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  1. I really like the girls doing this sassy hip hop. I have to say Gina's group with Maddie and Lauren were the best: they all know how to work it with this style. Also, I love the Brennan seems to have a new-found confidence and I loved seeing her front and centre in her group. Some of the girls looked a little flat like Molly and Tess. But I mean, not everyone likes doing hip-hop!
  2. That’s the way I was leaning towards. The music is a little flat so the dance doesn’t have that spark!
  3. The videos of the Christmas half-time look pretty rubbish. The girls have no pizzazz with this routine, can't tell if it's choreography or the music!
  4. The latest video at the cheerleading competition looks a little sub par. Many of them don't look like they're bringing their A-game! My eyes are still drawn to Gina but Heather next to her was giving it a little extra too. Are they not getting enough rest because half of them look like they're just marking the choreography!
  5. I was joking seeing as she’s not actually on the squad. I whole heartedly disagree with you there. She’s not a stereotypical beauty but she is stunning. She’s a little older than most of the squad but I think she is photogenic. She improved during her time on the squad as a performer and was on show group for most of her tenure. She’s my fave DCC because she’s non-US. Jinelle just seems like an all-round girls’ girl, someone you could be good friends with!
  6. I do remember this vaguely I think! Pulled a hamstring maybe?
  7. I always believe this should be based on seniority, that’s why I voted for Lacey!
  8. I don’t think there are many rookies this year that I don’t like! They seem to have more personality and like-ability for me. I voted for Brennan though because I love a comeback girl!
  9. I’d like to know the oldest rookie age in recent years. I’m 25 currently but want to give myself at least 2 years to prep before auditioning! I’d be 28 by the time auditions were!
  10. Being a non-US girl myself, I was thrilled to see her make the team. Her and Janelle also have rugby backgrounds which is my favourite sport. I do think Angela got complacent in the end. I liked her at the start but when she came back for her 5th year, she seemed sort of over it from the start. Like someone said, she had a husband or was engaged so cared about other things then. Jinelle, on on the other hand, is probably my fave DCC of all time (I’ve only seen MTT since Angela got on the team). She seems more approachable and genuine. I hope she stays as part of the DCC family for a while!
  11. I’m from the U.K. so I have no idea what any of this means ? marching band is sooooo American to me!
  12. She’s probably my fave DCC ever in terms of dance ability. Her technique was unreal!
  13. Yes! A bit more effort has gone into the editing
  14. The new video posted on Facebook is a great insight into game day and we can actually see who is who finally! Loving Gina owning her moment leaving the locker room too! She may be a show off but I would be too if I was a powerhouse!