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  1. ATTN: DCC hopefuls and current DCC vets, Kelli is taking inventory on who she's gonna cut in order to get her baby VK, on the team. She's gone full Judy Trammel (on steroids), the Cassie Years. Bring you’re A++++ game ladies, or get cut.
  2. Christina Ligi looks like Lady Gaga. DCC stylists can work with her look.
  3. Bridget is so good. Who's in pink?
  4. She lacks core strength which greatly contributes to her lack of control.
  5. The vets probably have Senioritis.
  6. I know I'm asking for the impossible, but might as well try .... 1. No more using the DCC for cheesy product placement scenes to promote the STAR. Or get a better director to film the scenes. The product placement is so OBVIOUS and TACKY. 2. Strive for a SYTYCD dance competition reality show level, opposed to The Bachelor type drama. 3. No more moms (no offense Shelley B.) of Legacies at auditions, It makes the girls look like lost toddlers, opposed to confident women. 4. Lastly, NO MORE Kitty. She's abusive, oppressive, and down right MEAN. She enjoys fucking with the candidates minds like an abusive husband. First she humiliates them, then she pulls the "In the end of the day, we're a sisterhood" bullshit. She's low class.
  7. Courtney seems really nice. I wouldn't want her to loose her job, just stop hosting the podcast. Her Bimini interviews were fine.
  8. Girl. I thought that, but just didn't have the guts to say.
  9. She was rude and shotty on a podcast? I don't listen to the podcast when Shannon is hosting.
  10. I think Keyra was cut because she was friends with Erica.
  11. Favoritism, nepotism, cronyism, is toxic ... Next season will be a VK shitshow.
  12. Sorry, too distracted by the other thin, on count, pretty dancers to notice VK.