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  1. UGH..... I know that was probably a long time ago (90s, right?), but if he were to ever try something even RESEMBLING that with this current group of cheerleaders I would be furious lol.
  2. Yeah! Where is laurenbrooke? Now that I think of it, she was pretty fun!
  3. As a guy, I endorse this statement.
  4. I thought she was on SG? IMO I find her to be very photogenic! You see, I actually get a VERY good vibe with her on looks and dancing. Definitely hopes she stays. Do agree with you a lot on some of the others though :)
  5. Great thread! I'm curious to see if Lily, Kristin Dodd and Taylor T re audition this year. :)
  6. K, I'll admit I had a good chuckle at this. But what if we all have misunderstood her tenure? Like, what if she's completely falling under all our radars and has a REALLY good season in the near future. Just food for thought....
  7. 1. I won't be doing S1 and 2 because I haven't seen those seasons. And I'm holding off on S13 until at least next cheer season starts. 2. @8dallas You're a Lexie stan? Cool! I don't see many of those on this board. What draws you to her? Anyways.... S3: Sydney Durso S4: Ashton Torres S5: Nicole Bulcher S6: Brittney Schram S7: 3-way tie between Chelsea Chaney, Danielle Marie & Olivia Sharber S8: Jennifer Amburn S9: Melissa Wallace S10: 3-way tie between Amy T., Kashara Garret & Megan C. S11: Heather H. S12: Molly Neumesiter
  8. Reading all these posts on this thread have made me realize that maybe I should expect the unexpected when it comes to all these "end of the year" awards. So maybe I should change my choices to.... ROTY: Alanna VOTY: Savannah Pro Bowl: Jessika
  9. I can only speak for myself, but I know that whenever I get a rookie wrong it's usually because I'm basing it off what I've seen on the show. As the seasons go by, I'm beginning to realize how wrong of an impression I can get from a rookie, so I'm trying to be smarter about it haha.
  10. Or it could be Victoria. Sure, she's not even on the team. But never say never.... (And yes, this post is a joke not serious lol)