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  1. Well, at the start of the video, there is a girl within a few steps to her right, but then VK takes 3 oversized steps and you never see that dancer again. Sooo.... i will say, this doesn’t look terrible though. Not as bad as her prep class videos from last year. I distinctly remember thinking there was zero chance she was making the team.
  2. Maybe I’m an old hater. It just feels cheap. Just have the wedding you want, not the wedding the sponsors will allow. Although not impossible for the two to be the same. She definitely looked beautiful, hair and makeup were 👍🏻 And really, she’s just gorgeous, but the top of that dress made her look huge, and she’s definitely nothing like huge!!
  3. I don’t think she was because she was in the pics from the bull riding (?) thing that same night. Was that a #latergram and I just misunderstood?)
  4. No ones talking about Kelsey’s wedding!?! The ill-fitting dress (it somehow made her look big?!?) the multiple sponsorship hashtags? The other DCC attendees and what this means?? (Kelly and Lauren obv, I think I saw savannah. Heather wasn’t there?)
  5. I dont know, she said it was going to be super small. You could do a small wedding on a long weekend. They usually have one long weekend during TC.
  6. 😕😕 bless her heart. I am not a dancer, so I don’t know what one must do to fix hitting things hard, finding the ends of movements and memory, but I’m pretty sure whatnever it is doesn’t start January before May tryouts.
  7. Never in my life have I been SO irrationally enraged by a strangers IG. GIRL you have had 9 months! I am appalled that I don’t see any power Pom or other kind of dance classes. It’s a little too late, but we better start seeing some prep classes, like tomorrow.
  8. Torn on this one, she does look different, but also my nose has waaay lengthened as I got older, (used to be squat like her before pic too) so it could just be maturity. (Did I double post this??)
  9. Yeah, that pic can’t be 10years old. She has the same nose and we all know that’s newish.
  10. Its like 30 degrees most of football season. So I’m gonna still say rock the pants!!
  11. I like this! The Washington dancers have a couple of truly hideous outfits, but I like this one. It’s f-ing freezing here and the stadium is outside!
  12. She is definitely not “the only one” as the girl on the far right of the video does exactly the same amount of hair flipping (which is about 5 counts worth, that I can see before the video pans off of them) the rest is jumping and everyone hair is bouncing around. I have neutral feelings on Gina, (except for noting that she has a killer body) but the things people pick out are so odd.
  13. Thunderstruck with no hair flips is weird to watch :-) also, I wish I could see better who was doing the dance. There is a slightly better vid right now on Amy’s story, but it’sstull impossible to tell who’s in there besides the bridesmaids
  14. The dance is being done also by the R&B and the Belles, they have to make it slower so everyone can do it. I was watching the IG story and noticed that the belles looked great, then they cut to the DCc and they looked tired and slow. I think it’s just that we are used to them being so much faster.
  15. Ugh, do you think they steam clean the turf every week!? Likely not. that star must be covered with sweat and spit and ... ew.