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  1. larapu2000

    Family, Food and Cultural Traditions

    We keep quite a few family recipes around. We make my great grandma's pierogis every Christmas, along with her cabbage rolls, and we haven't really messed with the recipe, other than getting the onions in the potato filling a little more carmelized than my mom used to make it. We have all of her old pickle recipes, we still use those, too. Sweet crock pickles and spicy Russian dill pickles. I also make my great aunt's toffee every Christmas, no tweaking necessary. On the other side of my family, we still make my grandma's potato soup, but I don't think anyone has ever written it down, we all just know it. My mom makes the world's best deviled eggs. The secret ingredient is Miracle Whip. Not lying. SO GOOD.
  2. larapu2000

    Barefoot Contessa

    I love loosened up Ina! Especially when Seth asked her if she was too good for Arby's Horsey sauce. That noise she made....dying laughing.
  3. larapu2000

    What New Foods Have You Tried?: Like It? Hate It? Share Here!

    We had a pasteurizer, so it wasn't raw milk!
  4. larapu2000

    What New Foods Have You Tried?: Like It? Hate It? Share Here!

    I agree that the nut milks taste way better on their own. I'm not a vegetarian and I try to eat very little dairy (I am obsessed with skin care and dairy is TERRIBLE for that). I think coconut or almond milk yogurts are actually really yummy, and lend themselves well to that application as well. I use dairy when needed in recipes, etc, but if I'm sauteeing something, it's olive oil; my coffee creamer is almond milk, etc. I've hated milk since I was a kid. We actually had REAL milk, like from a cow, when I was really young. I disliked it because it was a little yellow and it was super rich. Kids are so stupid, right? LOL. It still cracks me up how great I had it and didn't appreciate it at all!! I like to use unsweetened non-dairy milks in making my overnight oatmeal so that I can control the sweetness level and flavor. But I do love the chocolate coconut milk with oats and bananas. I wake up excited for breakfast when I make that!
  5. larapu2000

    I'm Visiting Your Town, Where Should I Eat?

    Austin has a great food truck scene, you should perhaps google it and see what concepts you might fancy and where they'll be when you're there. I think they also have a few spots where there will be multiple food trucks on certain days, so that's always worth checking out so you can sample from multiple trucks!
  6. larapu2000


    I'm curious why the show made the choice to make it seem like Miguel was opposed to the capture and torture of Kiki. Was he? Everything I read after watching made it seem like he would have 100% ordered it. Does anyone with more literacy in the Mexican cartel history know more than I do?
  7. larapu2000

    Surviving R. Kelly

    Aaliyah being preyed on by R. Kelly is tragic and sad, but more than anything-her parents are responsible for him never seeing the inside of a jail cell as much as his entourage that procures underage women for him. This response is beyond disgusting and it's insulting to the people that were willing to come forward to speak out against this monster of a man. You can say that Jovante was mistaken, wasn't close to Aaliyah, etc. But the lengths they go to in order to destroy the credibility of Jovante is a little "the lady doth protest too much."
  8. larapu2000

    Surviving R. Kelly

    This was beyond disturbing and heartbreaking. Watching those parents desperately try to get contact with their children was a scene I'll never forget. Neither was watching the one mother reunite with her daughter. I hope this documentary starts the long process of justice for the many victims of R. Kelly, and I hope the members of his entourage are given similar sentences for turning a blind eye to the torture, imprisonment, humiliation, and degradation of CHILDREN. I don't even know if I have the words. Will Aaliyah's family finally speak out???
  9. larapu2000

    What New Foods Have You Tried?: Like It? Hate It? Share Here!

    On a recent Martha Bakes episode, she had an apple orchard guy on who is working to save a bunch of heirloom varieties that have kind of gone under the radar or almost lost completely. It makes me wonder if your 2 new ones are one of the ones he saved! Bonus points that he looked like Johnny Appleseed's long lost grandson, lol. I love Honeycrisp. I don't care what they cost. They are unparalleled. I made Ina Garten's mile high apple pie with them, and I called it the $20 apple pie, haha. But that's what it cost. (It was delicious, BTW).
  10. larapu2000

    Barefoot Contessa

    Great article! I made some paella on NYE, I used her lobster paella as a starting point, and it was fantastic. As per usual.
  11. I would respectfully disagree. Feeding a vegetarian meat out of spite is different than ignoring an allergy request. From my time in hospitality, that was one of the few requests that were adhered to every time, without fail. No one wants to murder someone. Laugh at their dietary/lifestyle choices behind their backs? Sure. But not hurting someone. With that said, sure. There are a few assholes out there. But even the most asshole-ish of chefs that I worked with wasn't that terrible.
  12. larapu2000

    Holiday Food Traditions!

    I only make a few! Here are our favorites! Orange Cranberry Shortbread Cookies Honey Spice Cookies Apple Squares I also make a bunch of candy for gifts! Toffee, caramels, peanut butter cups, a peanut butter crunch candy, and truffles. We are trying out mint patties this year for the first time. This is SUCH a fast and easy candy. It's like the center of a Butterfinger. I had to make an extra batch last year because my friend kept eating it while we were making candy! Peanut Butter Crunch
  13. Valerie described when she first arrived at Gold Base, all smiles and sunshine and optimism, and how she was quickly shut down by everyone else around her. I imagine leaving the church gave her back that sweet and sunny optimism that she had prior to entering the gates of hell, not because she's shady.
  14. larapu2000

    Holiday Food Traditions!

    There is a massive shortage of labor in foodservice right now, from servers to cooks to dishwashers. It's hard to find and keep quality help at the moment, with opportunities like Uber attracting a lot of people that want to set their own schedule, etc. I have to think your place is also falling victim to the same industry crisis.
  15. larapu2000

    Indispensable Kitchen Gadgets

    Yeah. No. It's no bueno on crispy skin. It holds the moisture in, where an oven evaporates it. It does hams, turkey breasts (like the foil wrapped Sara Lee one), etc, really nicely because they don't need that exaggerated browning. You might find it more handy cooking your sides in it if you are a crispy skin fanatic. Most roasters double as a warmer, too, so it's handy to use it to keep your turkey or sides nice and warm once they're ready for serving.