

    Things We Hate About The Handmaid's Tale

    Commander is a rank in Gilead's hierarchy, for men who hold high-ranking positions in the military and government. The original conspirators behind the coup are all Commanders, and others can be promoted to the position. One man was promoted to Commander because his wife was pregnant. Women married to Commanders are Wives, and wear blue. The lower ranks of the military are known as Guardians and Angels. Some of their number are spies, known as Eyes. Guardians may be assigned to the household of a Commander as a chauffeur/aide. There is still a working class in Gilead. Women married to working class men or lower ranking members of the military are known as Econowives and wear grey (multicoloured stripes in the book). Unmarried women and widows may work as domestic servants for Commanders. They wear green and are called Marthas. The Aunts run the Rachel and Leah Center, where women are re-educated as Handmaids. They are true believers, or put on a very convincing show of it. They wear brown, and are the only women in Gilead with permission to read and write. Aunts also work at the Colonies, and possibly in schools for young girls. Handmaids are fertile women who committed some kind of crime by the standards of Gilead. They're spared execution or the Colonies in exchange for serving as Handmaids. Having a child out of wedlock is one of those crimes. Being a lesbian is another. June was caught trying to leave Gilead, but even if she hadn't tried to leave, she was considered an adulteress because Luke's divorce wasn't recognised by Gileadean law, and he was considered to be married to his first wife.
  2. ReganX

    S09.E08: The Apple Doesn't Fall Far From the Alibi

    I think it was three years probation from mid-Season Four, so that should have ended a couple of years ago. Financially, Fiona isn't doing all that badly, at least not if she doesn't get herself fired from Patsy's. She owns the Gallagher house outright, has a $100k investment in the nursing home (assuming that it wasn't a scam, but if it was, it's bound to come out before season's end) and a steady wage as manager of Patsy's. I don't know what the average wage for the manager of a Chicago diner would be, and it's a fairly safe bet that Patsy's would pay at the lower end of the scale, but I would still expect her income to be sufficient to support her, Liam and Carl. The others are all adults.
  3. ReganX

    S02.E12: Postpartum

    It's entirely possible that there is no formula in Gilead. For one thing, they're all about "traditional" values, and the infertility crisis is being at least partly blamed on chemicals, so I can't imagine that any mother would dare to opt out of breastfeeding, for fear of being declared unfit and having her baby taken away. For another, there are so few babies being born that I can't imagine that it would be considered practical to keep factories operating to provide a supply of formula for the tiny minority of mothers who can't breastfeed for health reasons. As near as I can tell, the only non-domestic, non-military labourers in their society are the men from Econo families and the inhabitants of the Colonies. The workforce has been decimated, so Gilead probably needs to prioritise the activities essential to keep the country afloat.
  4. ReganX

    S02.E12: Postpartum

  5. ReganX

    S02.E13: The Word

  6. ReganX

    Red Habits: Symbolism and Parallels

    In terms of costuming, I think that the Handmaid uniform has some great touches. The boots they wear look pretty cumbersome, not the easiest to run in, and are also designed to be worn without shoelaces. The colour of the dresses is probably part Scarlet Letter, partly to symbolise menstrual blood, but it also has the advantage of being very visible, more so than the colour schemes for Econowives, Marthas and even Wives. They draw the eye, and are under everybody's scrutiny. The caps are probably intended to make them look less attractive, to help appease the Wives, even if the official reason is modesty. It's also interesting that the Handmaids' usual dresses look like they're designed to accommodate pregnancy, rather than them having access to maternity clothes. It looks like a wide band around the waist is used to secure the dress for a non-pregnant Handmaid, so it only fits properly if she is fulfilling her "intended purpose". The Wives seem to be the only women with any kind of flexibility in terms of their clothes; they need to stick to a colour scheme and requirements in terms of length, etc, but there's at least a little variety allowed. The clothes for children are another point of interest. I wonder if little girls transition from the white dresses worn at the reception to the pink dresses that Hannah and the girls in the first episode wore based on age, or if the pink dresses are for the pre-Gilead daughters of Handmaids, who were adopted, while the little girls conceived under the Handmaid system are regarded as being of purer origin, and will wear white until they marry.
  7. ReganX

