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  1. Melina22

    All Episodes Talk: Crime And Punishment

    Yikes! She does look crazy! Speaking of which, the pigtailed woman in last night's episode even admitted everyone thought she was crazy. I'm embarrassed to admit that everything about her, her appearance, her signs, her refusal to quit, would have been enough for me to dismiss her as a kook. But she was right! I can't imagine what drove her to keep going. I really admire her for that. And by all accounts, her son was a really nice person. I'm glad she never gave up.
  2. Melina22

    All Episodes Talk: Crime And Punishment

    I'm still stunned by the one where the couple plotted to kill her husband and make it look like he drowned while duck hunting. The scheming and coldness are mind-boggling, especially the woman's apparent confidence that God would forgive them. After all, I'm sure God understands they needed to be together with the $1.5 million insurance money more than her husband needed to keep living. And then the eccentric mother of the victim with her weird pigtails. You cannot make people like this up. I would totally watch a well done fictionalized version of this story!
  3. Melina22

    S02.E13: Finale

    What a weird, intense finale. These people might be used to the spotlight but by the end, most of them were just vibrating with so many emotions. Kandi was shaking in her exit interview. Lolo could barely contain her rage. Dina looked really happy. Kato felt vindicated. Tom seemed relieved it was over. Ricky must have been gutted but you couldn't tell. I'm not sure what Tamar was feeling, apart from shocked. Julie, oddly, didn't seem like her old self. Maybe she was overshadowed by all the giant personalities, hard to say. Several of them seemed legitimately happy about their new friendships. It seemed real. There's a surreal aspect to CBB that you don't get with the regular version. You get bizarre juxtapositions like Kato Kaelin joking around with Anthony Scaramucci and Ryan Lochte and Dina Lohan. I'll always be here for that. I'm looking forward to regular BB, but I found this season of CBB extremely odd but compelling. I hope there's a CBB 3.
  4. Melina22

    S02.E12 Recap; Head of Household #7

    I know lots of people aren't interested in this episode but for me it was a gift and I LOVED it. I laughed and laughed. We've been away for 2 weeks so I've only had these forums to keep me up to speed, so when I discovered that one of the 4 English channels in this hotel was going to show CBB, I was so excited. So many wonderful moments. Like Joey having zero sense of humour about his need for everything to be perfect, right down to complaining the bottled water was 3 degrees too warm. Ryan talking about his infamy. Tom talking seriously about his surgery. Tamar's reaction to Lolo's virginity and her beach comment. The diary room segment at the end was hysterical, particularly Ryan complaining that his swimming pool was set to Beginner. Maybe the best of all was the Sea Bass argument. You know you're over the top when you make Tamar look like the calm, mature one. Over fish. Lolo is terrifying. Dina is a cypher. She's basically invisible for the whole show and then she starts rapping?? Then goes back to being invisible. I have no idea who she is. Anyway, I loved this episode. So glad I caught it.
  5. Melina22

    Tidying Up With Marie Kondo

    I hate clutter but a room or a home without books makes me uncomfortable. I remember once asking my hostess if she had anything I could read and the only thing in the entire house was a decorating magazine. This was pre-kindle and pre -internet. (I suppose in a pinch I could have read her cereal boxes). But I agree that a nicely curated selection of books does make awesome decor.
  6. Melina22

    Tidying Up With Marie Kondo

    Yes! That final episode of Hoarders was infuriating! It all boils down to the fact that a person can be mentally competent while having a personality disorder that makes everyone's life a nightmare. Thankfully the Marie Kondo episodes felt pretty much free of both mental illness and personality disorders. The only one that verged on it for me was the one with the woman who wanted to keep everything including her husband's ratty sweatshirt which he actually wanted to part with, and she refused to listen to reason. As for books, I'm a lifelong booklover and still have lots because they give me joy and don't get in anyone's way, just sitting there looking cozy and interesting on some wall shelves. However, I still Kondoed them and reduced them by about 50%, because I realized that there were lots I knew I'd never read again, or hadn't read even once because they were boring. So her principles worked well for me there.
  7. In fairness to Joey, most of us are comparing him now to how he looked as a baby-faced teenager. A lot of years have gone by. I'm sure people would be horrified by the juxtaposition of me at 17 and me now, even though I look pretty much like a normal person of my age. I think the main thing with Joey is that he used to have such a cute chubby face with wavy long hair, and now he's 1% body fat with no hair and a few more decades. It's bound to be a jolt.
  8. Seriously. I can't think of any good reason not to have one, as long as there's some kind of access in an emergency
  9. I'm getting a bit of a Howie Mandel vibe from Joey. Like he might be a germophobe or have OCD. I feel qualified to diagnose him based on my having absolutely no qualifications in this field whatsoever.
  10. On the other hand, a guest on Tarans show remarked recently that there are different kinds of intelligence, and that's a concept I've always believed in. She maintains that while Ryan may not excel at book smarts, he has emotional intelligence, which is why people tend to like him. I haven't seen enough of him to co-sign this yet, but I do find myself sort of enjoying him. He seems like a nice guy.
  11. Speaking as a Canadian, it's a Tom thing.
  12. Phew, that's a relief. Crisis averted. That's weird. But then what in this season isn't?
  13. Haha, keke23. Thanks for lightening the mood. If the rumours are correct, BB has no option but to remove anyone who did anything remotely violent. That can never be tolerated. That said, and I hate to quote myself, but just last week I noted that people like Tamar tend to bring out the worst in people. I hope this doesn't end up being a sad example of that. There was an interesting RHAP podcast today about last night's live feeds. The guest noted that Tamar lives her life on a very intense, high-decibel, emotional level. That's what feels normal to her, and fighting with people is something she can do and then laugh about with the person an hour later. She doesn't necessarily have bad intentions. She just doesn't get that some people aren't made that way. Fighting isn't fun for them. It's deadly serious and can push them over the edge. Sorry to be Debbie Downer. I guess I'm worried where this season is headed. Depressing. Somebody say more funny stuff!
  14. I hope it's not true but I did notice a huge difference between her bubbly, enthusiastic demeanor in the beginning and the look on her face in various scenes on Friday night. She looked tense, upset and exhausted. I know lots of people are loving all the drama, and I am too to a point, but I hope this doesn't end up being a season of fighting, yelling and hurt feelings. Last seasons CBB was so much fun, with only one angry, hurt person (Elizabeth). Everyone else seemed to enjoy and play the game without getting mean or taking things too seriously. I laughed a lot. I guess every cast sets its own tone. Hope this one doesn't get too dark.
  15. Melina22

    S02.E04: Live Eviction #1

    Finally, Tamar says something I can relate to. That makes sense. Unlike her I could never carry it off in a million years, but there are times I'd love to have that option. It's the ultimate low maintenance hair.