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  1. MrFluffy

    God Friended Me

    Most recent ep of the show had HUGE mistakes. First, the homeless dad/son were headed to the Metro Diner, which is on 100th and Broadway, but they were on the C train, which would leave them about a mile away at 96th and CPW. They would need to have taken the 1, 2, or 3 IRT trains to 96th and Broadway. Then, once they're in the Metro Diner, their car is miraculously there out front. But they took the subway there? Did the car drive itself there? Also, I lived at 99th and Broadway for 21 years and never once saw any car towed. Doesn't happen. Also never saw homeless in their cars in Manhattan. That would be in the outer boros.
  2. MrFluffy

    S05.E12: Up in the Air . . .

    Is Jazz aware of the shampoo concept? They sell it, even at Piggly Wiggly. Jazz has perfectly attractive features, but greasy, ass-length, stringy hair would make anyone's ears stick out. Mine do. Wash your hair occasionally and you'll be attractive to a higher class of guy than Amir! I scratch my own greasy head over Jazz's fashion, behavior, and hygiene choices.
  3. MrFluffy

    S05.E12: Up in the Air . . .

    Big sister Ari has graduated and is very understated on the show. Would love to be a fly on the wall when she's dishing with her pals!
  4. MrFluffy

    S05.E11 Reevaluation Realness

    Bingo. Move out and do...exactly what? Apparently no college applications in the works. Nor work applications. Speaking engagements are fairly limited in a niche field such as this. So move out and rearrange the furniture until the TLC dough ebbs away? Not sure if you like men or women or even sex at all? I'm not sure what this person's life is about.
  5. MrFluffy

    S06.E10: Where's Buddy Sleeping?

    Hahahaha omfg snorting wine out my nose
  6. MrFluffy

    S06.E11: A Stormy Affair

    At the eye doctor: Whit romantically stroking Daddy's hair was pretty alarming.
  7. MrFluffy

    S05.E10: Enemy in the Family

    Well, great. But every kid in my nephew’s class was told s/he/mx was also valedictorian, and “commencement” was online. It will be interesting to see what Jazz does as the $ fades away.
  8. MrFluffy

    S05.E10: Enemy in the Family

    Any clue to what Jazz might do for work when the TLC money winds down? Jazz's (lovely) grandfather suggested Jazz was valedictorian for Jazz's online high school -- but my nephew got his HS diploma from such -- there's no such thing as a valedictorian and little or no contact with other students. They are basically diploma mills for kids who can't be bothered getting out of bed. Jazz could start with some community college classes and work up to a gender studies degree, which might qualify Jazz to apply to nonprofits that interest Jazz. If Jazz wanted to go up to a PhD, that would open up a great world for full professorships, writing (no, Jazz did not write that book, I work for a ghostwriting firm and know full well how that works) and lifetime speaking engagements. But until Jazz lifts Jazz's derriere from the sofa, I wonder where life will take Jazz in five years when there's no more show.
  9. MrFluffy

    S05.E10: Enemy in the Family

    We don't know for certain whether the son is straight, bi or gay, so I don't see how the mom saying that is a "crappy" thing! Maybe he is, in which case Jazz is showing intolerance.
  10. Blubber being the operative word...
  11. MrFluffy

    S05.E10: Enemy in the Family

    Now I'm watching the ep. Wait a minute! "His mom is saying 'my son is gay' and all these other 'crappy' things..." Really? Being gay is a "crappy thing?" I guess Jazz is not all that accepting of others' lifestyles.
  12. MrFluffy

    S05.E10: Enemy in the Family

    The mom might be very informed but still have the right to disagree; everyone's entitled to a personal opinion. A lot of biological women -- older ones -- fought to destroy gender stereotypes in the 1960s and 1970s. It could be argued that Jazz embraces the old female stereotype (giggly, brainless, unaccountable, not worthy of a job or education, interested mostly in beauty and appearance) such women tried to neutralize so they could be considered equal in the workplace, in their personal finances (when I was born, women could not even get credit in their own name), and in other opportunities. I think it would go a long way in acceptance if Jazz would try to understand that point of view instead of regarding such as bigotry. It's a two-way street, and Jazz's opinion of Amir's mother could be considered prejudiced as well. It's not all about you, Jazz, the world is a wonderful, diverse place.
  13. MrFluffy

    S06.E10: Where's Buddy Sleeping?

    I just wonder if it ever occurred to Twit to lose weight. Surely life would improve? Just guessing.
  14. MrFluffy

    S06.E10: Where's Buddy Sleeping?

    I just lol'd myself right off my plump sofa, you bee-yotch!!
  15. MrFluffy

    Evelyn & David: Who Let Them in Here?

    I think Evelyn is on the 2019 American Idol, premiering March 3