    The Resistance: Theories for Season 3

    An insecure food supply makes a lot of sense, especially given that Gilead was willing to offer up fertile women for a trade deal. As well as being able to take away the food supply, it's also a good way to keep tabs on citizens, particularly the Econo families. It will be noticed if Mrs X skips the daily food shop. Restricting the supply to one day's worth of groceries also means that people will find it harder to gather provisions for a journey out of Gilead. They supposedly have agricultural Colonies, but I wonder if the photographs there were staged. If they existed, would it not have made more sense to send Emily, Janine and other Handmaids there rather than to the radiation-soaked Colonies? Then again, the Commanders of Gilead are so short-sighted that it probably never occurred to them that they might need to recall condemned Handmaids, and that it was therefore a doubleplus ungood idea to risk damaging their fertility by sticking them in a dumping ground for toxic waste.
  8. ReganX

    The Resistance: Theories for Season 3

    My hope is that June doesn't go back to the Waterfords. Last season was torturous, with all the times she came close to escaping, only to end up back where she started. She stayed in Gilead because she needs to get Hannah out, but she's hardly going to be able to search for her if she's restricted to the Waterford house, which will be under especially intense scrutiny if they've just lost a baby. Maybe she can go into hiding with the help of the Mayday movement, and track Hannah from the shadows. If she doesn't go back, Fred will pin her with the blame for kidnapping Nicole. The advantage to Serena's quasi-redemption is that she can potentially have a storyline outside her role as antagonist to June. Next season could see her continuing to be disillusioned about Gilead and wanting to make changes.
  9. ReganX

    The Resistance: Theories for Season 3

    Given how controlling Gilead is, it wouldn't surprise me if cash is no longer used. They wouldn't want citizens to have access to a form of currency that they could use untraceably. Tokens for food facilitate rationing, and if they have compu-counts, purchases could be closely monitored. Does anybody else think that Gilead might be experiencing a very insecure food supply? The Handmaids go grocery shopping on a daily basis, only getting a day's worth of food at a time. When June was summoned to a Salvaging in the pilot, Rita had to do the shopping, so she presumably did not already have the supplies on hand for dinner. Even Eden seemed to be shopping for that evening's meal, as opposed to a weekly grocery shop. They also use tokens rather than being able to charge purchases to the Commanders' accounts, which suggests that rationing is in play.
  10. ReganX

    The Resistance: Theories for Season 3

    If she's to stay at the Waterford house, the argument will probably be that Fred is owed a replacement for his lost baby.
  11. ReganX

    S02.E13: The Word

    Late to the table but this part makes sense to me. Aunt Lydia and the authorities tipped their hand in June with the fake hanging. Yes, they tortured the Handmaids but they also proved that there was a line that they weren't willing to cross, namely that they weren't prepared to go so far as to kill them all. After the bombing, the shortage of Handmaids led them to recall the ones sent to the Colonies, the ultimate sanction for a Handmaid. Even Emily, who publicly killed a Guardian, and Janine, convicted of the worst crime in Gilead, were reinstated. More than thirty Handmaids died in the bombing, and it didn't look like they rounded up more than half a dozen or so from the Colonies, so they may no longer have enough to go around among the Commanders. They can't afford to lose more. They could punish low level disobedience like exchanging names and chatting with beatings and mutilation, but that could end up encouraging more serious offences, if the Handmaids conclude that they might as well be hanged for sheep as for lamb. Death and the Colonies may be off the table altogether, certainly for collective offences. If the Handmaids are getting braver, it's because they know that Gilead needs them, and that this is their best form of protection.
  12. ReganX

    The Resistance: Theories for Season 3

    I suspect that she may be able to stay because Fred is going to cover up her involvement. He was furious about how Eden's affair reflected on him. He hasn't exposed the fact that he is not Nicole's father because it would mean losing the credit he currently gets for being blessed with a baby. I can't imagine that he wants to report to his fellow Commanders that his Wife (who just flaunted the rule against women reading), his Handmaid, his Martha and his driver were all involved in a plot to smuggle "his" newborn daughter out of Gilead. They'd be executed for it but the best case scenario for him is that he'd lose every ounce of respect the other Commanders have for him due to his inability to control his household, and be "encouraged to resign". It's better for him to claim that an outsider kidnapped the baby.
  13. ReganX

