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  1. I'm a Khalyn fan. I'd love to see her in triangle.
  2. Agreed. I like Maddie, but she is not the best candidate for point IMO.
  3. As much as it pains me to write this (because it is so ethically wrong on every level)... I think VK's spot really is guaranteed this year. Kelly did everything short of ripping the milkshake straw out of her mouth last year to help her make the team. Between Kitty & Kelly, I think it's a done deal this year.
  4. During the airing of this last season, I remember that a poster who is "in the know" indicated that some of the girls would potentially retire and not return for another year if they had to deal with VK. I don't recall who said it, but it was someone with inside information. Does anyone else recall it? And if so, do we suspect that will actually have some bearing on anyone's decision this year?
  5. Okay, I'd seriously do this (including fly to Dallas from CA), but my talent in the dance class would be negative 1,000%. I'd make VK look like the best thing that ever happened to the DCC. I'd seriously still take part in everything, though, including the dance class, just for the fun of it. Any other takers?
  6. LOL. I just want to know who was taking the video. It obviously was not her phone sitting on a tripod because the video moves to stay with her. It obviously wasn't someone who was supposed to be taking a video of the "whole group" because VK is front and center the entire time. It was a video of her. So, VK clearly has her own videographer (her mom?) with her at the prep classes. One would think that would lead to more self-awareness.
  7. Yep, you make perfect sense. VK does have a larger frame than the average DCC, so you may very well be right... In spite of her hours spent at Cowboy Fit, and even if she does get her nutrition on track, she may not have the right type of body for the job. It will be interesting to see if Kelli Finglass makes an exception and puts her on the squad anyway next season.
  8. I agree with you that VK looks more toned. It appears that she is working hard on the fitness side of the equation; it's likely the nutrition side where she struggles. As someone who has worked in the fitness industry for 12 years, her body appears (I say "appears" because I don't know her and it would be unfair to diagnose) to be in shape from a physical activity standpoint, but the excess bulk will only go away with a controlled eating regimen.
  9. I respect your opinion. I see things differently. If VK truly needed someone other than Jinelle to help her with weight issues, then what's stopping her? Spend the time with Jinelle as her would-be future boss told her to do, and then hire someone else (on her own) who she felt better meets her needs. In my job, if my boss assigned someone to coach me, then I would do what my boss said and accept coaching from the designated person. If I felt that I needed additional help on the side, then that's up to me to find it and make it happen. I guess I simply cannot understand why it would be DCC's responsibility to help a candidate (not even an actual team member, but a candidate) to the candidate's preferences and specifications. Is there any organization on the planet that actually does that? You mean that advice that VK never got because she didn't return Jinelle's calls and texts? :-)
  10. I'm a huge fan of Daphne, Jalyn & Bridget. Three different looks, all strong dancers, and fresh energy.
  11. Seriously, how hard is it for the individuals loading photos/bios/info to the web to recognize that Maddie & Madeline are two different people? I think my cat could do a better job with the website. I've been a defender of Kelli over the years, but at this point, they need to hire someone else to supervise the auditions/training camp and select the actual team. Kelli sucks at it. :-)
  12. Amen, Amen, and Amen. Add Kitty becomes mute, so Jinelle replaces her as technical coach, and you've got a deal.
  13. The only good benefit of VK getting her own show next season would be that I don't have to watch it, and I could watch everyone else on MTT. :-)
  14. I second that! My three choices (belated) are: Lacey, Kashara & Khalyn.
  15. Top Ten Comments From the Finale Episode: 10. Lily's blindside was brutal. I get that nobody is ever safe nor should they feel safe. She acknowledged that herself. But not a single office visit for the entirety of training camp, and then WHAM! 9. Malena's cut made me feel like she was left at the altar on her wedding day. That's why you don't lead someone on for weeks when they never had a chance of making the team in the first place. 8. Jinelle is a-freaking-mazing. Two hours notice and nails it (with entirely different placement in every formation). Not only would I take nutrition assistance from her, but I'd take any opportunity to spend an hour with her and soak up anything she wants to share. 7. Lacey's story showed us someone who auditioned at 18 with a great deal of maturity. She is proof positive that age is no excuse because hard work, determination, a gracious spirit, and emotional intelligence are the great equalizers. No wonder Judy is crying over her retirement. 6. Brennan got smothered with vet hugs when the team was announced and the biggest cheer from the vets when called-up for her uniform. Love her or hate her, you have to acknowledge that the vets admire her. 5. Jalyn is another professional, dancing with one eye and not missing a beat. 4. I barely recognized far too many rookies when they were shown tonight. I want a refund on this season and a do-over edited ASAP, this time featuring all of the candidates. 3. Charlotte announcing the team would have been better if Tara was part of it. 2. I'm beyond thankful that I found this board. I came online to search for information the night Dayton was cut and found a community of witty, insightful and (yes, snarky) fellow posters who have helped me somewhat enjoy this season. My family thanks you. And my NUMBER ONE comment from this final episode is: 1. I can't resist... I gotta say it... I HAVE NO WORDS! :-)