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  1. Bruinsfan

    Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    Maybe he bought a diploma or paid someone to earn one for him after the fact?
  2. Bruinsfan

    Steel Magnolias (1989)

    I thought Drum's antagonism with Ouiser was fun, and more Tom Skerrit is always a plus. The rest of the guys, though...
  3. Bruinsfan

    Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    Should we start placing bets on whom she'll blame for the show's cancellation next: Mexican immigrants, reptilian alien overlords, or the Star Whackers?
  4. Bruinsfan

    S02.E02: The Beguiling Man

    I'm no expert on Islam myself, but I don't think jinn are something people worship. More like a type of supernatural creature acknowledged by the culture, kind of the way leprechuans were by the Irish.
  5. Bruinsfan

    Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    I'm glad she has that car. There's zero chance of an inattentive driver or pedestrian failing to notice its approach from far away! Yeah, forget Tori, I'm not sure Johnny Depp could burn through that kind of cash. That's on the verge of being Elton John-proof.
  6. Bruinsfan

    S02.E02: The Beguiling Man

    I would imagine that Ibrahim is going to be the show's representative of that particular religion. Though they did surprise me with the Choose-your-own-Jesus garden party in last season's finale. We'd already found out about the fate of gods bereft of worship in the animated opening segment about Nunyunnini leading his people over the land bridge to America and being forgotten.
  7. Bruinsfan

    S02.E02: The Beguiling Man

    Hasn't Whittle also had to adopt an American accent for his stateside roles? Might be a complication that makes it harder for him to show range/depth in his performances.
  8. Bruinsfan

    The DC Extended Universe: To Thanagar and Beyond!

    The way Warner has run the DCEU so far, I just have my fingers crossed someone doesn't come up with the bright idea that recasting Wonder Woman would give the franchise a fresh lease on life. I've been hot and cold on Miller as the Flash, but I blame that on how he's been written and directed rather than the actor himself. Much like with Henry Cavill as Superman; if the execs are determined to recast him I don't think they're going to have any luck finding a better fit for the role.
  9. Bruinsfan

    S02.E01: House On The Rock

    Wasn't Media the one who already knocked Tech Boy down a peg in that pitch meeting with Wednesday and Shadow at the police station? I vaguely recall her doing something that knocked one of his teeth out when he overstepped. I'm wondering what the in-story reason for Media becoming New Media right at this particular time will be. I can see how Wednesday electrocuting the faceless drone body he was occupying could put a real hurt on Mr. World and catalyze some changes, but did anything worse than her bonnet blowing off happen to Media in the season finale?
  10. A lot of the stuff I've heard about how much of a hassle it's been to get a performance out of him in recent years makes me think roles aren't going to suddenly start appearing for him if his side of the divorce case turns out to be true.
  11. Bruinsfan

    S02.E01: House On The Rock

    It may be that faith without tangible confirmation is a necessary component for the gods to be able to benefit from people's worship. I'm sad to see Gillian Anderson go as Media (she was so much of a treat in the role), but at least the character is one that lends itself to a new actress as mediums change so rapidly in today's world and constant changes of appearance/avatar were already established. The seams show a lot more with Kristin Chenoweth's Ostarra suddenly vanishing from the story.
  12. Bruinsfan

    The Marvel Cinematic Universe: The Avengers, etc.

    Don't tell her about the Summers/Grey kids or Hawkman's history, her head might explode!
  13. Bruinsfan

    S02.E01: House On The Rock

    The idea that some of the Weeki Wachee mermaids might be the genuine article amused me to no end. (I've visited that attraction too, and saw a small blue heron in flight that looked like a CGI effect so it really did feel like a magical place.)
  14. Bruinsfan

    Now Apocalypse

    I mostly enjoyed it, but I'm not being wowed by it. At least I feel something of a connection to Ulysses and Carly as the more rounded of the characters; Severine and Ford are just too flat for me to sympathize with. (The latter is totally going to get roped into being a go-go boy at a Bryan Singer-esque pool party, isn't he?)
  15. Bruinsfan

    S02.E01: House On The Rock

    My guess is that Media was shaken by one of her big successes at co-opting old religions being undone so quickly and easily. I noticed that they dramatically reduced the impact of Ostara holding the spring for ransom though—there was a background newscast about "thousands of acres" when the implication at the end of last season was that it might be all of America. (Of course it could also be that Media's just a lot smarter than Tech Boy.) I'm a bit confused by the behind-the-scenes drama. I'd heard that Gaiman wasn't pleased by how Season 1 departed from his story, but this seemed to follow the book even less.