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  1. In regular life I would agree, but we are talking about Kelly's world. She makes everything her business and is known to take things the girls do so personally.
  2. Bravo posting this ... All I can think about is how Jenna, Holly, and Erica (beer drinking) actions almost took the team back 20+ years.
  3. I agree with everything. I was a former RW fan.
  4. I never really noticed Caroline till these Cowboys Fit pictures. She's a natural beauty and THOSE EYES!!!! Why is RW even on the team? If she wasn't runner up to WHATEVER, she wouldn't even make it to finals. Her dancing has ZERO power and pop.
  5. I agree with you. VK is like one of those Toddlers in Tiara finalist, when her mommy or whoever dresses her for competition, she's looks (and acts) like a clown.
  6. Go to youtube and use the search terms "Afterbuzz TV Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mvwF8akhBAY
  7. I listened to Afterbuzz TV DCC season 13 last night. The host were positive, unbiased, and impartial. They were rooting for Melena, but was surprised that she had a massive meltdown. They didn't understand why Victoria wasn't cut sooner. One host sheepishly said "could it be cause of her (Kelli) close relationship with Victoria's mother." They all responded with a shrug. Lol! I also want to add that in the beginning (episode 1&2), all 3 host LOVED VK. They said that she was a shoo-in by skill and looks, alone. One host even said "Girl, knows what she's doing." LMAO!
  8. If she was not a legacy, she would not have made it to finals.
  9. I'm sorry, but VK is merely attractive. Put her next to WOMEN like Alexis, Molly, Maddeline, RW, Gabby, she looks like a tall awkward child whose experimenting with her mom's make-up. She just so sloppy and not graceful.
  10. I agree but I also think they are going to give her the Cassie T. under the radar treatment.
  11. The other girls look natural. RW looks like she bathed in foundation. The 80s are over RW.
  12. I second that. She's no Gina or Holly and I rewind just to hate watch them. Unfortunately, I'm always wrong, they slay everytime. I also agree that she dances heavy. Awww man!!!
  13. If the girls are getting dinged for not making enough appearences, then that's f'ed-d up ... It just proves how out of touch Kelli is. Kids these days have massive student loans. They are not all privileged like VK.