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  1. I didn’t think the show was offensive this week. It was dull because everyone on the panel was polite and didn’t shout over each other, nor spout absolute lies as truth. That is why it was dull.
  2. Just be careful about those touchscreens: recent tests have shown those surfaces to be more contaminated than your local commode. Same bacteria too. Use a pen or something other than your finger to place your order. Seriously.
  3. Well, they can’t apparently get over the Dr. Phil Scott Peterson murders on OWN, so these murder shows must get ratings somehow. Not by me.
  4. In April, she's scheduled at Foxwoods in CT. So she really is doing all these performances.
  5. b2H

    Mexican Dynasties

    Even if the older son and his wife end up on all sorts of Top 40 charts or whatever the metric of success is in their industry, the parents will not acknowledge their success. They should stop trying, move on with their lives without the 'rents and wait for Adan to crash and burn as he inevitably will. The father is a narcissistic bumpkin past his prime and mom is no better. They're putting all their eggs into one basket and that basket is close to being dropped. The handwriting is on the wall with this one.
  6. b2H

    S07.E15: Trouble in Lala-land

    That was my point and it hasn't been life-long - I guess I'm watching too much of '600 lb Life' and she isn't even close to that. But she is carrying more than she should for her frame. Look, she's a very pretty girl. I think she's just also very unhappy and it's causing her to lash out at everyone, including the people who love her most. She needs to take a good look at herself and work on the within part.
  7. b2H

    S07.E15: Trouble in Lala-land

    She could stand to drop a few. She's not comfortable with her body image. Rather than scream at people about it, she'd be better off doing something about it. She is by no means obese, but I was shocked at the change in her in the run up to her wedding. That's a lot more than wedding jitters gain.
  8. b2H

    S03.E03: Firework Starter

    Is it my imagination or has this show become a little too formulaic? I'm falling asleep before I get more than halfway through.
  9. I agree that Katie has become a bully. In the last couple of seasons, she's inexplicably gained a whole lot of weight. I think there's a fair amount of self-loathing going on and I can't imagine why, honestly. She was a lovely character early in the series but these last since she and Tom got engaged and coming to present, she's become an awful, hateful, angry individual. She's going to lose all that she has gained if she keeps it up.
  10. b2H

    S07.E15: Trouble in Lala-land

    That was probably the best line of the night. Lala and Katie: both of them have severe anger issues and self-love issues. They both could stand for some serious therapy. I lost my dad twenty years ago. Lost my mom 14 years ago. Lost my sister 11 years ago. Under none of those circumstances would I believe myself to be privileged enough to scream at my friends and colleagues, etc., like that. Lala has screwed her life up by thinking that screwing is the answer to everything. She's finding out the hard way that that kind of life is not as wonderful as she paints it to be. Katie has severe body image issues, which could be resolved with a serious life coach effort to drop the weight (she only gained it over the last few years, it's not a life long obesity issue) and learn to love herself. The red flags on her are waving in a hurricane force wind. That her husband is telling her he can't stand the sound of her voice anymore, that her friends are having trouble being around her, the constant in all of this is HER. She has become an extremely vocal bully of everyone around her. She's holding grudges that a more mature person would have worked through by now. Do I condone what James has said to her? Absolutely not. But by holding the grudge and hammering on him all the time, she's actually giving him more power than he deserves to have. No, I don't like James. I don't like that Lisa gives him an inordinate number of chances at redemption that she gives no one else. He needs to be gone. If he has DJ options all over LA, let him use those to get his own show where he can be an a--hole all day long. But Katie needs some intensive off-camera therapy to get rid of the all-too-present rage she's feeling about and toward everyone. She's a bully in her current iteration and needs some serious help.
  11. I had the chance to watch an entire week of shows. I turned more than half of them off as being of absolutely no interest. That never used to be the case.
  12. b2H

    The McGees

    I'd like to think that TLC will cut ties but, honestly, they thrive on controversy. Remember when Honey Boo Boo's mom got in trouble several years ago? They booted her. For a while. And now she's back elsewhere. Same thing with the Duggers. The network is disingenuous at best with their former description of The Learning Channel. All I'm learning from them is how much BS they will put on our TV screens.
  13. To be fair, she told her assistant that the guy wouldn't hang blinds or curtains until the room was painted. I guess I'm ok with that.
  14. b2H

    S23.E10: The Women Tell All

    And I find it hard to believe that Jake is still welcome in Bachelor Nation. He's turned out to be a real creep.
  15. b2H

    S23.E10: The Women Tell All

    Closed captioning and the mute button are our friends...... LOL!!!