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  1. Floatingbison

    Eric & Leida: Put It In Proper

    This isn't the right thread, or the right season, but I just wanted to remind everyone of this gem: I did the BJ.
  2. Floatingbison

    Colt & Larissa & Debbie: Me, You, and Bith Phtew

    The situation with Coltee and his mom is/was unacceptable. I think she was rightfully appalled at being dragged into the lair of a man-child and The One Who Never Leaves The House, Debbie. And there's nothing better than a heavy meal of piping hot stew on a 90 degree day in Vegas after a long flight, served in the family's second best Chinette.
  3. Floatingbison

    Colt & Larissa & Debbie: Me, You, and Bith Phtew

    I don't think she's an alcoholic, but I think she's a slug with no life of her own or ambition to do anything other than coddle Coltee. Eric, on the other hand, has all appearances of being a semi-functional alcoholic.
  4. Loving this fedgov shutdown! Shit's getting real.
  5. Jay doesn't want to "fix it."
  6. Loving these f bombs!
  7. Did anyone catch the f bomb?
  8. Floatingbison

    S06.E12: Make It Or Break It

    I hope everyone had a great break and that we all had time to work on ourselves, babe.
  9. Floatingbison

    S06.E12: Make It Or Break It

    I'll probably be banned for this, but I don't think Leida looks all that bad wearing a baggy, button down shirt.
  10. No matter what your wife does, never, ever, ever call the police.
  11. and it ain't a rocket!
  12. Goodwill is actually a pretty good place to shop. I have a friend who is an actual cash millionaire who shops primarily at Goodwill and other thrift shops.
  13. Debbie looks like she just got off from working a night shift at Waffle House.
  14. Mrs. Floatingbison just screamed, "Coltee can't even put his pants on right! They're twisted sideways." I guess that makes more room for a roll of quarters down there.
  15. Is Ashley's friend Brandi hooking now?