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  1. Emily Thrace

    S01.E04: Where Have All the Cowboys Gone?

    Yeah I liked the new Candy chemistry. I suspect Alex and Michael suffer from the same problem of a lot of tv gay couples, the one or both actors who portray them are straight. Its hard to convey real organic chemistry when you simply are not naturally attracted to someone. I suspect Michael feels responsible for what happened to Rosa but it will turn out to be someone else. I wonder if there is a fourth CV alien in the mix. In the books they had Michael's brother show up but I think if that was who killed Rosa the trio would have mentioned it. If only in a aside about Rosa costing Michael his brother.
  2. Emily Thrace

    Phyllis Crane: The One with Four Wheels

    Its possible that even as a bastard Phyllis still knew her father some what. Even if he was married she might have visited him or vice versa. Or perhaps she sought him out as an adult.
  3. Emily Thrace

    S03.E11: Songbird Road, Part One

    That's thing though I'm not sure Jack really understood addiction the way we do now. For Jack's generation addiction was a moral failing, something you failed to control not a disease. I think even having struggled himself he still didn't quite understand it at that point. When Jack quit drinking the first time he just stopped. It took some will power but that was about it. I think Jack sees Nicky's drug addiction as a weakness on Nicky's part another failure in a long chain of lifelong screw ups. I think Jack doesn't see Nicky here as someone who needs help but rather someone who needs to help themselves first. I think if Nicky had been sober when Jack had showed up it would have been a different conversation. I also think Jack is projecting a lot of their father onto Nicky. Given the family history and their father being a violent drunk I can see Jack not wanting a drunk male Pearson around his kids. I think Jack almost doesn't see Nicky in that trailer but his father and that coloured a lot of his reactions.
  4. Emily Thrace

    S01.E11: We Continue to Truck

    Yeah Darlene thinking about taking David back doesn't surprise me either. I find when couples get together at an early age the way they did they become part of their identity. It makes it much harder to move on and let go if you don't even know who you are without someone. I had a really grim thought about Andy the other night. That he might have joined the Army and been killed in action. It would explain his absence and why they don't mention him. I hope not and we see him next year. I also hope we see Leon next year. He seemed to always have a great repore and friendship with Dan. Plus we could find out what happened to the Lunchbox a bit more. I would love to see him react to Mark as well.
  5. Emily Thrace

    S01.E11: We Continue to Truck

    I laughed at that I remember Roseanne making that in the original show.
  6. Emily Thrace

    S03.E03: The Big Never

    Something about the way the documentary producer keeps saying "Julie and her father" makes me think Julie was taken by her bio-dad. The insistence on playing the pro-noun game and that fact that even Hayes doesn't say Purcell makes me think Julie's father isn't the man we've been introduced to. Which is something I'm actually surprised Hayes and his partner haven't taken more seriously in 1980. Most kidnappings are custody disputes. Although I suppose that might have been less true in 1980. Of course that doesn't quite seem to fit with the planned out nature of Will's death. It could be though that the killer wanted to kill both kids but Julie ran off and her father took it as an opportunity to take Julie without being blamed. It could also be the Julie's father has a screw loose and planned to kill Will and take Julie the whole time. I do feel like we are looking for a killer and a kidnapper not one villain. The killing of Will was methodical and planned out. The note sent by her kidnapper was erratic and odd. The syntax of the note is down right strange, it almost reminds me of Eastern European ESL speakers. Also the creepy old man had something to do with it calling it now. I actually hope he is the one convicted not Woodward. He could have a son that did it and he covered up for him.
  7. Emily Thrace

    S03.E03: The Big Never

    There's a sizable Native American population in Arkansas isn't there? I know I've heard similar prayers from Native Evangelicals. If his AA group has several Natives he might have picked it up from one of them.
  8. Emily Thrace

    S01.E01: Pilot

    Yeah I wonder if we might see a bisexual love triangle in the future given how popular Michael and Maria were. Alex was never disliked but he was never really popular either. Although I suppose the new fans will dictate that more than anything. Also this version seems rather passive and angsty rather than the lovable goofball of the original series. I also feel the closest case story is a little dated. I could see not being out to your family but hiding from your closest friends seems out of place even in 1997. Especially for an iconoclast like Michael. It could be a solid story it could also be tedious and ridiculous. (I also find it amusing at how close it is to Brendan Fehr's story on Night Shift) I think Michael being placed with Evans family but ending up removed could be done to several reasons. Sometimes if a kid is acting out or running away habitually the social worker will decide to remove them from the situation on their on. Or it could have been he acted out in an initial placement and wasn't available to adopt when the Evan's took in Max and Isobel. It could also be that he was placed with the Evanses and acted out so they essentially gave him back. The way Max said it makes me think there is more to the story there.
  9. Emily Thrace