    S09.E07: Down Like the Titanic

    Thank you so much for this breakdown, whiporee, because this part of the storyline was raising red flags for me but I wasn't sure of the real estate law. It's good to know that I wasn't just being paranoid when I thought that there was something off about the situation. Would I be right in thinking that, when acting in the capacity of Fiona's broker, Max was obliged to give her an honest appraisal of the building's value? I ask because, at the start of the season, $550-600k was suggested as an approximate value (albeit by Fiona but the appraiser didn't contradict her) while Max quoted $425k. Would he not be in potential trouble if, having valued it as $425k for his client, he turns around and lists it for a price greatly in excess of that? The valuation would have had a huge impact on Fiona's decision. If the building was worth around $575k, and her mortgage was $292k, she would presumably have chosen to retain $283k equity in a building that was rising in value, bringing in an income and providing her with a rent-free home, over a $100k investment, a $25k loan at an unspecified rate of interest, the potential for further added expense, and a risk that the project may fail in the end. I also don't understand how somebody who holds a limited partnership can be on the hook for extra costs in the first place. Fiona was certainly under the impression that her liability was limited to the $100k she invested. If Max didn't make provision for extra costs when he set the price of the shares, would it not be for him to make up any shortfall? Also, weren't there at least seventeen partnership slots, at least thirteen of which were sold? The site was on sale for $1.7m, with a minimum $100k buy-in, and there were five slots left before Fiona bought one. Even if the other investors at the meeting (assuming that they really were investors, not friends of Max helping him stage a show for Fiona's benefit) each held multiple shares, wouldn't the additional costs be shared proportionately? Surely, at worst, Fiona would be on the hook to pay a seventeenth of the extra costs, not a fifth. There's not a chance in Hell that Max fell for Fiona's budding real estate mogul act when they first met. She turned up with an elementary school aged "intern", for crying out loud! If he has a scam in play, he'd have pegged her as an easy mark. I'd feel a lot better about this storyline if Fiona spoke to somebody like Margo or Lip, ideally both of them, about her investment. Lip is cynical enough to consider the possibility of a scam, and Margo has given her good advice in the past.
  14. ReganX

    S09.E04: Do Right, Vote White!

    I honestly can't tell from this episode if the show is trying to suggest that Liam is a genius on Lip's level or if it's just that the standards at his new school are so abysmally low that his second(?) grade education at Hopkins puts him on a level with the sixth graders. Right now, I'd say that it's more likely that he's bright rather than a genius, with a real enthusiasm to learn, and that his private school education has given him a leg up over his new classmates. Surely single-digit addition and subtraction is first grade math, at best, and not any kind of indication of whether or not he's ready for the sixth grade. I couldn't get a good enough look at the other test to gauge the level. The writers may be building towards an episode where the older Gallaghers, who are under the impression that Liam is doing really well at school because of his grade promotion, look through his homework or tests and realise that the work he's doing is much more basic than the curriculum their school covered in the sixth grade. It never occurred to me that Lip could have used his $10k to send Liam to private school and I doubt that it occurred to him either. Once he saw Xan reunited with her mother, he knew that he couldn't let her see her mother accept a bribe to walk out of her life. Giving the money to her mother was the only thing he felt that he could do for Xan at that point in time. It let him have a sliver of hope that, with money in her pocket for a fresh start, the mother might clean up her act for her child's sake. If the money hadn't gone to Xan and her mother, it would most likely have been put towards household expenses. I thought that Fiona couldn't vote. Or do the restrictions against felons voting, holding government jobs or public office only apply while they're on probation, not for life?
  15. ReganX

    S09.E02: Mo White for President

    To be fair to Fiona, she was adamant that Liam needed to go to school for the remaining three weeks of the school year, and they were talking about which school he would go to when they were on the way to her meeting with Max. She suggested the local public school. He wanted a private school a considerable distance away, and when that didn't work out, for her to call all of the other 57 private schools in the vicinity to see if one of them would give him a scholarship. It's not as if she has an extra $20,000+ a year at her disposal to pay school fees. I doubt that it would occur to Fiona to think that she could fight the removal of Liam's scholarship. Carl had his scholarship to military school taken away because it was given to a student with more Apache ancestry and there was nothing he could do about that. It's also the story of the Gallagher kids' lives that Frank's positive impact on their situation never lasts long before he wrecks it.