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  1. MaryMitch

    Figure Skating

    I would love to see a US woman return to the top! But I do enjoy watching the Japanese women. Johnny Weir has ruined the Russian women for me; I just can't stand his constant fawning. I would also like to see more artistry in the ladies' programs. A couple women did short spirals in their long programs and they were lovely. I like athleticism, and I understand that the "hand over the head" makes a jump more difficult, but when it looks like the woman is just throwing up her arm and bending it to scratch her ear, it's just ugly. Just because something makes a jump harder doesn't mean it should be rewarded; do they reward bad technique? And as for spinning - every now and then I go to youtube and watch Lucinda Ruh spin. Nobody today even comes close!
  2. MaryMitch

    S05.E19: Vice Mommy

    I loved the story arc between Eddie and Louis. Glad to see Eddie cooking, and it's nice to see that the employees love Louis.
  3. MaryMitch

    S02.E11: Lasting Impressions

    I loved it too! I thought it was very sweet, although I knew Gordon was in for heartbreak. The cigarette plot was very funny. Great episode all round.
  4. MaryMitch

    S03.E15 American Idol

    Taylor has a good voice - but I'm glad they made it a "dream", not reality. So, did Katie quit her job or not? I'm a bit confused.
  5. MaryMitch

    Commercials That Annoy, Irritate or Outright Enrage

    1. I hate the "Fiji water" commercials. Yeah, it's a good idea to ship WATER from the other side of the earth. The only time I've drunk Fiji water was when I was in Fiji. But what I really hate is the voice-over is a young girl - like I need a kid lecturing me on what water is supposed to taste like! 2. The little girl that complains that her mother washes the dishes before she loads them into the dishwasher. Little smart ass. Get off my lawn!
  6. MaryMitch

    S10.E17: The Wild

    My niece brought one into her hospital room to use in labor; I think as you say it was a comfort thing (although she ended up being hooked up to an IV so stayed in the bed). What was unfunny was that Haley broke the ball, presumably because she's too heavy? Give me a break. I'm tired of "pregnant women are fat." They are not FAT, they are PREGNANT, and they are sensitive about it. My dad jokingly called my niece "Big Momma" (she WAS pretty big) and she got really upset about it.
  7. MaryMitch

    S10.E17: The Wild

    I have never seen such a crib in my life! I googled them, and they do exist, but that is one of the stupidest ideas ever. If you have twins, you get 2 cribs. Then you can sell them individually when the babies are older. I can't imagine having one of those monstrosities in my house! Anything for the plot, I guess. I loved the guys in the woods. I covet Cam's pjs.
  8. MaryMitch

    S06.E17: A Dark Closet and Therapy with Horses

    If Adam were a real person instead of a pawn for the writers, I would think that he was drinking because he was bored, and now that he has a business he is busy and happier.
  9. I knew someone who did this - at least when they were first married. I remember when someone told me, we laughed and laughed about it. She was one of those women who is always perfectly put together and wore a lot of makeup; her pillowcases must have been a mess!
  10. MaryMitch

    S10.E16: Red Alert

    The funniest "girl gets her first period" TV episode I've ever seen (not that there have been a lot, thank god) was the "King Of The Hill" episode when Connie gets her period while staying at the Hills while her parents where in Hawaii. Hank was alone with her and had to go to the Megamart for supplies. I've never understood the "welcome to womanhood" attitude. For most women, it's "welcome to cramps, inconvenience, and fear of pregnancy." I think Lily would have appreciated a "here's your supplies, here's how you use them, I'm here for any questions" from any of the women. Claire would have been perfect for that.
  11. MaryMitch

    S02.E16: A Loaf of Bread and a Grand Old Flag

    Coincidently: last night The Daily Show had a segment on a kid who made a video about communism: http://www.cc.com/video-clips/g7kval/the-daily-show-with-trevor-noah-preteen-punditry--how-young-is-too-young-for-politics-
  12. MaryMitch

    In Memoriam: Celebrity Deaths

    I met him in 2011; he was a lovely man and very gracious to a fan.
  13. MaryMitch

    In Memoriam: Celebrity Deaths

    If you get MeTV, they are playing 2 "Peter" episodes of The Monkees on Sunday: https://metv.com/stories/metv-pays-tribute-to-peter-tork-with-special-episodes-of-the-monkees-on-february-24
  14. MaryMitch

    S06.E16: Skippy And The Knowledge Hole

    I teared up when I saw that Tammy and Wendy were tearing up along with Bonnie. It was a great moment. Thank goodness Christy is quitting smoking!
  15. MaryMitch

    Will & Grace

    I'm glad Will was as horrified to find out that the guy he was flirting with was married with a baby. He was disgusting. I wonder if the "rule" about not dating a work colleague is normal in that situation? It sounds pretty restrictive.