    S01.E01: Pilot

    Maria was latina in the books and they vaguely hinted at it on the show. On the OG show the Valenti's were white. The OG show never specified if the name was Latino or Italian in origin. Given the casting on the new show the Valenti's are Hispanic. I wonder if in this show the Valenti's are supposed to represent the descendents of the original Spanish settlers. A few reviews mention that there's tensions between them and the new wave of immigrants. A couple of reviews mentioned the show might get into that.
  10. Emily Thrace

    S01.E01: Pilot

    Yeah I kept trying to remember if he was actually Australian or his GH accent was a fake. I think that's why he was a little flat actually. He was slipping up quite a bit. I think once he settles in a bit more we'll see that wonderful charm that he had as Dodge. Also Michael Trevino (Kyle) is Mexican American like Kyle is supposed to be. Tyler Blackburn (Alex) has partial Native American heritage. Which as a Native American myself I figured out just by looking at them. Also Blackburn used a Native American long ou in his first scene. It would be interesting for them to use that aspect of the actors background on the show. Especially if the show uses the Native American aspects of the book. Thats actually the one thing that worries me about them borrowing from the books more. The show did alright by us but the books not so much.
  11. Emily Thrace

    The Conners Past and Present

    I think part of the sadness is that things were supposed to be getting better but they have actually gotten so much worse. Especially for menial workers like the Conners. In the eighties they could actually have been middle class. Now they are nearly destitute. It would be nice if people could just work hard and get ahead but luck and timing plays a role and Conners have never had either.
  12. Emily Thrace

    S13.E08: The Toilet Exploded!

    You might think that being on a reality show is damaging but there isn't any evidence of that. The kids are thriving. And none of the other reality tv kids are in any kind of trouble. The Gosselin kids are fine, frankly their parents probably did more damage than the show. The only reality tv kids I can think of who has any kind of issue is Jack Osbourne and he just happened to inherit his father's addictive personality. Also Jen has done more than just tweet about Medicare. She went to DC to give a speech as they showed on the show.
  13. Emily Thrace

    Spoilers and Spoiler Speculation

    It could still be cancelled if ABC truly isn't happy with the ratings. If they get a pilot that think might do better it could still get cancelled. I think the real problem for Station 19 is that it has zero buzz. There are 3 firehouse shows on right now so it gets lost a bit in the shuffle. Chicago Fire is the Chicago one and 911 is the wacky one with a great cast and Station 19 is just kind of there. It should be the one with a badass female captain but the lead is so bland I can't remember the character's name and she's been on Grey's a few times now. In any case I hope we get a resolution to Ben's story that doesn't make Bailey look ridiculous. She needs therapy. He's a firefighter not a frontline soldier the odds of him dying are pretty slim. The more likely scenario is that he gets injured and ends up returning to surgery. As written it feels more like Bailey needs her OCD meds adjusted because she's fixating on Ben's safety.
  14. Emily Thrace

    S04.E06: Blood of My Blood

    I actually laughed at the scene where the Cherokee menace Jamie and the boy. You see as an Aboriginal myself I know "blood sacrifice" for us is usually a token sacrifice like the small cut William received. We never did any major sacrifice a limb or an actual person to the gods craziness that you see further south with the Aztecs and some of those other cultures. There are some pain sacrifices that were pretty intense but those were an honour for warriors not a punishment. The Cherokee were just trying to scare the stupid white people so they wouldn't mess with their stuff again. Plus I wouldn't be surprised if they were hungry considering the time and place. Between the war and the move inland a lot of their food sources would have been disrupted.
  15. Emily Thrace

    S04.E05: Savages

    Yeah speaking as an Aboriginal I'm actually a more offended by some of the commentary on this episode than the actual episode itself. It's so fucking patronizing, the idea that POC characters need to hit certain benchmarks and requirements to acceptable. Saying Native characters cannot be one time or short term characters is ridiculous. Saying you can't use certain words in a historical context because it's "offensive". That's the fucking point!!! It supposed to make you uncomfortable and be upset at what you're seeing. This episode wasn't perfect it could have used one less subplot. That doesn't mean the stories it wanted to tell was flawed.